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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CONFESSION: The "SEX" lessons I Never HAD

When I talked about the ladies yesterday, I knew boys had a worse
narrative. Nobody taught us anything about sexuality.
In secondary school, I was in fear of speaking up about the sexual
feelings I had. One boy was even expelled from school for writing a
love letter to a lady, so you dare not bring up the topic of sex or
your feelings. Na straight ticket for confession be dat!

So I buried my head in books and read everything and anything that
dealt on male sexuality, female body reactions and everything in
Fear held me back from doing anything. Before I turned 18, I already
gave myself a treasured sex education nobody was willing to give me.
Fear, of going to hell and sinning made me shut up. I would've talked
about the many abuses some of my friends had to endure, but that's
story for another day.

But then I turned 18. And the tables turned.

Having known and read so much, I subscribed to a few newsletters in my
quest to know more. I promised myself that I will have sex once I
turned 18. But that never happened. Fear of the unknown, of
impregnating a lady, of sinning, of so many things I know nothing
about beclouded my mind and quenched my libido. I knew alot, yet I was
afraid. But I didn't have to wait for so long anyway.
My knowledge of human sexuality helped me greatly in my friendship
with ladies. Some were surprised at how I knew so much and did so
little. That childhood fear instilled lots of nonsense into me. So it
was a personal fight to liberate my mind and decide what I wanted. Not
because I was afraid, but because I have come to accept it as the
right thing.

I was pained.

I was pained, not because I couldn't do what I wanted then, but
because the society made me to believe I would be committing a sin if
I dared to have any conversation on sex with my parents or elders.
Society will say you are learning bad things, you want to become a bad
child. Why are you admiring the hips of a lady, it's a big sin. Why do
you even see at all?
I was lucky to have two elder sisters who never shied away from
helping me with the needed knowledge. In fact, the younger of my two
elder sisters always made sure I shared with her, stories about my
sexuality and life. In her, I found someone who I could open up to and
she was always ready to help out with a few tips here and there.

How many people have such luxury of having someone to guide them?

Boys should not be left at the mercy of pornography and housemaids to
learn what sex or respect for oneself means. We too, need to be
tutored and directed aright.
When I hear stories of rape, I cringe. Because if the men who commit
these acts had a proper sex education, they will understand you don't
need to force a lady to open up herself to you. Your dignity and
respect as a person comes first.
Boys need sex education very early in life. And ladies too. Stop
telling your daughters that once a man touches them, they will get
pregnant. When they meet a cunny man who will show them other
alternatives, you will be surprised how you have turned someone into a
sex machine. Give them the proper education, let them know everything
there is to be learnt about sex.

In the end, let them make the decision whether to have sex or not. It
is better for one to understand with full advertedness, the
consequences of an act. So that whatever happens, they will be ready
to confront the results of their action.
I have never shied away from discussing my sexuality if I feel I need
to know something. I died in silence as a kid, now I am an adult, I
won't repeat same.
The society won't live your life for you.


Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Monday, August 28, 2017

Flowking Stone and Wife Hospitalized - And It's Serious

According to a report , Flowking Stone and his wife, Bridget
Acheampong, had, on Thursday, returned to Kumasi from Takoradi, where
they had gone to shoot a music video, when they suddenly fell ill and
had to be rushed to the hospital.
The report said the two fell unconscious and had to be revived at the hospital.

Pictures shared online showed the couple recuperating at the hospital.

HURRAY!!! Shatta Wale & Shatta Michy to " TIE the Knot " Very Soon - Here's What You Have To Know..

The love affair between self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale and
his girllfriend, Shatta Michy appears to be growing with each passing
day if his latest post is anything to go by.
The pair have faced criticisms on countless occasions from the public
for the way they compose themselves, however, not even that has been
able to affect their relationship.

Shatta Michy has always been behind her husband in everything he does,
and was with him on stage as he dazzled during the Ghana Meets Naija
Currently in the England, where he again headlined the Ghana Meets
Naija UK edition held at the O2 Arena in London, Shatta Wale still
found time to ignite his love for his beloved queen.
The 'Taking Over' hit maker posted a lovely photo of his wife on his
Facebook page, flooded with love emojis, while captioning it "Shatta
Michy - hard girl".

From the look of things these two are madly in love.

Let's do the main match in bed - Maheeda tells Mayweather

Nigerian singer and nudist, Maheeda has a message for undefeated
welterweight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather. In a post on
Instagram, she asked the 40 year old who on Saturday night defeated
UFC champion, Conor McGregor, for a 'match in bed'. Erm, isn't she
She wrote: ''Oke daddy now let's do the main match in bed...
@floydmayweather #fantasy #winner'

20 FACTS about 21st Century GUYS - Abeg LADIES adey Lie...?

To actually get to know a guy, you need to have fun, intellectual
conversations with him and try to understand the way he thinks along
the way.

But in this 21st Century, Guys are no more what they use to be....
They Have Mastered their Degree is the Facts Stated below.... Girls
Adey Lie?๐Ÿ’

1. They Can never love one girl.
2. They Love $€x more than love.
3. Are Talented in lying
4. They Talk softly while conning ladies.
5. They Are Heart breakers.


6. They Can promise girls heaven on earth.
7. They Love you before $€x, when you do it they hate you.
8. They Fear pregnancy, but hate protected $€x.
9. Are Specialists in confusing girls.
10. 80% of conning Men are broke.


11. They're wicked.
12. Using and dumping girls is their hobby.
13. They want to bear the title am the one that disvirgined this girl.
14. Many of them are jobless.
15. A lot of them are pretenders.


16. To Them I love you means I want to have $€x with you.
17. Men don't believe in relationship without $€x.
18. All they want is $€x. No $€x no dating.
19. They HAVE girlfriends, on 2go, facebook and whatsapp but still
they'll keep asking girls out.
20. They love doing $€x through out their life.



Saturday, August 26, 2017

MUST READ: Welcome greatness, welcome nonsense!

Photo Credit: @DharkBarbie
Many have little or no idea that the higher you climb, the hotter it
becomes. The greater you become, the greater the nonsense you also

The rumours. The lies. The ill perceptions. The insults. These come
with being at the top. Until you reach the top, lies and rumours don't
really look good on you. No one pelts a stone at a fruitless tree. No
one wastes their energy on a wasted tree. If you keep bearing fruits,
stones will be hurled at you. As far as you keep achieving with your
hands what others could only perceive with their minds, the
destructive criticisms are not going to subside yet.

The petty gossips are not waning any soon. Brace yourself up!
Greatness and nonsense walk hand in hand. Like a magnet, the former
always attracts the latter. Nonsense will always come chasing you when
you wear greatness. No one talks about the man on the street until he
attains some incredible feat. Backlashes are severest when you're
trying to be your best! It is only when you are striving to achieve
your ambitions that you get your worse opposition.

Thing is, every position comes with opposition; the greater that
position, the greater the opposition. The higher you climb, the higher
your distractions climb along. Every dream comes with many
distractions. Those who doubt you will further resist you when you
seem to be making headway. Others will jab you with finely decorated
insults here and there. A lot more others will spread self-concocted
rumours to spice up your headaches. When you have all, these come your
way, always remember they are a part of the package of greatness. No
one wastes their breath on what deserves not their attention.

If others are spending all their existence to pull you down, know that
you're above them. We only pull down things above us, not otherwise!
Should you dream to do great things, the first term and condition you
must agree to is to not budge when all the nonsense starts coming. If
you dare to be any extraordinary, be prepared to face the wrath of the
ordinary. Greatness comes with nonsense! If you dare not find comfort
in mediocrity, brace yourself up for opposition from the mediocre.
Should you strive to move from the bottom of life, those there would
still strive to pull you to their level. Others will resist you for
the mere fact that you are only a mirror of their wishes. Certainly

Many think it's all rosy at the top. They assume the top is the place
for rest. Uncomfortable truth is, rest only comes after death. The
criticisms and ridicule only stop when one stops breathing. If you
can't take opposition at the bottom of life, you're just not cut for
the top where that same opposition is magnified.

It's rosy nowhere; neither at the top nor bottom. Gird your loins for
a lot of nonsense if you desire to be great someday. Be prepared for a
lot of unwholesome rumours and gossips.
Be prepared to hear others tell you what you did that you have no idea
about. Be certain to hear them spell out why you seemingly do what you
do. Be ready to hear lies of all colours!
A great mess always accompanies greatness. If you order a meal of
greatness, don't forget it comes with a price tag of unbudgeted
nonsense. This nonsense is always part of the greatness package. You
must contain it.

For others to get your attention, they would try to jab you with
nonsense. There's no need to respond to them. The more exposed we get
to light, the more exposed we get to darkness.
When all the harsh comments and thoughts stream your way, just nod
them away. No matter how hard it may seem, some things are always best
said when unsaid.
Wherever you see greatness, you'll find some good nonsense lurking
around. When you sign up for greatness, always remember the password
is "I AM READY TO TAKE NONSENSE!" To be at the top, you need some good
sense to take some good nonsense! Those in the mud can only get you
mad when they jab you with some mud. However, you can get them madder
if you just walk away.

Lies may look good on the great. However, insults mean nothing to the
man who is already at the bottom of life.
You want to be an achiever? You wish to walk in the corridors of
power? You want to really be great? A lot of nonsense will come your
way. It comes with extraordinariness. I guess you are ready not to be
distracted. If you open your door for greatness to enter, nonsense
will follow.
I have signed up for greatness. However, no nonsense can ever get the
least of my attention!

WRITTEN BY:   Kobina Ansah

The crusade against decriminalization of homosexuality – which law criminalizes it in Ghana?

This week has seen an MP renew the debate against decriminalization of
homosexuality in Ghana. MP Rev. Ntim Fordjour has attracted
significant media coverage urging his colleagues and the nation to
resist what he says are attempts by external forces to lobby or force
a change in Ghana's laws against homosexuality.

He mentions the constitution as proscribing homosexuality but does not
help us with any reference to the said specific provision. Truth is,
there is no such provision in the Constitution. But he is not alone in
this claim even as a law-maker. Many continue to say Ghana's
constitution prohibits homosexual relations without pointing to the
said provision.
The law that ought to be referenced is the Criminal and Other Offences
Act, 1960 (Act 29). But does it criminalise homosexuality? I will get
there shortly but first this discussion reminds of my approach to the
debate on narcotics (wee) or abortion in Ghana where I said last year
that wee is NOT illegal in Ghana.

The manufacture, cultivation, exportation, importation, possession,
injection, smoking, sniffing etc "WITHOUT lawful authority" or
"WITHOUT licence" or "WITHOUT lawful excuse" is what is prohibited in
Ghana. The law says licence is to be obtained from the Secretary for
Health - now Minister of Health. So, all that must be done in Ghana is
the mechanics of obtaining the LAWFUL authority or licence or excuse.

On abortion, I elected also to say it is not illegal as if always said
because the law provides for legal abortion under specific conditions
including when the life of a mother is in danger if she is to carry
the pregnancy to term or deliver. A writer puts it this way "when
there are medical indications, that is when there are somatic and
possibly when there are also psychiatric counter indications, to
pregnancy and childbirth." My problem with the 'abortion is illegal'
shouts is that that encourages it being done in the wrong way in the
wrong places resulting in unnecessary deaths or life-threatening
complications. The law requires that it is done on the advice of and
by certified physician (gyne) and at the appropriate hospital –
government hospital.
If the law did fully successfully categorically proscribe
homosexuality, the Constitution Review Commission would not have
recommended that "the legality or otherwise of homosexuality be
decided by the Supreme Court if the matter comes before the Court."
The law (Act 29) in section 104(1)(b) is that a person who has
consensual unnatural carnal knowledge of another person of not less
than sixteen years of age commits a misdemeanor.

Now here is the problem – unnatural carnal knowledge as defined at
common law involves penile penetration of anything other than a
vagina. Clearly, this law does not catch lesbian relations where there
is no penile penetration. It obviously relates to only gay relations
and when a man penetrates a woman by a channel other than the vagina.
Consequently, the anti-homosexuality crusade should rather target an
amendment to the existing law to include lesbian and associated
unnatural sexual relations generally known as homosexuality.

Shocking !!! Man attempts to use father,siblings and friends for rituals

A 26-year-old man, identified as Chukwuemeka Okafor, has been arrested
by the Police in Anambra for allegedly attempting to use his father,
two siblings and five friends for money ritual.

The suspect, who is an indigene of Ifite-Awka in Awka South Local
Government Area of Anambra, was arrested following information made
available to the police by a vigilant resident of the community.
The Commissioner of Police in the state, Garba Umar, who briefed
journalists in Amawbia on Thursday on the arrest of the suspect, said
the father had innocently provided N100,000 to his son unknown to him
that the son had a devilish intention.
Mr. Umar said that the suspect lied to his father about a business
which made him to raise the money for him believing that it was for a
genuine venture.

He further said that after collecting the money, the suspect proceeded
to the house of a native doctor to prepare a charm that would enable
him to eliminate his father, two siblings and five of his friends.
He said that the suspect had confessed to the crime, and was assisting
the police with useful information for further investigation.
The commissioner said the suspect would be charged to court after investigation.
He listed the items recovered from the suspect to include; eight
photographs of the victims, including three members of the family and
pictures of his five face book friends as well as the sum of N100,000.
The suspect told journalists that he collected the N100,000 from his
father under the pretext that he would use the money to set up a

Mr. Okafor told reporters that he was roped into the act after he was
defrauded of N400,000 by one of his friends who promised to take him
to Dubai.
"Amidst these frustrations, I sought for the assistance of one Zaki
who is very influential in the society and he told me that he made his
money through money ritual.
"He encouraged me to join him in the ritual act after revealing the
secret," he said.
Mr. Okafor said he was warned not to reveal the secrets of the ritual
to anybody otherwise his life would be terminated.
He regretted that he had no intention to join the evil act, but that
he was pushed into it by the devil, adding that he got the picture of
his friends from their Facebook pages.

SOURCE: Informationng.com

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo wins UEFA’s player of the Year award

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as Uefa's Player
of the Year, ahead of Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Juventus keeper,
Gianluigi Buffon to the prize.
The Portuguese has now won the award three times, one more than
Barcelona's 30-year-old forward Messi.
Barca's Netherlands midfielder Lieke Martens, 24, won the women's prize.

Martens was instrumental in her country's European Championship
victory this summer, where she was named player of the tournament.
She beat Wolfsburg striker Pernille Harder and Lyon midfielder
Dzsenifer Marozsan to claim the prize.
England striker Jodie Taylor and right-back Lucy Bronze were named in
the top 10, but missed out on the top three, voted for by coaches and
There was also a special 'President's Award' given to Francesco Totti,
who retired from football in July after 24 years at Roma, the only
club he played for.

I Never Said I Was Dating Falz – Simi Says

Nigerian singer Simi has said she is not dating fellow artiste Falz,
saying she never made such a claim.
In a new episode of 'Talk Talk' on Wazobia Max, Simi said she and Falz
have never been in a relationship.
She said: "I'm not dating Falz. I was not dating Falz. I never said I
was dating Falz."
The 'Joromi' singer who was on the show to talk about relationships on
social media, public display of affection and privacy, said she likes
to keep things private.
She said: "As much as music is a priority for me, my personal life is
also priority. So you take care of everything side by side. It does
not really matter what people are saying, I know what is going on".

When asked when she would unveil her significant other, she said:
"When it is time."
On whether she would venture into another terrain other than music,
the singer said nothing is closer to her heart than music but she may
be looking to do something in fashion.
"Movies can never have the same place in my heart as music. I don't
have half the passion for movies as music but I will do other things,"
said Simi.
Simi's eponymous album "Simisola" is slated to drop on September, 8.
The album, which took a year to produce, was inspired by real life

Government declares September 1 a public holiday

The minister for interior has declared Friday, September 1 a statutory
public holiday as Muslims across the world celebrate the Eid-ul Adha

This celebration is expected to see thousands of Muslims converge on
the Independence Square to pray and thank Allah for the chance to
feast and make merry with family and friends.
It comes on the backdrop of the Hajj pilgrimage which has seen
hundreds of Ghanaian pilgrims flown to Mecca for the one in a lifetime
spiritual experience.
So far, government has described this years pilgrimage as a general
success despite technical hitches with the planes which saw some at
the Tamale Airport stranded and soaked in the rains.

Meanwhile, all Ghanaians are being entreated by government to observe
the day as a public holiday in order to bring out the beauty of the

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Shatta Wale changes stage Name; sends romantic message to Shatta Michy and Here's all the juice

Self-acclaimed Dance hall artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly
known as Shatta Wale has posted on his Facebook wall the new name he
is to be known by.

The dance hall musician who is currently in the United States of
America gearing up for the international version of Ghana meets
Nigeria indicated that his new name was "Magikal". It is however
unclear if the artiste would have his showbiz name changed to that
The "Taking Over" song creator was in the news recently when a video
went viral claiming he was trying to hide some whitish substance that
was believed to be cocaine.
The artiste made a sharp rebuttal and revealed the identity of the
purported substance which was far from what was earlier reported by a
blogger. The "Ayoo" hit maker threatened to sue the blogger for
tarnishing his image by linking him with narcotics.

The musician also used the time to send a heartwarming message to
Shatta Michy and encouraged them to be of good behavior whilst he
works hard for the family. He posted a picture of Shatta Michy in the
His very recent post on Facebook also suggest that the earlier stance
he took to deal with the blogger who accused him of hiding cocaine. He
captioned the post, "You do not do evil to those who do evil to you,
but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness. Good Morning".

Shatta Michy also appeared in the news after Shatta Wale indicated
that her struggles at her place of business were the handiwork of a
rich and powerful woman who wanted to take away the parcel of land on
which Shatta Michy had started her Pub and Grill.

I’m Tired of Eating Human Meat

A man who was caught with human flesh has made a shocking confession
that has left many people completely flustered.
According to Daily Sun SA, a man who was found in possession of human
parts allegedly told Escourt cops he was "tired of eating human
Escort Cops spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said the suspect
walked into the Estcourt cop shop on Friday night and confessed to the
cops on duty.

"When he was questioned, he produced part of a human leg and a hand.
Further investigation led police to a house in the Rensburgdrift area
in Estcourt where police were met with a foul smell, and more human
remains were found.

"A second suspect was also arrested in Estcourt. A third suspect, who
is a Sangoma (herbalist), was arrested in Amangwe area where more body
parts were found.
"It is alleged that the suspects defiled, killed and cut up the body
of a woman, which they then ate. The allegations by the suspect are
that they would r*pe and kill the victims before they could cut them
into pieces and eat their parts," said Mbhele.
She said police were still investigating if there are other people who
had died at the hands of the suspects.
"We urge those who have family relatives missing to come forward so
that samples can be taken to perform DNA tests," she said.

A source said there were suspicions that the three may have violated
graves as well.
"They face r*pe, murder and charges relating to possession of human
tissue," said Mbhele.
Ward councillor Mthembeni Majola said he could not believe his eyes
when one of the suspects led community members and police to where the
body of a women was buried.
"It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a TLB machine to
remove the rocks. They showed us the body parts in one of the houses.
They admitted that they were waiting for the body parts to attract
maggots. Apparently maggots collect money for them."

He said a community meeting had been called for today.
"There had been a lot of rumours that foreign nationals were the ones
killing people. None of those arrested is a foreign national. As
community members we need to discuss how we are going to deal with
this. We have also called izinyanga to the meeting. They need to
distance themselves from this," he said.
Majola said the meeting will be held at Esigodlweni community hall.

Three suspects are expected to appear in the Estcourt Magistrate's
Court on Monday for being in possession of human remains.

Source: Tori

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WAEC releases provisional results for BECE 2017 - Here's The List of 1,298 Candidates whose Results have been withhold for cheating

25 days earlier than expected, the West African Examinations Council
(WAEC) has released the first provisional result for the Basic
Education Certificate Examination in 2017.

In a statement released by the examination board and cited by
AyooGhana.com, WAEC stated that the results were hosted on its
official website.

According to the release, some 1,298 candidates who sat for the
examination in June have their results withheld on suspicion of

The number of results which have been withheld pending further
investigations marked 0.28% of the total candidature who sat for the
"The Council takes this opportunity to advise candidates to do
independent work in the examination hall and to avoid seeking any form
of illegal assistance as such acts would be detected and sanctions
applied accordingly."
Most students can check their results from their school as results of
the 15,185 schools have been sent to municipal and district directors
of education for onward dispatch to the schools.
Other students can also visit the official WAEC website to access the
results online. The release also noted that "there are no failures in
BECE" with the new grading system used by WAEC.

Friday, August 18, 2017

7 things you should never say to a Lady

Most times, it is guys who fall prey to these kinds of faux pas. Even
though you might not mean any harm, guys, you should be sensitive
enough never to say or ask any of these. I am sure the ladies will
totally agree with me.

• Why are you single?

Dude, even if you want to ask her out, that's just wrong. It makes
things awkward, especially if she is not single of her own choice.

• When will get married?

You might feel because she is dating, this is an okay question to
strike up a conversation but then, you don't know the state of her
relationship so why should you go poking in something you know nothing

• I think you shouldn't eat that!

This one is usually directed at women on the heavier side or pregnant
women. You are not her doctor. She knows what is good for her. There
is no need for you to make her feel uncomfortable just because you
can't mind your business.

• Does your kid talk/walk/have teeth yet?

Obviously, you are trying to compare your child with hers and that is
just wrong. Supposing her child is not doing any of those yet, you
will just make her worry, especially if she is a first-time mom.

• Why don't you like me/ what do you need me to do to make you like me?

That you have to ask this question means there is a serious problem.
Pal, save yourself a headache and move on.

• What is that? (referring to a scar or mark on the body)

The lady may have had a terrible experience and asking might ruin her
mood so unless something leads to it, just leave it alone.

• How old are you?

Never ask this is public. Will you use her age to go to the market?

Hungry female Teachers in rural areas engaging in ‘Sex for food’ - GNAT reveals

AYOOGHANA.COM has learnt that some Ghanaian female teachers who are
posted to rural communities are being forced to offering up their
bodies to men in return for food to sustain themselves. The sad
revelation was made by one Madam Victoria Affram, who was speaking
with the Accra-based radio station, Adom FM.

In her interview with the media house, Madam Affram, the First
National Trustee of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)
stated that the young female teachers who get posted to such rural
areas are easily taken advantage of by the local leaders.

She lamented that the leaders in the areas lure the "young female
teachers" with gifts and end up impregnating them.
According to Madam Victoria Affram, some of the unsuspecting young
women are subsequently forced to become second or third wives to their
To solve the supposed menace, Madam Affram suggested that new young
female teachers be given a salary advance when posted to such areas.

"It is not that they are interested in profligate lifestyles, the fact
is that they are hungry and need to survive in order to discharge
their duties as teachers in the schools they have been posted to which
results in some of these unfortunate behaviours ", she added.

“I Only Lighten My Skin, I Didn’t Bleach It, It’s Not The Same” – Popular South African Actress, Khanyi Mbau

Popular South African media personality and actress, Khanyi Mbau, has
once again addressed bleaching reports..
According to reports, which claims over the years the actress has
bleached her skin, she begs to differ as she claims that she did not
bleach, but only lightened her skin.
Taking to South African live video streaming service, VOOV, Khanyi said,

"There's this thing where people believe that I bleach my skin. I
don't bleach my skin, I lighten it.
There is a difference between lightening and bleaching, and people
just don't get it," Khanyi said in the broadcast.
Khanyi also explained how her skin got to its pinkish skin saying;

"People who (are) lightening their skins using gallons and overdose on
(skin whitening products) glutathione tend to have skin like mine.
Pinkish, lightish, like an albino colour,"
"My skin does (have this complexion) because I overdo everything in
life. There is no side effects. All it does is make me lighter and it
is like having loads of vitamin C, which means I don't get the flu

Thursday, August 17, 2017

VIDEO: Ghanaian evangelist accuses Shatta Wale of being an occult; provides "proof"

Charles Nii Armah, better known as Shatta Wale, has been involved in
several controversies over the period of his musical career. Most of
these scandals which have plagued him are mostly of his own making as
Shatta Wale is infamous for his utterances.

However, a self-styled Ghanaian evangelist has claimed that Shatta
Wale is an "occult".

According to the evangelist, only identified as "Addai", Shatta Wale
has been spotted wearing "three" occultic rings.
Evangelist Addai stated that Shatta Wale had come to perform at a show
in Massachusetts and everyone in the audience could clearly see that
Shatta Wale was wearing the said occultic rings whilst performing.

The evangelist also stated that the likes of Duncan Williams and
Ghana's Chief Imam were also wearing similar "occultic rings". He also
showed some other symbolic items that Shatta Wale has been using which
prove that the musician is indeed an occult.

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Born On The 1st
You are a very friendly person. You love the good things in life. You
are very ambitious. You seek stable, long-term relationships. You have
good leadership skills - if you channel your efforts in the right
direction, you can go very far in life.

Born On The 2nd
You are a very helpful person. You make friends easily. You tend to be
very loving and caring in your relationships. You are very optimistic
and confident about the things you do. This is a quality which will
help you to get ahead of others in life.

Born On The 3rd
You have a creative mind. You love to explore new places and learn
about new things. You are easy-going in life. Your loved ones are very
happy in your company. You have big dreams in life. Try your best and
you shall achieve them soon.

Born On The 4th
You are someone who loves life. Your smiles are infectious. Your
motivational spirit is undeniable. You are romantic at heart and will
have a very good love life. Most of the times, you are an
understanding individual but can be difficult to deal sometimes. You
are totally loyal and trustworthy. Your friends love you.

Born On The 5th
You have a magnetic and pleasing personality. You have a good sense of
humor. People like you to be around them. You tend to fall in love
very fast. You are emotional and may suffer in case of a break-up. You
love to wear fashionable and stylish clothes.

Born On The 6th
You are cheerful at heart. You are enthusiastic about trying new
things. You have an adventurous streak. At the same time, you are a
sensitive individual. You can maintain friendships very well. You are
compassionate and caring for the people you love. You will accomplish
a lot in life.

Born On The 7th
You have a shy but likable personality. You are a dependable person.
You like stability and peace in your life. You are sincere in your
work. When in love, you become very romantic and mushy. You like to
lead a luxurious life. You are faithful towards your family and

Born On The 8th
You have a calm and humble personality. You are a chilled attitude
towards life. You are usually quite jolly and love to crack jokes. You
are a profound thinker. You believe in God and are spiritual in your
way of living. You are a magnanimous person when required.

Born On The 9th
You have a smart and stylish personality. The opposite sex gets easily
attracted towards you. You love the finer things of life. You believe
in living in the present. You take very good care of your family and
friends. In a relationship, your partner is the apple of your eye.

Born On The 10th
You are a very charismatic person. People love to be in touch with
you. You are self sacrificing in your relationships. You are like a
coconut - tough outside but sensitive at heart. At times, you love to
indulge in artistic and creative ventures. Take care that people don't
take advantage of your helpful nature.

Born On The 11th
You have a warm and inviting personality. You are amiable and love to
make new friends. You are quick to return favors from friends. You
love to crack jokes and spend long hours with friends. In
relationships, you seek to dominate your partner but in a
non-threatening way. At the same time, you are very passionate in your

Born On The 12th
You are a wise person known for your humility. You are dedicated and
sincere in your studies/work. You are an emotional lover. You tend to
get possessive in your relationships. Otherwise, you are an easy-going
and friendly person. You love to dress well. You are realistic in the
game of life.

Born On The 13th
You are wise beyond your years. Your friends turn to you whenever they
need any advice. You care for the people close to your heart. You are
a very good motivator. You work very well in teams and are a
team-player. You don't hold back your feelings and are very expressive
in love and romance.

Born On The 14th
You are born to be a leader. You are cool in difficult situations and
inspire others in times of crisis. You love traveling. You like to
dress in sync with the latest fashion trends. You love to be pampered
by your loved one. You prefer to be in a serious relationship. You are
faithful to your family.

Born On The 15th
You have a very magnetic personality. You always stand out in a crowd.
You are usually smiling and spreading cheer around. You are serious
about life. You have certain goals in life which you want to reach and
you strive hard to achieve them. You pour your everything in a
relationship. Sentiments are very important for you.

Born On The 16th
You have a patient and introspective personality. You do things after
thinking about the pros and cons. You are kind and altruistic by
nature. You like to help others. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You
express your love to your beloved every now and then. You take great
care of your sweetheart and shower all your attention on him/her.

Born On The 17th
You are not a very loud person. But at times you lose your temper very
easily. You have a creative bent in you. You like to indulge in
artistic ventures. You are mature beyond your years. You try to be
friends with everyone. You are born to flirt with the opposite sex.
You prefer independence and seek space in your love relationships.

Born On The 18th
You are an outdoors person. You like spending time in peaceful,
natural surroundings. You are a dynamic person. You cannot sit at one
place for a long time. You like dressing up for occasions. You prefer
to express your views openly. You are an exciting person to fall in
love with but you prefer to be in a strong, long-term relationship

Born On The 19th
You are attractive with an impeccable sense of dressing. You have more
friends of the opposite sex than of your own. You are a jolly person
with a great sense of humor. This is why people want to spend time
with you. Someone will fall in love with you because of your
enthusiastic, understanding and free-spirited nature.

Born On The 20th
You are a person who is liked by one and all. Few people will hate
you. You are innocent and very friendly. Try not to be very gullible.
You have a sensitive side which very few people close to you know
about. Members of your own sex are jealous with you because of how
easily you mix with the opposite sex.

Born On The 21th
You live life to the fullest and don't worry about tomorrow. You like
to be as independent as possible. You confront obstacles in life by
giving your best. You are a beautiful person. You are fun to be with.
Someone will fall in love with you for the intimacy and affection you
tend to show.

Born On The 22nd
Even though, you are not very extrovert, you mix very well with people
once you know them a bit. You are a God-fearing person. You are
someone known for your intelligence. At times, you crave for
attention. You love the company of your friends and cherish the time
you spend with them. You will find bliss with the person you love most
in your life.

Born On The 23rd
You are a happy-go-lucky person. You take life as it comes. Family and
friends are very important to you. You are known for your wit. You
possess talent to master one of the arts. Try to find your artistic
ability if you haven't yet. You are very thoughtful and care for your
sweetheart when in a relationship.

Born On The 24th
You are a stable and a responsible person. People know that they can
depend on you. When in love, you are very charming and affectionate
towards your sweetie pie. You try to remain active as much as
possible. You are sincere in your work/studies but if you try a little
harder, you can be very successful.

Born On The 25th
You are a friendly and lovable person. You try not to antagonize
others by being diplomatic. You are very generous towards the
under-privileged. You are ambitious and wish to achieve lots of things
in life. Be open-minded and try to do your best, you will reach your
goals soon. When in love, you become very romantic, mushy and caring.

Born On The 26th
You are a frank and expressive person. You do what your heart tells
you to. You do not care much about what others say. You maintain a
calm exterior. You don't lose your temper easily. You love to explore
new places and learn about new things. You like to flirt and your
flirting will get you the love of your life.

Born On The 27th
You have an attractive and vibrant personality. You are a social
animal and like to party. You make new friends very easily. You are
known for your good sense of humor. At times, you are very obstinate.
You can forgive but you not forget easily. In your love life, you tend
to be choosy in your search for the perfect partner.

Born On The 28th
You are a star. Your joyful attitude towards life is unmatched. You
are very talkative but at the same time, quite attentive. You love
luxury. You are in sync with the latest fashion trends and groom
yourself well. At times, you get too emotional. Most likely, you will
be in a long term relationship. You cherish loyalty.

Born On The 29th
You are an optimistic person and like to motivate others. You do not
take many risks and adopt a cautious approach before trying anything
new. In your free time, you are lively and relaxed. You like to chill
out with friends whenever you get the chance. You are very passionate
in love and make your partner feel on top of the world.

Born On The 30th
You have a sexy and mysterious personality. Because of this, the
opposite sex love to be around you. You are very sociable and amiable.
You show good leadership skills and this will help you in your
workplace. You weigh pros and cons before taking any decision. You
want your partner to ben good looking, dynamic and humorous.

Born On The 31st
You are a simple and honest person. You don't like too many frills.
You have a creative mind. If you channel your talents in the right
direction, you can go places. You have a warm and compassionate
personality which others like very much. You are easily approachable.
You need a lot of time to commit in a relationship


Chrissy Teigen and her boobs step out with her family

The 31 year old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model had her boobs out as
she and husband John Legend stepped out with their daughter, Luna.


A seven-day mourning has been declared by Sierra Leone's Ernest Bai
Koroma, following a mudslide that claimed over 300 lives and left
thousands displaced.
The national mourning for victims begins on Wednesday, 3news.com gathers.

A statement picked up from media firms in Sierra Leone said flags will
also fly at half mast until Tuesday, when the mourning ends.
"The President has further decided to invoke MAC-C (Military Aid to
Civil Community) and to raise the national security threat level to
level 3 in direct response to the unfolding emergency situation," the
statement said.
President Koroma has called for international help as search parties
still continue to find hundreds missing.
Sierra Leoneans have been asked to observe a minute's silence for
victims at midday Wednesday.

The mudslide on Monday occurred after heavy rainfall in Freetown. It
left an entire village buried under the stubble.
Aid has come from several countries including Israel and USA while
rescue teams have been discharged by other nations.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

WATCH: Shatta Wale captured in a Video dealing in Cocaine - OMG!!! Is he really a Drug dealer

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Charles Nii Armah, aka Shatta Wale, has
stirred controversy on social media after a white substance, suspected
to be cocaine, was captured in his car during a live video.

In one of his videos, the tough-talking artiste appears to have been
taken by surprise after the camera fell on a white substance placed in
his car.

Although he was quick to hide it, social media has been buzzing over
the said video, with certain quarters suspecting the white substance
to be cocaine.

Shatta Wale has never been shy to smoke in public, but with cocaine
being a banned drug in Ghana, it is unknown if he really sniffs such a
Some years back, HipLife artiste Kwaw Kese was arrested for allegedly
dealing in marijuana, with the Ghana Police Service warning that it
will not look at personalities when dealing with cases of illegal
It is still unknown if the said substance sighted in Shatta Wale's car
was cocaine, but what is certain is that the controversy will continue
to rumble on.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why Men Must Serve Women – Actress Monalisa

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda Coker has taken a swipe at Africa
men. The actress on her Instagram page @monalisacode accused black men
of not having understanding of love and respect for their women.
According to her, men must learn to be servers as its brings out the
best in women.
She wrote "I grew up watching my parents serve one another.
Relationship is not just a union but a partnership designed by God.

"A man must derive pleasure from serving his girlfriend/wife. This can
only be achieved in a relationship based on true love and mutual
"A woman becomes even more beautiful and adorable for the man that pampers her.
"African men misses to understand that ACTS of LOVE and RESPECT brings
out the best in a woman. #WeLoveToBeLoved

University of Ghana: How to Access & Print your Provisional Admission Letter for the 2017/2018 academic year


UG Admission Letter : The official University of
Ghana Admission Letter is a document that indicates that you have been
offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a
University. Legon Admission Letter contains information about the
school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the
degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically
everything you need to know about your admission.


Before you proceed to print your Legon Admission Letter, it's
recommended to check your admission status on UG portal.

After confirming your Admission Status, you are to process to
http://admission.ug.edu.gh/undergrad/login.php for Admission letter

All admitted students are required to log in to the link above with
their admission Serial Number and Pin to download the Admission


Monday, August 14, 2017

UPCOMING EVENT: Ukukhulekela Kuye Ministry PRESENTS Ukukhulekela Kuye ( WORSHIP HIM ) 2017

Ukukhulekela Kuye Ministry PRESENTS Ukukhulekela Kuye ( WORSHIP HIM ) 2017

Song ministrations
Spoken Word
Short Drama

Voice of Praise
Min. Justice (Papa Jay)
Min. Larry
Min. Nana Kay
Min. Aikings
Light House Choir (Sakaman)
Min. Wonder
Min. Lois

And many artists

4pm sharp

⛪ VENUE: Mt. Olives Pentecost Church
๐Ÿ—พ LOCATION: Gbawe, Topbase

Mission Statement
Our mission as a worship ministry is to lead others into all-out,
uncompromised worship of God.

Our primary purpose is to give God the glory, honor and praise that He deserves.

Vision Statement
We are a group of people learning to lead others into worship of God
by living a life of faith, i.e. in calling, competence and character
as we worship the Lord in humility, intimacy and passion.

IT'S FREE............... ❌ NO GATE FEE ALLOWED ❌a

You Got to be there..........๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡


OMG!!! Are traders now selling fake fish on the market? - FDA says it's made of Plastic

It has emerged that "plastic fish" ๐ŸŸhas invaded the several markets
especially in UK.

AYOOGHANA.COM chanced upon a video on social media which shows a
consumer tearing the said fish into pieces and realizing it is fake.
The pound of fish, according to the consumer, was bought at an
undisclosed shopping mall in the UK.
The Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) is yet to confirm if indeed there
is the influx of any such fake fish on the Ghanaian market as
consumers are being cautioned to be extra vigilant in the kind of fish
they purchase.

This development, yet to be confirmed in Ghana, follows earlier
concerns over the proliferation of plastic rice in the Ghanaian market
- a development which saw the FDA assure consumers of such rice not
being sold in Ghana.

UT Bank Ltd & Capital Bank Ltd Shout Down - GCB Bank to take overs

The Bank of Ghana has approved a Purchase and Assumption transaction with GCB Bank Ltd that transfers all deposits and selected assets of UT Bank Ltd and Capital Bank Ltd to GCB Bank Ltd.

The Bank of Ghana has revoked the Licences of UT Bank Ltd and Capital Bank Ltd.

This action has become necessary due to severe impairment of their capital. The remaining assets and liabilities will be realised and settled respectively through a receivership process to be undertaken by Messers Vish Ashiagbor and Eric Nana Nipah of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The main offices and branches of UT Bank and Capital Bank will be under the control of GCB bank and will be opened at 1pm today for normal business transactions. Customers of UT Bank and Capital Bank are now customers of GCB bank. All deposit customers will continue to have access to their funds.

UT Bank and Capital Bank branches and ATMs will continue to operate as normal as GCB bank branches and ATMs. All staff in the interim will become staff of GCB bank and GCB Bank will negotiate the terms of their contract.

GCB was selected amongst 3 others on the basis of purchase price, cost of funding, branches to be retained, staff to be employed and impact on the acquiring bank’s capital adequacy ratio.

The Bank of Ghana assures the public that all customers can continue normal banking business at all UT Bank and Capital Bank facilities which are now branches of GCB bank.

The approval by the Bank of Ghana of this transaction is to strengthen Ghana’s banking sector, ensure financial stability and protect depositors’ funds.

The Bank of Ghana reassures customers of UT Bank and Capital Bank that their money is safe and they can continue to do business at their respective branches which are now the branches of GCB Bank

How ‘splintered’ NDC can stay in opposition for 16 years

I was extremely surprised when I heard and read about the deep seated
divisions in the NDC Party, in the sense that some of us were made to
believe that conflict is alien to them. "Conflict is only synonymous
with NPP", they proclaimed.

"If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand (Mark 3:25)."

Likewise, a family splintered by prolonged enmity will fall apart.
Let us admit, much as the preceding principle has some validity, it is
somewhat impossible to avoid conflicts within a team or a group.
Indeed, teams or groups are synonymous with conflicts or
fragmentations that can be managed over a passage of time. The fact
however is, team conflict is an interpersonal disagreement between
members of a team or group. Needless to state that conflict more often
than not, impacts negatively on team performance.
Apparently, team conflict may occur when the balance between
perceptions, goals, or/and values of the team is upset and members
aren't willing to work together towards achieving the shared goals and
values. Although each team or group member has his/her own interests
and values, a team member is expected to follow values of the team.

Suffice it to stress that when there is dissonance between the values,
needless or irrelevant cleavage may then emerge.
It is, however, worth emphasising that team conflict could be either
functional or dysfunctional. Functional conflicts are disagreements
that do not affect team performance significantly, and, the team often
remains functional and able to achieve the desired results.

On the other hand, dysfunctional conflicts are those cleavages that
arise between team members that often disrupt teamwork and prevent
team members from achieving the shared goals.
It is also worth stressing that team conflicts or divisions are not
limited to a particular team or group.
Truth be told, conflict is rather a team or group phenomenon which may
be resolved through efficient management.
It is for this reason that I refuse to accept the NDC faithful
ridiculous assertion that it is only the NPP Party that boasts of team
conflict. Clearly, the ongoing accusations and counter accusations
amongst the NDC Party faithful tell a different story contrary to what
they have told us previously.
Until their recent tug of war, we were made to believe that conflict
is alien to the NDC Party. Obviously, we were deceived by the NDC
faithful. Somehow, their heated conflict is disastrously
disintegrating the party. They have been living in a denial all along.
They concealed the pernicious conflict whilst in government.

Then the humiliating 2016 election defeat rekindled the conflict.
Apparently, a section of the aggrieved supporters could not hide their
arousing disgust over the unpardonable events which led to the
humiliating 2016 election loss.
The prominent among the disgruntled supporters is the Ex-President and
founder of the party, J. J. Rawlings.
The extremely unhappy former President Rawlings has since been aiming
accusing fingers at the non-performing and corrupt NDC leadership for
the election defeat.
Ex-President Rawlings's relentless accusations invariably infuriated
the brassbound NDC faithful, who discourteously and
uncharacteristically decided to revenge by tearing their founder
former President Rawlings into shreds.
Consequently, the disgusted supporters came out and vehemently
repudiated such allegations and rather accused Rawlings as the one who
has been indulging in corrupt practices.

Surprisingly, however, some supporters have gone to an extent of
spurning Ex-President Rawlings and challenging him to evidence his
claim as a founding father. Ironically, Dr Obed Asamoah, an NDC Party
stalwart, has publicly told Ghanaians that former President Rawlings
is not a founder of the party contrary to their party constitution.
He, however, maintained that Rawlings could not have been the founder
of the party in the sense that he was an active army officer during
the registration of the NDC Party. In fact, the NDC apologists are
committing political suicide, or worst still, they are living in a
denial for refusing to accept the fact that former President Rawlings
is really revered by the foot soldiers more than any other member of
the party. After all, it was the ideals of former President Rawlings
that gave birth to the NDC Party.

More importantly, Rawlings managed to bring a lot of supporters to his
corner. It would thus seem bizarre for anybody to suggest that former
President Rawlings is currently irrelevant in the NDC Party. As a
matter of fact, former President Rawlings still commands respect among
the foot soldiers within the party. And, most likely, some of former
President Rawlings's loyalists will be aggrieved over the NDC
leadership's shenanigans towards him. Unfortunately, however, the
NDC's boisterous supporters who are not privy to their party's history
have been upbraiding Rawlings all the time for expressing his
grievances over the rot in his party. Let us face it, the ongoing
tussle between Mahama faction and Rawlings faction will not inure to
the benefit of the NDC Party. You may believe it or not, the fact
however remains that both former presidents command a sizeable number
of supporters. To this end, the continuous disagreement between the
factions could only deepen the cleavage and thereby keeping NDC in
opposition for a very long time.

By: K. Badu, UK.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is this Kumawood's Actress Maame Serwaa's handsome new boyfriend?

Unconfirmed media reports suggest that Kumawood star, Maame Serwaa, is
dating a young Ghanaian actor.

The actress has admitted to recently getting into a relationship.
The reports say Maame Serwaa, who recently completed senior high
school and reportedly excelled in the WASSCE, is dating Starboi
Mingle, the lead character in Ay3ka short skits, which airs on some
television station in the country.

The reports came after the young actor shared photos of Maame Serwaa
on his Facebook page, with flattering captions.
In one photo, Mingle described Maame Serwaa as his "queen".
Maame Serwaa, whose real name is Clara Benson, has however downplayed
the reports.
In an Instagram post, she suggested that the reports that she was in a
relationship with Mingle were good comic relief for her.

Shocking!!! Man cuts off his man-hood ( Find out why )

A middle-aged man identified as Oluwole Aiyeloja, who is a resident of
Obanla area in Akure, Ondo State cut off his man-hood with a razor
blade publicly on Thursday.

According to an eyewitness, who did not want his name in print,
Aiyeloja, after cutting off his man-hood, was trying to cut the
scrotum to pull out the testicles, but a Good Samaritan ran to him,
took the razor and rushed him to a police station.
The source said, "We were at Obanla Junction (Akure) when we saw a
well-dressed man sitting on a bench. Suddenly, he just started pulling
off his clothes right there. Later, he started cutting his man-hood to
the shock of everyone.

"It was very gory; blood started gushing out of his private part. One
man had to run to him (Aiyeloja) and collected the razor from him
before other people went to the 'A' Division Police Station to invite
the police. He was later rushed to the hospital."

According to the eyewitness, the appearance of Aiyeloja did not show
any visible sign that he was mentally challenged.
The Public Relations Officer of the Ondo State Police Command, Femi
Joseph, who confirmed the incident, said the command had commenced
investigation into the matter and that preliminary investigation
showed that Aiyeloja might be suffering from "a spiritual or
psychological problem."
Joseph said, "When we interrogated him, he said a 'monster' had been
talking to him to take some weird decisions. He said it was the
'monster' that instructed him to cut his man-hood for donation which
he did. He added that the 'monster' also instructed him to donate his

"He really needs help, which we are trying to give him. At present, he
is responding to treatment at the police hospital."
Joseph, however, said the victim would not be charged for any offence,
despite causing harm to himself as the concern of the police "for now
is how to get him necessary help."

Source: (Punch Newspaper )

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Kenyans now know who leads the country the next five years. Uhuru
Kenyatta has been declared the winner, the opposition has raised
issues against the process but all the observer groups have described
the election, free and fair. The election dominated media discussions
in Ghana and Ghanaians were caught up in the Kenya elections fever.
This evening on one of Accra's popular radio stations, a popular radio
host working with the station, told his co-host that he saw Uhuru's
victory coming and did not hide his support for the victor. This was
what he told his co-host "I was in Kenya two years ago and per the new
infrastructure i saw, I knew the people will retain him to continue
what he is doing". The intriguing aspect of this statement by the host
is that, he was one of the journalists who confidently supported the
Npp anti- infrastructure campaign message. So, I quickly went back to
that article the Kenyan journalist wrote in which Mahama was lauded
for reducing Ghana's infrastructure deficit.My research did not end
there, I picked Prof. Ransford Gyampo's write-up and critically
scrutinised the content. After that, I read over and over again, what
Prof. Baffour Agyemang-Dua is purported to have said on a GTV
programme. Later in the day, I had a chat with Prof Elvis Asenso on
the Kenyan election and this time, he buried his partisan inclination
and dealt with the issues dispassionately. What he said should have
gladdened my heart but beloved, I sighed heavily after chatting with
him, and said to myself ; "the time has come for some of us to depart
from the rigid partisan stance we take on critical national issues" I
salute all these noblemen of the land for exhibiting maturity and
genuine spirit of patriotism.

I chose the above heading because of what we all heard and read from
Kenya prior to the elections. Kenya's national security instituted
measures to monitor activities of the various parties and prevented
suspected hackers from entering the country.I have my personal issues
and suspicions about the 2016 election results in Ghana but that have
decided never to make that part of the reasons why the NDC lost for
strategic reasons. My position is that, we must accept the result as
the verdict by the masses, go to their appeal court with our new
message, and respectively, appeal to their subconscious instincts for
their votes. What happened in Kenya, the deportation of the Serbians
and Ukrainians and other persons from Ghana, confirms what others said
about Ghana's election that, our system was hacked. Before the
elections, we witnessed emergence of a campaign strategy whereby a
candidate ( Nana Akufo-Addo) often supported behind the scenes foreign
communication strategists, cast doubt on the integrity of the
electoral process and the institution that manage it. The attacks on
the EC were designed to weaken the institution and make it vulnerable.
They issued threats and warnings and made all Ghanaians aware they
were going to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the process to
either declare themselves winners, or derail or establish lasting
doubt about the legitimacy of the outcome. So I asked my friend who
always challenged my position that the 2016 election was rigged
through hacking of our system, if he heard about the information the
Kenyan security released about the Ukrainians, the Serbians and the
deportation of the two Ghanaians and their Liberian counterpart.
I referred my friend to the decision by the authorities in the
Netherlands to abandon electronic vote counting in favor of old
fashioned methods following reports of foreign interference in other
countries' elections.We heard about the Serbians who were brought down
without the knowledge of Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong, and the Nigerians
who came down weeks before the elections.


Ken, openly threatened the npp that he will expose how the npp won
elections if they dared remove the BOST boss. The vigilante groups
have repeatedly sent same message to the party. What are they hiding
from the public


The opposition in Kenya made economic hardship one of its main
campaign messages and despite the economy growing on average of 5% a
year and foreign Investment increasing, the opposition using its
conduit forces, said Kenyans are not feeling the effect of the growth.
Uhuru's administration was also accused of excessive borrowing and
just like what the Npp told Ghanaians, NASA, said, Uhuru's government
has borrowed much more than the accumulative amount borrowed by all
past governments since independence. Kenyatta and his party,however,
argued that investment in infrastructure will spur growth.

The issue of corruption also featured prominently in their campaign.
They used John Githongo an anti- corruption crusader in the media to
attack Uhuru's government. John Githongo, described the Uhuru
government as "the most corrupt in Kenya's history" Uhuru just like
John Mahama, took did act, he suspended and eventually removed five
ministers and other high ranking officials in his government over
corruption. But the opposition mischievously misinterpreted his
action. The other message was the issue of unemployment. The
opposition adopted the strategy the Npp used to weaken the electoral
commission. It constantly expressed its reservations about the
commission's neutrality, efficiency and readiness to conduct a
credible elections.
In Ghana, we were treated to an exhibition in the art of guile and
deception every time the opposition elements mounted the campaign
platform and even seemingly honest and well respected personalities in
society, after setting foot in the exclusive lies peddling campaign
platforms, transform rapidly into liars or Rottweilers.


So, let me land on what the radio host said about Uhuru and the
massive infrastructure recorded under his administration and what Prof
Baffour Agyemang-Dua, said about Mr Mahama and Ghana's infrastructure.
The world bank and other international institutions have made it clear
that unless Africa reduces its huge infrastructure deficit, real
economic growth will remain a mirage. Our economists and political
lords are aware of this obvious truth yet, remained mute when the npp
told the last administration that we don't eat infrastructure. The US
and other countries have scrapped the trainees allowance system to
expand infrastructure etc, Saudi Arabia and other countries have
removed certain subsidies their citizens hitherto, enjoyed and have
introduced new taxes to compensate loss in revenue as a result of the
fluctuating oil price. What are we seeing here, government is
suffocating itself with certain outmoded policies whilst reneging on
promises they made in opposition. The previous regime built more
hospitals and other health facilities, employing people to work at
these facilities is becoming a burden for the administration.
Fertiliser which were distributed "free" to farmers is now being sold
to them. Nigeria is going through same stagnation after Goodluck
Jonathan had propelled the economy to an appreciable level.

We shall continue with the discussion but my humble appeal to all is
that, the interest of Ghana must always come first and we must also
think of the generation to come. Let us use every platform we control,
profitably for the interest of mother Ghana.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Another banger from ' Shatta Wale – More Glory (Prod. By Dj Hobby) '

Shatta Wale releases another banging new single again titled More
Glory. Produced by DJ Hobby

Download and share.

Shatta Wale – More Glory (Prod. By Dj Hobby)

Stonewboy receives a House and a brand new Hyundai Sonata - This proves he's Better than Shatta Wale

Reports reaching AYOO GHANA are to the effect that Zylofon Media has
honoured its promise of a house and a brand new Hyundai Sonata car to
dancehall artiste Stonebwoy

The BET award winner was signed on to the media house's record label
about two months ago, as was promised the car and the house as part of
the deal.
According to sources, the presentation was done off camera, as per the
wish of the parties involved.

Friday, August 11, 2017

OKOKROKO - Sonnie Badu [ Lyrics & Audio ]

Wo yิ‘ Onyame a (You are the God)
Wo nnwoma fata wo o (Whose handiworks reflect your beauty)
Obrempon Nyame ei (Majestic God)
Wo nsa ano nnwoma yิ‘ nwanwa (Your handiworks are amazing)
W'abode nyinaa kutu sore wo o (All of your creation worship you)
Nana Nyame ei (Our reigning God)
Yิ‘ pagya wo din (We exalt your name) (Repeat)


Okokroko (Indescribable One)
Yิ‘ ma wo su (We exalt you)
Yิ‘ pagya wo (We lift you up)
Yิ‘ kuto wo (We bow to you) (Repeat)

Me wo asem bi bisa wo a (I have a question for you)
Me wo asิ‘m bi ka kyerิ‘ wo a (Here is what I have to say to you)
Wo yิ‘ dิ‘n na wo ma nipa kasa? (How do you enable humans to speak)
Wo yิ‘ dิ‘n na nnoma su? (How do you make the birds sing)
Wo yิ‘ dิ‘n na aswokye bo mu? (How do you cause the storms to rage?)
Tumi bิ‘n na wo de kasa? (By whose authority do you speak?)
Nyansa bิ‘n na wo de nweni ade? (What is the source of your creative wisdom?)
Anuonyam wura, ka biribi kyerิ‘'m o (Glorious One, respond to me)
[Ka biribi kyerิ‘'m o] (Speak to me) x 6
Nana ei, yิ‘ ma wo so (We exalt you, our King)


Edin bิ‘n na me nfa nferิ‘ wo? (How shall I refer to you)
Edin bิ‘n na me nfa ntruntrum wo? (By what names should I adore you)
Nana, wo hu yิ‘ hu (King, you are fearful)
Nana, wo hu yิ‘ me nwanwa (King, you are wonderful)
[Nana brebre] (Tread majestically) x6
Yิ‘ ma wo so, Okokroko (We lift you high, indescribable One)

(Chorus )

[Barima Jesus] (Mighty man Jesus)
[Nana kasa] (Speak, my King)
Yehowa ei (Oh, Jehovah) x8
Me Nyame ei (oh, my God) x 8


World War 3? 'We will defend North Korea if the U.S attacks first' - China boldly states

China has stated that it'll continue to toe the diplomatic line and
stay neutral in the current U.S- North Korean war of words unless the
United States decides to attack the secretive state of North Korea

U.S President, Donald Trump on Thursday evening threatened to deal
with North Korea if they tried to attack the U.S Island of Guam on the
15th of August , and now China, who major political analysts believe
can put an end to North Korea's nuclear missile development, has
stated that it will attack the United States if the U.S first attacks
the North Korean regime.
"If the U.S. and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow
the North Korean regime, and change the political pattern of the
Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so," reported the
Global Times, Chinese Communist Party controlled newspaper said.

Australia, Japan and South Korea have also come out to state their
support of the U.S in the event of an all-out attack on the North
Korean regime. Japanese military stated this week 'We are ready to
shoot down North Korean nuclear missiles, if necessary.''
In Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described his country
and the U.S. as being "joined at the hip," the South China Morning
Post reported.
"If there is an attack on the U.S., the Anzus Treaty would be
invoked," and Australia would aid the U.S., Turnbull told Australia's
3AW radio Friday morning.

SAD: Highlife Legend, Paapa Yankson to be laid to rest in October

Highlife Legend and songwriter, Paapa Yankson will be laid to rest on
October 21 at Apam in the Central region.
The burial will be followed by the final funeral rites which will
happen in Accra on the same day.
This announcement was made at the one week observation for the
highlife singer who lost his life after battling an undisclosed
The one week observation was well attended by his colleagues in the
Ghana Music industry.
Paapa Yankson will be remembered for songs like 'Abam Kofi',
'Okukuseku', 'Show Your Love', 'Jealousy' and 'Bebia Odo Wo'.

STORY: Job’s first day in Heaven (Comedy)

"Very well," the LORD told Satan, "everything he owns is in your
power. However, you must not lay a hand on Job himself." So Satan left
the LORD's presence.
Holman Christian Standard Bible, Jobs 1:12
We all Some of us know about the story of Jobs in the old testament
about his tribulations on earth which was approved by God, it was a
wager between God and Satan about the devout nature of Jobs in service
to God.
Long story short, God gave Satan the approval to torment him and test
him if he will still be faithful despite all his travails. This post
will focus on Job's comedic entrance into Heaven after he died.
Job arrived at the gates of Heaven, everywhere was shining, almost
blinding with the streets paved in Gold, the beautiful pearly gate was
opened to Jobs.
As he walked into paradise, he heard a voice from a distant
"Job, my son! Is that you?" The voice was clear as day and very
soothing, he could the power and love in the voice. The voice became
clearer as he moved closer to him.
There was no need for introductions, it is God!
The elderly but very agile man walked towards him in anticipation,
with arms open.

"Bring it in!"
Jobs rushed into the arms of God, it all made sense. He could hear the
music, the sweet music in the ears. The Harp was so melodic and
"Welcome home, Job" God continued. I thank you for all the good work
you've done on earth.
Tears strolled down Job's eyes as he slowly disengaged from the hug he
would have loved to last forever.
"Walk with me, son" He told Job.
As the walked the beautiful heavenly streets with towers and mansions
with foundations in the cloud, the scenery was breathtakingly
beautiful, more beautiful that whatever had been described in any
"Your story, the story of your travails will live on forever, much
more than you can imagine."
"Your story is that or courage and resilience and absolute faith in my
will for your life".
Along the street in different houses, he could see people taking harp
lessons, David was coordinating the choir, the Halleluyah been sang
was legendary, no other people could sing with so much accord, seemed
like the choir of hundreds of thousands of people were singing with
one voice.
On the other aisle was Abraham coordinating for the big feast later
today in honor of Job, the newly arrived son of God.
As they moved along the streets of heaven, Job was overwhelmed with
the beautiful city of God. Jesus, the son of God playing with
"Hey Jesus, come meet Job. You remember him right?"
Jesus came to join them, also smiling, he gave Job a big hug, and remarked

"We are all proud of what your life signified".
Job looked at God wondering who Jesus was, God quickly clarified,
"Jesus is my son. He shows up later in the timespace but he was here
while we all witnessed your story
"Your son?" Job inquired
"Don't worry yourself, It'll all be understandable to you later on" God told him
"Job, I would like to say once more, great work, the heavens and the
earth will never forget the path your life has played" Jesus said,
feeling proud of Job.
"Its all so beautiful and heart wrenching to find out that all that
happened to you was all known to the Almighty God" Jesus said
At this point, Job needed more clarification on Jesus' last statement.
"God, what does Jesus mean by you knew about all of this" Job asked.
"Take it easy, Job. There is a very small explanation for this. Trust
me" God said.
"God allowed Satan to test your faith" Jesus said
"J-E-S-U-S!" God called out his name.
"Dad, no use ripping the bandage slowly. The wound has healed" Jesus
defended himself
"It's not in your place to say, son!" God said
"What is Bandage" Job asked.
"Its something that was invented, thousands of years later to prevent
infections. You'll understand that later, it's a future innovation"
God said
"From what Jesus is saying, you knew Satan was gonna destroy my life
and you allowed me."
"Hang on, Job! Don't be like this. I allowed him touch everything you
own asides your life. Technically, your life was secure throughout"
God said
"You gambled with my life?" Job asked.
"It was a calculated bet, you would win anyways" God said
"You knew I would win" Job inquired, with a look of absolute befuddlement.

"Yes, I knew. You know, with me being ALPHA & OMEGA, The beginning and
the end, OMNIPRESENT and OMNIPOTENT, those abilities come in highly
needed." God said
"Like how I know, there will be Youtube, and you'll see a lot of funny
cat videos. When you settle in, I will show you a couple of cat
videos, and this funny black lady that I saved from a fire, then goes
aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-that. You'll love Youtube, Job… You'll crack
"Youtube, videos, aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-dat. What are those?" Job asked
"They're all future things, thousands of years before they come to
pass. You should try to keep up better next time because
aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-dat" God said cracking up.
Jesus joined in, those videos are really hilarious dad, can't get
enough of them. Its what we've been watching, after the morning praise
"Can we come back to me right now? My travails and the fact that you
allowed it" Job spoke as it seems, God and Jesus were having laughs
about something he had no idea about.
"Okay Job, Come'on, don't be such a killjoy. I know the plans I had
for you even before you were born from your mother's womb" God said
Jesus nodded in approval to God's last sentence.
"What is a killjoy?" Job asked a rhetorical question
"Don't tell me! Someone who tries to bring down the mood" Job said

God and Jesus nodded in agreement as angels flew down and handed out
smoothies to all 3 having the conversation.
God and Jesus sucked the straw a decent amount of the juice. Job
observed both father and son enjoy whatever it is the angels just
"Job, you gotta try this drink out. It will B-L-O-W Y-O-U-R M-I-N-D. A
thousand percent guaranteed! " Jesus said
"Another product from the future right" Jesus replied nodding
consecutively not willing to stop sipping the smoothie just to answer
Job's rhetorical question.
"He's catching up so fast, dad" Jesus said to God
"Job, ever since me and Jesus started drinking these smoothies, it has
changed our lives forever. No one knows more about forever and
eternity than me." God said
Job gave a strong stare, they both removed the straw from their mouth.
"God, why are you speaking like this?"
"That's the accent of black people from the future. Everything is
funny how they say it. absolutely delightful bunch." God replied.
"I did everything you wanted me to do, I dedicated my life and family
to your will." Job said
"And I know, and everyone appreciates your sacrifice. Look all around
you, you're in heaven now" God said, massaging Job's shoulders.
"It all happened back there Job, its in the past now" Jesus said.
"How about my family, they are dead" Job said
"Yea, they died back there on earth, pay close attention Job, but
they're here, waiting for you."
God said, "Please can the Jobs come out, Papa Job is here"
What God said reverberated around the heavens, everyone gathered
around the scene now. Abraham, David, the angels and the council of
From a distance, the door of a mansion opened, and Job's family came
out running down the street to meet Job where he stood.
Tears streamed down Job's eyes, as he once again was reunited with his
family, God then whispered into his ears the following.
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
The heavens were in jubilation as Job once again reunited with his
family, the festivities of Job's arrival was close, the time for feast
was near.
God and Jesus watched Job and his family share 1001 kisses, the
laughter in the face of the children was un-measurable.
God faced Jesus and told him "The end of a matter is better than its
beginning; a patient spirit is better than a proud spirit."
"You're right, Dad!" Jesus said.
"You must start preparing Jesus, your part in this will begin soon." God said
They both continued watching and sipping their smoothie.
Far away from where everyone could see, the devil watched the happy
reunion and thought to himself.
"But I asked God's permission before doing it, how am I the bad guy?".
He looked away as he sipped from his strawberry smoothie.

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