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    University of Ghana: How to Access & Print your Provisional Admission Letter for the 2017/2018 academic year


    UG Admission Letter : The official University of
    Ghana Admission Letter is a document that indicates that you have been
    offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a
    University. Legon Admission Letter contains information about the
    school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the
    degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically
    everything you need to know about your admission.


    Before you proceed to print your Legon Admission Letter, it's
    recommended to check your admission status on UG portal.

    After confirming your Admission Status, you are to process to
    http://admission.ug.edu.gh/undergrad/login.php for Admission letter

    All admitted students are required to log in to the link above with
    their admission Serial Number and Pin to download the Admission


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