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    Kenyans now know who leads the country the next five years. Uhuru
    Kenyatta has been declared the winner, the opposition has raised
    issues against the process but all the observer groups have described
    the election, free and fair. The election dominated media discussions
    in Ghana and Ghanaians were caught up in the Kenya elections fever.
    This evening on one of Accra's popular radio stations, a popular radio
    host working with the station, told his co-host that he saw Uhuru's
    victory coming and did not hide his support for the victor. This was
    what he told his co-host "I was in Kenya two years ago and per the new
    infrastructure i saw, I knew the people will retain him to continue
    what he is doing". The intriguing aspect of this statement by the host
    is that, he was one of the journalists who confidently supported the
    Npp anti- infrastructure campaign message. So, I quickly went back to
    that article the Kenyan journalist wrote in which Mahama was lauded
    for reducing Ghana's infrastructure deficit.My research did not end
    there, I picked Prof. Ransford Gyampo's write-up and critically
    scrutinised the content. After that, I read over and over again, what
    Prof. Baffour Agyemang-Dua is purported to have said on a GTV
    programme. Later in the day, I had a chat with Prof Elvis Asenso on
    the Kenyan election and this time, he buried his partisan inclination
    and dealt with the issues dispassionately. What he said should have
    gladdened my heart but beloved, I sighed heavily after chatting with
    him, and said to myself ; "the time has come for some of us to depart
    from the rigid partisan stance we take on critical national issues" I
    salute all these noblemen of the land for exhibiting maturity and
    genuine spirit of patriotism.

    I chose the above heading because of what we all heard and read from
    Kenya prior to the elections. Kenya's national security instituted
    measures to monitor activities of the various parties and prevented
    suspected hackers from entering the country.I have my personal issues
    and suspicions about the 2016 election results in Ghana but that have
    decided never to make that part of the reasons why the NDC lost for
    strategic reasons. My position is that, we must accept the result as
    the verdict by the masses, go to their appeal court with our new
    message, and respectively, appeal to their subconscious instincts for
    their votes. What happened in Kenya, the deportation of the Serbians
    and Ukrainians and other persons from Ghana, confirms what others said
    about Ghana's election that, our system was hacked. Before the
    elections, we witnessed emergence of a campaign strategy whereby a
    candidate ( Nana Akufo-Addo) often supported behind the scenes foreign
    communication strategists, cast doubt on the integrity of the
    electoral process and the institution that manage it. The attacks on
    the EC were designed to weaken the institution and make it vulnerable.
    They issued threats and warnings and made all Ghanaians aware they
    were going to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the process to
    either declare themselves winners, or derail or establish lasting
    doubt about the legitimacy of the outcome. So I asked my friend who
    always challenged my position that the 2016 election was rigged
    through hacking of our system, if he heard about the information the
    Kenyan security released about the Ukrainians, the Serbians and the
    deportation of the two Ghanaians and their Liberian counterpart.
    I referred my friend to the decision by the authorities in the
    Netherlands to abandon electronic vote counting in favor of old
    fashioned methods following reports of foreign interference in other
    countries' elections.We heard about the Serbians who were brought down
    without the knowledge of Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong, and the Nigerians
    who came down weeks before the elections.


    Ken, openly threatened the npp that he will expose how the npp won
    elections if they dared remove the BOST boss. The vigilante groups
    have repeatedly sent same message to the party. What are they hiding
    from the public


    The opposition in Kenya made economic hardship one of its main
    campaign messages and despite the economy growing on average of 5% a
    year and foreign Investment increasing, the opposition using its
    conduit forces, said Kenyans are not feeling the effect of the growth.
    Uhuru's administration was also accused of excessive borrowing and
    just like what the Npp told Ghanaians, NASA, said, Uhuru's government
    has borrowed much more than the accumulative amount borrowed by all
    past governments since independence. Kenyatta and his party,however,
    argued that investment in infrastructure will spur growth.

    The issue of corruption also featured prominently in their campaign.
    They used John Githongo an anti- corruption crusader in the media to
    attack Uhuru's government. John Githongo, described the Uhuru
    government as "the most corrupt in Kenya's history" Uhuru just like
    John Mahama, took did act, he suspended and eventually removed five
    ministers and other high ranking officials in his government over
    corruption. But the opposition mischievously misinterpreted his
    action. The other message was the issue of unemployment. The
    opposition adopted the strategy the Npp used to weaken the electoral
    commission. It constantly expressed its reservations about the
    commission's neutrality, efficiency and readiness to conduct a
    credible elections.
    In Ghana, we were treated to an exhibition in the art of guile and
    deception every time the opposition elements mounted the campaign
    platform and even seemingly honest and well respected personalities in
    society, after setting foot in the exclusive lies peddling campaign
    platforms, transform rapidly into liars or Rottweilers.


    So, let me land on what the radio host said about Uhuru and the
    massive infrastructure recorded under his administration and what Prof
    Baffour Agyemang-Dua, said about Mr Mahama and Ghana's infrastructure.
    The world bank and other international institutions have made it clear
    that unless Africa reduces its huge infrastructure deficit, real
    economic growth will remain a mirage. Our economists and political
    lords are aware of this obvious truth yet, remained mute when the npp
    told the last administration that we don't eat infrastructure. The US
    and other countries have scrapped the trainees allowance system to
    expand infrastructure etc, Saudi Arabia and other countries have
    removed certain subsidies their citizens hitherto, enjoyed and have
    introduced new taxes to compensate loss in revenue as a result of the
    fluctuating oil price. What are we seeing here, government is
    suffocating itself with certain outmoded policies whilst reneging on
    promises they made in opposition. The previous regime built more
    hospitals and other health facilities, employing people to work at
    these facilities is becoming a burden for the administration.
    Fertiliser which were distributed "free" to farmers is now being sold
    to them. Nigeria is going through same stagnation after Goodluck
    Jonathan had propelled the economy to an appreciable level.

    We shall continue with the discussion but my humble appeal to all is
    that, the interest of Ghana must always come first and we must also
    think of the generation to come. Let us use every platform we control,
    profitably for the interest of mother Ghana.

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