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    OMG!!! Are traders now selling fake fish on the market? - FDA says it's made of Plastic

    It has emerged that "plastic fish" 🐟has invaded the several markets
    especially in UK.

    AYOOGHANA.COM chanced upon a video on social media which shows a
    consumer tearing the said fish into pieces and realizing it is fake.
    The pound of fish, according to the consumer, was bought at an
    undisclosed shopping mall in the UK.
    The Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) is yet to confirm if indeed there
    is the influx of any such fake fish on the Ghanaian market as
    consumers are being cautioned to be extra vigilant in the kind of fish
    they purchase.

    This development, yet to be confirmed in Ghana, follows earlier
    concerns over the proliferation of plastic rice in the Ghanaian market
    - a development which saw the FDA assure consumers of such rice not
    being sold in Ghana.

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