7 things you should never say to a Lady

Most times, it is guys who fall prey to these kinds of faux pas. Even
though you might not mean any harm, guys, you should be sensitive
enough never to say or ask any of these. I am sure the ladies will
totally agree with me.

• Why are you single?

Dude, even if you want to ask her out, that's just wrong. It makes
things awkward, especially if she is not single of her own choice.

• When will get married?

You might feel because she is dating, this is an okay question to
strike up a conversation but then, you don't know the state of her
relationship so why should you go poking in something you know nothing

• I think you shouldn't eat that!

This one is usually directed at women on the heavier side or pregnant
women. You are not her doctor. She knows what is good for her. There
is no need for you to make her feel uncomfortable just because you
can't mind your business.

• Does your kid talk/walk/have teeth yet?

Obviously, you are trying to compare your child with hers and that is
just wrong. Supposing her child is not doing any of those yet, you
will just make her worry, especially if she is a first-time mom.

• Why don't you like me/ what do you need me to do to make you like me?

That you have to ask this question means there is a serious problem.
Pal, save yourself a headache and move on.

• What is that? (referring to a scar or mark on the body)

The lady may have had a terrible experience and asking might ruin her
mood so unless something leads to it, just leave it alone.

• How old are you?

Never ask this is public. Will you use her age to go to the market?

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