MUST READ: Welcome greatness, welcome nonsense!

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Many have little or no idea that the higher you climb, the hotter it
becomes. The greater you become, the greater the nonsense you also

The rumours. The lies. The ill perceptions. The insults. These come
with being at the top. Until you reach the top, lies and rumours don't
really look good on you. No one pelts a stone at a fruitless tree. No
one wastes their energy on a wasted tree. If you keep bearing fruits,
stones will be hurled at you. As far as you keep achieving with your
hands what others could only perceive with their minds, the
destructive criticisms are not going to subside yet.

The petty gossips are not waning any soon. Brace yourself up!
Greatness and nonsense walk hand in hand. Like a magnet, the former
always attracts the latter. Nonsense will always come chasing you when
you wear greatness. No one talks about the man on the street until he
attains some incredible feat. Backlashes are severest when you're
trying to be your best! It is only when you are striving to achieve
your ambitions that you get your worse opposition.

Thing is, every position comes with opposition; the greater that
position, the greater the opposition. The higher you climb, the higher
your distractions climb along. Every dream comes with many
distractions. Those who doubt you will further resist you when you
seem to be making headway. Others will jab you with finely decorated
insults here and there. A lot more others will spread self-concocted
rumours to spice up your headaches. When you have all, these come your
way, always remember they are a part of the package of greatness. No
one wastes their breath on what deserves not their attention.

If others are spending all their existence to pull you down, know that
you're above them. We only pull down things above us, not otherwise!
Should you dream to do great things, the first term and condition you
must agree to is to not budge when all the nonsense starts coming. If
you dare to be any extraordinary, be prepared to face the wrath of the
ordinary. Greatness comes with nonsense! If you dare not find comfort
in mediocrity, brace yourself up for opposition from the mediocre.
Should you strive to move from the bottom of life, those there would
still strive to pull you to their level. Others will resist you for
the mere fact that you are only a mirror of their wishes. Certainly

Many think it's all rosy at the top. They assume the top is the place
for rest. Uncomfortable truth is, rest only comes after death. The
criticisms and ridicule only stop when one stops breathing. If you
can't take opposition at the bottom of life, you're just not cut for
the top where that same opposition is magnified.

It's rosy nowhere; neither at the top nor bottom. Gird your loins for
a lot of nonsense if you desire to be great someday. Be prepared for a
lot of unwholesome rumours and gossips.
Be prepared to hear others tell you what you did that you have no idea
about. Be certain to hear them spell out why you seemingly do what you
do. Be ready to hear lies of all colours!
A great mess always accompanies greatness. If you order a meal of
greatness, don't forget it comes with a price tag of unbudgeted
nonsense. This nonsense is always part of the greatness package. You
must contain it.

For others to get your attention, they would try to jab you with
nonsense. There's no need to respond to them. The more exposed we get
to light, the more exposed we get to darkness.
When all the harsh comments and thoughts stream your way, just nod
them away. No matter how hard it may seem, some things are always best
said when unsaid.
Wherever you see greatness, you'll find some good nonsense lurking
around. When you sign up for greatness, always remember the password
is "I AM READY TO TAKE NONSENSE!" To be at the top, you need some good
sense to take some good nonsense! Those in the mud can only get you
mad when they jab you with some mud. However, you can get them madder
if you just walk away.

Lies may look good on the great. However, insults mean nothing to the
man who is already at the bottom of life.
You want to be an achiever? You wish to walk in the corridors of
power? You want to really be great? A lot of nonsense will come your
way. It comes with extraordinariness. I guess you are ready not to be
distracted. If you open your door for greatness to enter, nonsense
will follow.
I have signed up for greatness. However, no nonsense can ever get the
least of my attention!

WRITTEN BY:   Kobina Ansah

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