Born On The 1st
You are a very friendly person. You love the good things in life. You
are very ambitious. You seek stable, long-term relationships. You have
good leadership skills - if you channel your efforts in the right
direction, you can go very far in life.

Born On The 2nd
You are a very helpful person. You make friends easily. You tend to be
very loving and caring in your relationships. You are very optimistic
and confident about the things you do. This is a quality which will
help you to get ahead of others in life.

Born On The 3rd
You have a creative mind. You love to explore new places and learn
about new things. You are easy-going in life. Your loved ones are very
happy in your company. You have big dreams in life. Try your best and
you shall achieve them soon.

Born On The 4th
You are someone who loves life. Your smiles are infectious. Your
motivational spirit is undeniable. You are romantic at heart and will
have a very good love life. Most of the times, you are an
understanding individual but can be difficult to deal sometimes. You
are totally loyal and trustworthy. Your friends love you.

Born On The 5th
You have a magnetic and pleasing personality. You have a good sense of
humor. People like you to be around them. You tend to fall in love
very fast. You are emotional and may suffer in case of a break-up. You
love to wear fashionable and stylish clothes.

Born On The 6th
You are cheerful at heart. You are enthusiastic about trying new
things. You have an adventurous streak. At the same time, you are a
sensitive individual. You can maintain friendships very well. You are
compassionate and caring for the people you love. You will accomplish
a lot in life.

Born On The 7th
You have a shy but likable personality. You are a dependable person.
You like stability and peace in your life. You are sincere in your
work. When in love, you become very romantic and mushy. You like to
lead a luxurious life. You are faithful towards your family and

Born On The 8th
You have a calm and humble personality. You are a chilled attitude
towards life. You are usually quite jolly and love to crack jokes. You
are a profound thinker. You believe in God and are spiritual in your
way of living. You are a magnanimous person when required.

Born On The 9th
You have a smart and stylish personality. The opposite sex gets easily
attracted towards you. You love the finer things of life. You believe
in living in the present. You take very good care of your family and
friends. In a relationship, your partner is the apple of your eye.

Born On The 10th
You are a very charismatic person. People love to be in touch with
you. You are self sacrificing in your relationships. You are like a
coconut - tough outside but sensitive at heart. At times, you love to
indulge in artistic and creative ventures. Take care that people don't
take advantage of your helpful nature.

Born On The 11th
You have a warm and inviting personality. You are amiable and love to
make new friends. You are quick to return favors from friends. You
love to crack jokes and spend long hours with friends. In
relationships, you seek to dominate your partner but in a
non-threatening way. At the same time, you are very passionate in your

Born On The 12th
You are a wise person known for your humility. You are dedicated and
sincere in your studies/work. You are an emotional lover. You tend to
get possessive in your relationships. Otherwise, you are an easy-going
and friendly person. You love to dress well. You are realistic in the
game of life.

Born On The 13th
You are wise beyond your years. Your friends turn to you whenever they
need any advice. You care for the people close to your heart. You are
a very good motivator. You work very well in teams and are a
team-player. You don't hold back your feelings and are very expressive
in love and romance.

Born On The 14th
You are born to be a leader. You are cool in difficult situations and
inspire others in times of crisis. You love traveling. You like to
dress in sync with the latest fashion trends. You love to be pampered
by your loved one. You prefer to be in a serious relationship. You are
faithful to your family.

Born On The 15th
You have a very magnetic personality. You always stand out in a crowd.
You are usually smiling and spreading cheer around. You are serious
about life. You have certain goals in life which you want to reach and
you strive hard to achieve them. You pour your everything in a
relationship. Sentiments are very important for you.

Born On The 16th
You have a patient and introspective personality. You do things after
thinking about the pros and cons. You are kind and altruistic by
nature. You like to help others. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You
express your love to your beloved every now and then. You take great
care of your sweetheart and shower all your attention on him/her.

Born On The 17th
You are not a very loud person. But at times you lose your temper very
easily. You have a creative bent in you. You like to indulge in
artistic ventures. You are mature beyond your years. You try to be
friends with everyone. You are born to flirt with the opposite sex.
You prefer independence and seek space in your love relationships.

Born On The 18th
You are an outdoors person. You like spending time in peaceful,
natural surroundings. You are a dynamic person. You cannot sit at one
place for a long time. You like dressing up for occasions. You prefer
to express your views openly. You are an exciting person to fall in
love with but you prefer to be in a strong, long-term relationship

Born On The 19th
You are attractive with an impeccable sense of dressing. You have more
friends of the opposite sex than of your own. You are a jolly person
with a great sense of humor. This is why people want to spend time
with you. Someone will fall in love with you because of your
enthusiastic, understanding and free-spirited nature.

Born On The 20th
You are a person who is liked by one and all. Few people will hate
you. You are innocent and very friendly. Try not to be very gullible.
You have a sensitive side which very few people close to you know
about. Members of your own sex are jealous with you because of how
easily you mix with the opposite sex.

Born On The 21th
You live life to the fullest and don't worry about tomorrow. You like
to be as independent as possible. You confront obstacles in life by
giving your best. You are a beautiful person. You are fun to be with.
Someone will fall in love with you for the intimacy and affection you
tend to show.

Born On The 22nd
Even though, you are not very extrovert, you mix very well with people
once you know them a bit. You are a God-fearing person. You are
someone known for your intelligence. At times, you crave for
attention. You love the company of your friends and cherish the time
you spend with them. You will find bliss with the person you love most
in your life.

Born On The 23rd
You are a happy-go-lucky person. You take life as it comes. Family and
friends are very important to you. You are known for your wit. You
possess talent to master one of the arts. Try to find your artistic
ability if you haven't yet. You are very thoughtful and care for your
sweetheart when in a relationship.

Born On The 24th
You are a stable and a responsible person. People know that they can
depend on you. When in love, you are very charming and affectionate
towards your sweetie pie. You try to remain active as much as
possible. You are sincere in your work/studies but if you try a little
harder, you can be very successful.

Born On The 25th
You are a friendly and lovable person. You try not to antagonize
others by being diplomatic. You are very generous towards the
under-privileged. You are ambitious and wish to achieve lots of things
in life. Be open-minded and try to do your best, you will reach your
goals soon. When in love, you become very romantic, mushy and caring.

Born On The 26th
You are a frank and expressive person. You do what your heart tells
you to. You do not care much about what others say. You maintain a
calm exterior. You don't lose your temper easily. You love to explore
new places and learn about new things. You like to flirt and your
flirting will get you the love of your life.

Born On The 27th
You have an attractive and vibrant personality. You are a social
animal and like to party. You make new friends very easily. You are
known for your good sense of humor. At times, you are very obstinate.
You can forgive but you not forget easily. In your love life, you tend
to be choosy in your search for the perfect partner.

Born On The 28th
You are a star. Your joyful attitude towards life is unmatched. You
are very talkative but at the same time, quite attentive. You love
luxury. You are in sync with the latest fashion trends and groom
yourself well. At times, you get too emotional. Most likely, you will
be in a long term relationship. You cherish loyalty.

Born On The 29th
You are an optimistic person and like to motivate others. You do not
take many risks and adopt a cautious approach before trying anything
new. In your free time, you are lively and relaxed. You like to chill
out with friends whenever you get the chance. You are very passionate
in love and make your partner feel on top of the world.

Born On The 30th
You have a sexy and mysterious personality. Because of this, the
opposite sex love to be around you. You are very sociable and amiable.
You show good leadership skills and this will help you in your
workplace. You weigh pros and cons before taking any decision. You
want your partner to ben good looking, dynamic and humorous.

Born On The 31st
You are a simple and honest person. You don't like too many frills.
You have a creative mind. If you channel your talents in the right
direction, you can go places. You have a warm and compassionate
personality which others like very much. You are easily approachable.
You need a lot of time to commit in a relationship


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