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    “I Only Lighten My Skin, I Didn’t Bleach It, It’s Not The Same” – Popular South African Actress, Khanyi Mbau

    Popular South African media personality and actress, Khanyi Mbau, has
    once again addressed bleaching reports..
    According to reports, which claims over the years the actress has
    bleached her skin, she begs to differ as she claims that she did not
    bleach, but only lightened her skin.
    Taking to South African live video streaming service, VOOV, Khanyi said,

    "There's this thing where people believe that I bleach my skin. I
    don't bleach my skin, I lighten it.
    There is a difference between lightening and bleaching, and people
    just don't get it," Khanyi said in the broadcast.
    Khanyi also explained how her skin got to its pinkish skin saying;

    "People who (are) lightening their skins using gallons and overdose on
    (skin whitening products) glutathione tend to have skin like mine.
    Pinkish, lightish, like an albino colour,"
    "My skin does (have this complexion) because I overdo everything in
    life. There is no side effects. All it does is make me lighter and it
    is like having loads of vitamin C, which means I don't get the flu

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