Shocking!!! Man cuts off his man-hood ( Find out why )

A middle-aged man identified as Oluwole Aiyeloja, who is a resident of
Obanla area in Akure, Ondo State cut off his man-hood with a razor
blade publicly on Thursday.

According to an eyewitness, who did not want his name in print,
Aiyeloja, after cutting off his man-hood, was trying to cut the
scrotum to pull out the testicles, but a Good Samaritan ran to him,
took the razor and rushed him to a police station.
The source said, "We were at Obanla Junction (Akure) when we saw a
well-dressed man sitting on a bench. Suddenly, he just started pulling
off his clothes right there. Later, he started cutting his man-hood to
the shock of everyone.

"It was very gory; blood started gushing out of his private part. One
man had to run to him (Aiyeloja) and collected the razor from him
before other people went to the 'A' Division Police Station to invite
the police. He was later rushed to the hospital."

According to the eyewitness, the appearance of Aiyeloja did not show
any visible sign that he was mentally challenged.
The Public Relations Officer of the Ondo State Police Command, Femi
Joseph, who confirmed the incident, said the command had commenced
investigation into the matter and that preliminary investigation
showed that Aiyeloja might be suffering from "a spiritual or
psychological problem."
Joseph said, "When we interrogated him, he said a 'monster' had been
talking to him to take some weird decisions. He said it was the
'monster' that instructed him to cut his man-hood for donation which
he did. He added that the 'monster' also instructed him to donate his

"He really needs help, which we are trying to give him. At present, he
is responding to treatment at the police hospital."
Joseph, however, said the victim would not be charged for any offence,
despite causing harm to himself as the concern of the police "for now
is how to get him necessary help."

Source: (Punch Newspaper )

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