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    Hungry female Teachers in rural areas engaging in ‘Sex for food’ - GNAT reveals

    AYOOGHANA.COM has learnt that some Ghanaian female teachers who are
    posted to rural communities are being forced to offering up their
    bodies to men in return for food to sustain themselves. The sad
    revelation was made by one Madam Victoria Affram, who was speaking
    with the Accra-based radio station, Adom FM.

    In her interview with the media house, Madam Affram, the First
    National Trustee of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)
    stated that the young female teachers who get posted to such rural
    areas are easily taken advantage of by the local leaders.

    She lamented that the leaders in the areas lure the "young female
    teachers" with gifts and end up impregnating them.
    According to Madam Victoria Affram, some of the unsuspecting young
    women are subsequently forced to become second or third wives to their
    To solve the supposed menace, Madam Affram suggested that new young
    female teachers be given a salary advance when posted to such areas.

    "It is not that they are interested in profligate lifestyles, the fact
    is that they are hungry and need to survive in order to discharge
    their duties as teachers in the schools they have been posted to which
    results in some of these unfortunate behaviours ", she added.

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