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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

GIJ SRC Audit Committee Chairman Orlando Sylvester Tetteh resigns

Audit Commitee chairman of the Ghana Institute of Journalism Student
Representative Council henceforth ceases to be the Chairman.

Information reaching Muftaw Iddrisu suggest that the Chairman resigned
in the early hours of Friday, but reasons for his resignation was not
made public.

Though some rumours are bound to have a little amount of truth in
them. However we can only be certain about matter when we get in him
in touch to react to it.

All effort to reach Orlando has proven futile. But we are optimistic
that in due course we shall reach him to break silence on his

By: Iddrisu Muftaw Tarricone

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Monday, October 30, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man

It is no doubt that Nigerian men make wonderful lovers; they are
sweet, kind, thoughtful, maybe not very romantic but romantic still
and good in bed too. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare
to come by in Nigeria. Maybe by default or societal conditioning, most
Nigerian men are so not it; they are egoistic, chauvinistic and make
terrible husband materials. You wonder why I think Nigerian men; at
least most of them, won't make good husbands, read the reasons listed

-They Are Chauvinists: pardon the strong word "chauvinists" but
Nigerian men prefer to stick to their bias opinion about women and
their responsibilities in the home. They take the "head" duty way too
serious and often push the women aside expecting them to follow their
will and do as they say. If you marry a Nigerian man, you will
probably end up as the less important voice in the home rather than as
the partner you are to him.

– They Are Polygamous In Nature: In Nigeria, some men believe men are
entitled to as many women as they can handle and so, they are free to
marry more than one wife or have affairs with other women. With a
Nigerian man, it is never certain that you will be the only woman in
his life. To save yourself the heartbreak of discovering condoms and
hotel receipts in his pocket or worse, finding out he has secret
children, pleasRomantic marry a Nigerian man They Are Not Romantic: you want flowers, a guy to follow you to the
salon, exotic lunches, dinners, vacations, chocolates and breakfast in
bed? Then, a Nigerian man is not the man you should marry. They often
consider these things as cheesy and unnecessary. Maybe they will try
on your birthday and Valentine's Day (that's if they don't come up
with excuses to forget). The most romantic thing some Nigerian men
will ever get for you is packs of food from an eatery or drinks and
few back/foot rubs just right before sex.

– You Will Be A Nanny To A Grown Man: if God blesses you with a
Nigerian man and a somehow scattered one, you are in soup. You've just
graduated to being a nanny to a full grown man. You will pick his
socks, shirts and what not after him when he gets back from work, even
flush the toilet when he's done. Be ready to face a sulking man if the
food is not ready on time or you try to get him to do something for
you when his favourite game or TV show is on. You will have to pet and
stroke his ego almost all the time to make him happy.

– They Have The Wife Beating Syndrome: either by societal conditioning
or home training, some Nigerian men believe it is very normal to hit a
woman; that is the only way to put them back on track when they are
wrong. It is no secret that some Nigerian men will beat their wives
and feel no regret about it; it is somehow the woman's fault the man
is so angry to the extent he has to hit her. If you're not ready to
lose your fine skin to the itchy palms of a man, please steer clear of
Nigerian men.

They are also good liars. They smoke and drink heavily and blame it on
the society's deteriorating condition; they have to "keep body and
soul together". Many Nigerian men have money problem; it is either
they are misers or heavy spenders. Some prefer to show off the wealth
they do not possess by living way beyond their standards. And the most
annoying part is that many Nigerian men are Mr nice guy in public and
Mr stingy in their homes which you will agree is not a very attractive
trait especially in someone you want to spend the rest of your life

I know by now, some guys are already hissing and cursing me probably
but it is undeniable that many Nigerian guys have terrible attitudes
that make them really undesirable husband materials. I mean, it is
tough enough we have to cope with the many issues in the country, men
problems should not be added to our weighty wahala. We deserve men who
understand us (at least to a reasonable extent), shower us with the
affection we need, pamper us and make us feel very special and loved
but how many Nigerian men can beat their chests that they can be the
man of our dreams or at least, part of the dreams?!!

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Saturday, October 28, 2017

See World’s Most Expensive Pair Of High-Heels

The most expensive shoe in the entire world has been sensationally
unveiled and it costs as much as an unbelievable $15million.

UK Designer Debbie Wingham has unveiled the world's most expensive
pair of shoes. The stiletto heels are encrusted with precious metals
and rare stones — and feature a whopping $15.1 million (USD) price
tag. Wingham is famous for her opulent creations and has worked for
many celebrities, royals, and wealthy elite over the course of her
career. She is known for crafting the world's most expensive dress, a
Red Diamond Abaya gown, which was encrusted with over 2000 diamonds,
including the world's most expensive red diamond, and priced at $15.45
million (USD). Wingham also owns a baking company, Couture to Cakes,
and is known for having also crafted a $64 million (USD)
diamond-encrusted cake for a UAE client.

Wingham's latest creation is a collaboration between herself and
Florida-based contemporary artist Chris Campbell. Wingham contributed
the design while Campbell crafted the shoes over hundreds of
painstaking hours. The perfectly symmetrical heels feature three-carat
rare pink and one-carat blue diamonds, which alone cost over $128k
(USD).There are four flawless three-carat diamonds and 1000 pointer
diamonds set in platinum framing the piped and quilted details, which
are meant to resemble a cake. The shoes also feature solid gold
zippers and soles, leather painted in 24 carat gold paint, and the
stitching was done with 18 carat gold thread. Inside, the shoes are
adorned with gold thread inlay. The shoes were finished with a rose
gold accent to give slight contrast. Leather Arabian jasmine flowers
are the final touch.

Wingham said of the pair: "Many of my clients have valuable pieces of
jewelry that live in a safe and are only worn once or twice in a
lifetime; by using their precious gems to design a bespoke piece of
art, I can create something that can be admired on a daily basis."

The opulent shoes were commissioned by an unnamed family in Dubai to
mark a special birthday. Wingham has stated that the shoes are the
final piece in her 'most expensive collection'. Alongside her couture
bakery, she also runs the successful Future of Fashion academy for
young designers, offering a range of workshops to suit different needs
and levels of experience. Wingham uses her extensive contacts and acts
as a mentor to emerging talent, putting on high-end fashion events
that normally the young creatives would not be able to afford, and
offering exposure that also would not typically be accessible to most
young designers.

LOVE STORY: A Wonderful Neighbour

He was sitting at the edge of my bed.

Most nights we talked in my room, or at a corner in the compound that
housed the main building and the quarters.

There were times we ' gisted ' till 10 p.m., once, 11 p.m., discussing
varied topics from politics to marriage.
We never lacked anything to say to each other.
He was a good gentleman, one of the most gallant men I've ever met. He
was tall and handsome; though outspoken, sometimes appearing to be
I met him the first day I came into the compound, and we quickly
became close, closer as each day passed. We had been drawn to each
other like magnets.
That fateful day, it happened that we were the only ones in the
compound; well, just us and the gate man.
It was election period and the landlord and other tenants had
travelled with their families, scared there might be crisis.

As he sat there in my room that calm night, we suddenly became quiet.
For the first time ever, we ran out of things to discuss.
I glanced his way; he appeared lost in thought. I wondered, for a
brief second, what he was thinking.
I waited to hear "Miss, have a lovely night" as he usually did before
rising to leave, but it didn't come.
He spoke with a tribal accent that was sweet to the ears.

Then I felt him shift. The next moment, I felt his hand on my face.
He was touching my lips, running his thumb over them, his eyes dim with focus.
Men are always usually fascinated by my lips and I kept wondering why.
With his thumb, he continued to caress my lips, moving round the entire outline.
My eyes narrowed in curiosity.
Then he moved to my ear and started to stroke it too, touching it like
he would a baby.
I was quiet still.
With great care he continued, lovingly.
He kept on at it until I whispered to him, as if afraid someone else
would hear, 'What are you doing?'
'Sshh,' he said. 'Just enjoy it.'

I remained quiet, still wondering what was there to enjoy in his
stroking my face. I didn't remember asking him for a facial massage.
Nothing on my face is sensitive enough to bring pleasure.
Just so I thought.
Truth is, I've never trusted a man with anything before, my body least of all.
But I allowed him. I liked him.
His hands travelled down to my neck, stroked it a while and then down
to my breasts.
He slipped his lips into mine as he cupped one breast.
For once, I felt something. A sudden twitch, as if from cold.

Through the flimsy fabric of my nightie, he stroked the tips of my
breasts, ever so gently.
He took them in turns now, working with experience. For a man in his
thirties, his hand was surprisingly smooth.
He would hold one breast tip between his fingers and then twist
gently. Had my mouth been free, I'd have thrown out a moan.

Then he pulled out his lips. He looked at me, great emotion in his eyes.
Seeing him that way, a sudden warmness flowed through me, swiftly
spreading round every nerve in my body.

My heart started to beat faster. I could feel the intense arousal
starting to build up within me.
He drew down my nightie to bare my breasts; he cupped each breast with
his hands and kept on teasing the tips.

I began to moan quietly.
Then his lips descended on one rock-hard nipple, covering it, soft and wet.
I felt a sudden vibration all round my body. My knees knocked together.
With a combination of his sweet, fleshy lips, tongue and teeth, he
gave me a feeling that was close to magic. He worked on me with ripe
experience—one hand covering one breast, his lips covering the other.

He switched style with a delicious rhythm.
My body was now warm, every nerve in me was stretching, pulling away
as I breastfed him.
He kept on at my tips till it became sweet torture. But he knew just
when to stop.
He was skilled. Obviously.
His hands went down to my stomach. He stroked my navel lightly and
then moved down to my spot.
I was already filled with fluid.
He palmed my womanhood and began rubbing that little pleasure nub at
the entrance.

I started to convulse.
He kept on rubbing for a while, and then he slipped two fingers into me.
My mouth burst open.

As he moved his fingers round my wet warm self, the pleasure soared to
a tremulous height.
'This is wrong!' a voice whispered to my ears.
He was married; he'd told he has a wife in the village.
But I quickly brushed off the voice and gave myself completely away to
the flight.
However could I have resisted? I was already in Wonderland, he'd sent
me there. Right then, if you ask me my name, I would scream Alice!
I was now writhing to every of his movement, moaning his name repeatedly.

Something kept enlarging in me, I could feel it strongly now. Intense
and deep. Like a huge ball of pleasure, one that could explode soon
and leave me swimming in a sugary syrupy river.

He just sat there, calm, quiet, all his concentration in making me feel amazing.
Now my breath came in labored gasps.
My legs were jerking.
I held him, my fingers digging into his back.
He kept on at it.
My hands were moving all over his back now, as if searching for
something to hold. Something to grip before I pour away.
He didn't let go, instead he kept up faster.
I let out a great loud moan as my body raked to the explosion.
I have never had a wet arrival before. It was my very first.

Sweet and lovingly filling.

He continued stroking my wet area as if to make sure I savored every
drop of the wonderful feeling.
He wanted to take me through another ride, but I had to make him stop.

I was getting sore and sensitive.
I began to feel guilty and I told him.
He assured me that it was okay, that he had wanted to do it all along.
That I didn't seduce him.
He didn't ask for anything in return like most guys would; all he
wanted was just to please me.
Now as I stare at that particular spot on my bed where he sat that
night, now empty with no sign of him anywhere around, neither in my
room nor anywhere in the compound, I couldn't help but feel low.
His presence, his scent, his talks about money and Nigeria and the bad
government, his laughter, his infectious toothy smile—they are all
gone now.

There is this emptiness I feel in his absence.
Though it has been some days since he left, I still feel vacant, like
a house stripped of all its furniture.
The compound suddenly became too quiet, lifeless.
I feel lonely.
I feel scared at night.
But I smile at every thought of you.

My wonderful neighbour.


Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Friday, October 27, 2017

Some body parts of Major Maxwell Mahama were Stolen - Pathologist

Some body parts of the murdered military officer, Major Maxwell Adam
Mahama, went missing while it was undergoing autopsy, AYOO GHANA can
report. This was revealed by Dr Lawrence Adusei, the pathologist, who
conducted the autopsy on the body of the late soldier. Late Major
Mahama According to the doctor, things were taken out of the body
without his knowledge and without him knowing who did it, directed it
and for what purpose it was done.

Dr Adusei also blamed the police for the delay in the conclusion of
the autopsy. He told the Accra circuit court that the police had been
uncooperative with him, as certain demands of his had not been met.
Major Maxwell Mahama was with the 5 Battalion of Infantry at Burma
Camp in Accra. He was the commander in charge of a detachment at Diaso
in the Central Region. His untimely death happened in May when some
youth of the area lynched him on suspicion that he was an armed
robber. The late Major Mahama was buried at the Military Cemetery in
Osu after a state funeral at the forecourt of the State House..

The action by the residents were condemned by everyone.
Meanwhile, government has initiated a process to create a Trust Fund
that will cater for the welfare of the family of slain soldier, Major
Maxwell Adams Mahama. The Major Mahama Trust Fund Bill, 2017 was
introduced in Parliament Tuesday, after Cabinet sanctioned it. So far,
25 people are currently facing trial on the charge of murder of the

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ghanaian Military Women Announce Their Official Website For Ghanaian Men To Hook Them Up

There have been several publications on Ghanaian military women who are single and seriously need husbands to marry them.
These military women seemed s*xually frustrated and desperate for husband as old age is fast catching up with them which have also generated much fears in them.
Out of desperations and fears, they put their heads together and launched an official website so the Ghanaian men can hook up with them, Ghanapoliticians.com can confirm.

It is of hope that, with this official website out, men can free log on to get in contact with these s3xually starved female soldiers.

Click HERE or use below forms to hook up with these female soldiers now.


Are You Single?
+233 ********
or drag files here.
or drag files here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Counselor Luterrodt releases his List of 'irrelevant' Gospel musicians in Ghana & it's Hilarious

Popular radio and television relationship counselor, Reverend George
Lutterodt has waded into yet another controversy with his assessment
of artistes in Ghana's gospel music industry .

He has bluntly described some leading gospel musicians as 'useless'
and just adding up to the numbers.

Speaking in interview, he stated without mincing words, that artistes
like Cwesi Oteng, SP Kofi Sarpong, and many others were just adding up
to the numbers and were not relevant in the industry.

For him, while Cwesi Oteng is a copycat who cannot produce original
songs, SP Kofi Sarpong and others like Nicholas Omane Acheampong were
just there to make the numbers.

Referring to highlife star, Kwabena Kwabena's 'Bue Kwan' hit,
Counselor Lutterodt pointed out that many of the gospel artistes lack
such lyrical content.

"Kwabena Kwabena's song is one of the best gospel songs ever composed
here in Ghana. I don't know why he did not win Gospel Artiste of the
Year in 2013. Those who are winning Gospel songs of this time don't
even have proper lyrical content," he told Lexis Bill of Joy FM's
Drive Time.

Simple Ways to thrill any Ghanaian girl

Ghanaian girls are one of the most beautiful women in not just Africa,
but the world as a whole. Not only are they intelligent and proactive,
they have high values and exhibit good morals. Majority of visitors to
the country find it easy to fall in love with these African women and
as such, there has been a high degree of inter-racial dating and
marriage. Getting a Ghanaian girl or woman's attention and keeping it,
however, can be a very challenging feat for most people but it is not
impossible. If you are enamoured with a local girl and seeking ways to
thrill her, AYOO GHANA have a few tips and tricks just for you!

Take her to a fancy restaurant

Ghanaian girls enjoy dining, and will be thrilled by an opportunity to
dine in any of the upscale restaurants around the country, as well as
restaurants that specialize in foreign cuisines. Find a good
restaurant close to your location, make a reservation and invite her
out on a date at the venue. To spice it all up, you can dress up for
the occasion as well by sporting a tuxedo or suit.

Humour Her

Not every guy is has the funny bone, and so not all can make a woman
laugh, no matter how much she is in love or interested in them. The
things about Ghanaian girls is that they love to be happy and they
love to laugh- a major reason the comedy aspect of the Ghanaian
entertainment industry keeps booming. Go online and research jokes and
ways to make a girl laugh, employ these tips, however do not over-do
it, so she does not end up laughing at you. If you just cannot pull it
off, take her to comedy shows and events or find funny clips online
and send to her at intervals. You will certainly keep her thrilled.

Buy her a thoughtful gift

Every girl gets excited when they see a wrapped gift with their name
on it, however, they get thrilled when the gift inside the package is
thoughtful as it tells them the giver listens, thinks about them and
are in tune to their wants and desires. Put your mind to task and try
to figure out what she has mentioned as a need, what she absolutely
loves or what she fantasizes about. Purchase that thing for her, and
if you cannot afford it, try and recreate it or get something real
close in value to it. Alternatively, buy her a gift that will not only
appeal to her vanity, but will also engage her mind. Ghanaian women
love to think and would be thrilled by a gift that will impact her
intellectually. Generally, a thoughtful always gives a thrill.

Shock her with a dramatic love confession

Ghanaian girls, highly cultured, generally romantic, so most
of them believe in the concept of "knight in shining armor", "Prince
charming" and "Happily ever after". Go out of your way to plan an
elaborate scheme to show her how much you love her. You could surprise
her at her office with a surprise party, ask her out or profess your
love in the middle of a crowded road or even propose to her (if you
are certain she is the one) in the middle of a church service. Ensure
you also have someone taking pictures or recording so she can watch
later on and share with friends. Pulling off such an elaborate scheme
is certain thrill her and endear her even further to you.

Take her on a spontaneous trip

Not everyone enjoys travel, but a spontaneous trip is hard to resist,
especially when you will be making the trip with someone who is close
to your heart and the expenses are catered for. Spontaneity on its own
fuels romance and love, and going on a trip with her will give you
time to get to know her better and also show her how much she means to
you. The thrill she gets from going on the trip is also an added
bonus. It is a win-win.

Got a comment? Now you can share it in the box below.

President Nana Addo has left 230 Ghanaian students to die in Russia

About 230 students under a scholarship program in Russia say
government has failed to pay their allowances for over 10 months now.

Troubling pictures cited by YEN.com.gh show the thorny conditions
these young students have had to endure during their stay in the cold,
harsh weather of Russia. These stranded students all sleep in a
makeshift single room like prison inmates According to these stranded
students, they are unable to meet up with the standard of living in
Russia - a development which has seen most of them venture into
various strenuous jobs just so they could survive.

"The current government has tend a deaf ear to our cries and neglected
us totally. There's been so many calls and contacts with officials but
still to no avail. Technically we have been sent here on a "hunger
sentence," Everyone here has lost hope and frustrated," the frustrated
students revealed in a message to

We are also gathering that some female scholars who also got this
scholarship to Russia are now selling their bodies so as to make up
for the payment of rent and other school related bills.
We have been sentenced to die - Stranded students in Russia cry to gov't

With no monthly stipend, these young students from Ghana are currently
leaving the classrooms to engage in hard labour as construction
workers just so they can survive in Russia.
Government through the scholarship secretariat and foreign affairs
ministry is therefore urgently needed to save the lives and future of
these young scholars who say they are eager to complete their
education and return home to build Ghana.

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ladies, Tricks To Make Him Propose To You

I know how many good ladies miss out in the area of finally nailing
that confuse but wonderful guy to themselves. So, I thought about it
with experiences through friends & co and came up with these ideas. I
guarantee u that it works:

Am not sure about the western world but am certain of these:

• To get a guy to propose, the girl has to alws look presentable &
decent enough with it
• She has to be a working class women, whether her own business or she working
• She has to have a matured behavior & be ready for marriage even in her mind
• She doesn't have to be miss independent but she needs to stop
depending on the guy financially most times
She needs to knw wht the guy wants in a woman & also understand the
guy's nature 95%
• She should never apply pressure on the guy for marriage but rather
support him in his future plans & career
She has to be matured in sense to be able to give advice to the guy
whn he's confuse & also must be a good listener
• She should never bribe the guy with gifts or pays his bills alws but
she should be capable to carry him whn he's financially down & she
sees this. Offer to help even without the guy asking. Note that
helping financially should never be alws cos a matured guy should be
responsible enough to cater for himself.
• She should show her love openly by cuddling publicly and also asking
of the guys welfare the moment they hook up whether on phone or
• She should be bold enough to tell the guy abt her past just to show
loyalty & trust and also, be patient enough to allow the guy open up
to her
• She should allow the guy to be himself, make friends with who he
wants or hang out with friends if he wants unless there's a red alert.
Show ur man how much u trust him
• Be kind enough to do his dishes, laundry & cook for him if he stays
alone. If u ar not good in all these, u shud learn
• Never have sex with him until u are married BUT.... always have
matured conversation on this like - knowing wht he likes about sex,
wht he hates abt sex, how he was dis-flowered, how he likes to be
sexed, his past sex experiences with other women, his dick size etc.
Don't be shy, tell him abt urs too.
• Please ladies, control ur sex urge & don't put ursef in a corner by
kissing deeply & smooching that might get out of control. I can assure
you, if u have the above qualities & starve him of sex, he will still
not let you go unless he only wants ur ass in the 1st place

If a single lady can follow all these tough steps I mentioned, no man
will waste time before proposing.
..Good luck to you all.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Bukom Banku is swimming in money; this is how much he made from the fight with Bastie

Unarguably one of Ghana's favourite pugilists, Banku went into battle
in high spirits, as he was convinced he would win the day.

In a pre-match interview , he boldly declared that he would easily
defeat Bastie; however that was not be, as Banku was stopped in the
7th round of the match. The match, which took place on Saturday 21st
October 2017, attracted a lot of commentary from various persons, each
indicating who may carry the day.

After the loss to Bastie, match, words of consolation poured out to
Banku from several persons, including former president John Mahama.
Others allegedly rejoiced at his defeat. Notwithstanding his loss, he
left the arena a rich man. AYOO GHANA as learnt that the boxer walked
away with GHc50000. Bastie is also reported to have received the same
Banku, however dispelled rumours that he received GHc1 million.
According to him, "I got paid GHS50,000, you can ask the promoter.

I wasn't paid GHc1 million.
I was paid half the money to aid my training and I'm yet to get the balance."

Words Of Reassurances Your Partner Needs To Hear Often

Yes, relationships and marriages can be very complicated, but you
wouldn't believe the simplest of words that could just spice up

Men and women in marriages should know the importance of words in
their daily interactions. The things couples say to one another have a
big impact on their marriages. Men sometimes get the reputation for
being the less communicative s*x, but that doesn't mean they don't
thrive on affirming words from their wives.

Wives also need to hear compliments daily from their husbands. It goes
a long way in promoting peaceful relations between them. A husband who
keeps putting down his wife with his words shouldn't be surprised when
she becomes emotionally distant and resentful towards him.
If you don't appreciate your spouse, who will? If you don't treat your
spouse with love, respect and positive words, no one will do it for
you. Married couples should stop taking each other for granted no
matter how long they have been married. Kind words melts hearts and it
will go a long way in improving your marital relationship. Whether
your husband or wife is begging for verbal affection or not, take a
little time today to be grateful for that man or woman in your life
for all they do to make your relationship better. It doesn't take much
to make your spouse's day, boost their confidence and make them want
to lift you up in return.

Here are compliments that your spouse needs to hear that will improve
your relationship.

• I'm glad I married you

Your spouse needs to feel secure in your marriage, and the fastest way
to let them know they are still the one is to tell them outright. This
is a great compliment because it can come completely out of the blues,
without him or her having to do anything to earn it. Spontaneous
compliments are genuine and sincere.

• I'm proud of you

When your spouse hears you tell them how proud you are of them, they
are energized to achieve more. You will get far in marriage being your
spouse's greatest cheerleader. You don't have to wait for them to do
something grand to let them know how proud you are of their efforts.
In a world that continuously knocks your spouse down, be the one to
always lift him or her up.

• I love you

You can never say this enough. Say these three words as often as
possible no matter how long you have been with your partner. "I love
you" will never lose its meaning. Don't think that just because your
spouse knows you love them that they get tired of hearing it. This is
the easiest and most important thing you can tell your spouse.

• I believe in you

This is an instant confidence booster and can turn any seeming defeat
into a delayed victory. When your spouse is facing one of life's many
setbacks, this is a secret weapon to help them feel empowered to stay
on course.

• Thank you for taking care of the house

Men need to say this often to their wives. Don't take their efforts in
keeping the house clean for granted. Assist your wife when she's
overwhelmed by house chores. Don't say it's for women alone.

• You are such a great parent

If you have kids, praise your spouse for their involvement with the
family. Let your spouse know that they remain a valuable asset to your
family. Compliment your spouse's parenting skills.

• I love how you provide for our family

Don't take your spouse for granted for the financial needs they meet
in your family. These days that husbands and wives pull resources
together to keep the home running, the best thing you can do to
encourage each other is to appreciate your individual efforts.

• You look good

If you don't compliment your spouse, how can you expect them to feel
appreciated or wanted? Your spouse needs to know you love the way they
look, even after a few years and a few extra pounds. It's very
important to let your spouse know that you are just as attracted to
them today as you were in the beginning. This will make them feel
confident and amazing as they go about their day.

• You always make me laugh

Let your spouse know that they lighten up your day and bring positive
energy into your household. Even if your spouse isn't the very funny
type, you can still compliment their smiles and hearty laughter.

• I love spending time with you

We all get caught up in the business of everyday life, so let your
spouse know that you still love to simply hangout with him or her.
After all, you are your partner's best friend and constant companion.
Let them know how much the time they spend with you mean to you.

Awful Things Husbands Should Stop Doing to Their Wives (Must Read)

After listening to many women talk about their marriages with so much
sadness, a Ghanaian relationship columnist admitted that many of them
are married to awful husbands, and has written a piece for Ghanaian
husbands. Whether we want to accept it or not, many women are victims
of wicked men in bad marriages. These women are enduring bad
behaviour, philandering, emotional abuse and even physical violence in
the hands of men who should love and treat them like queens.

It is sad and heartbreaking that when a woman cries out for help when
she can no longer take the treatment she is being subjected to at home
by the man she calls her husband, people tell her to zip it. People
indirectly blame her for the maltreatment she's getting from her
husband. They send her back heartbroken to her bad marriage.
Men tell her to stop complaining and pray for her husband to change.
Women tell her to deal with it because they are going through horrible
things at home too. Pastors tell them to go back home and submit more
while church mummies tell them to be humble and virtuous so that their
husbands can treat them better.

I don't know why a woman who is going through hell in her marriage
will be advised to keep praying for her abuser to change. The ironic
thing is that this rule is only applicable to women. I haven't heard
of a man who was told to keep praying for his cheating wife to change.
The double standards set for men and women in marriages are just
After listening to many women talk about their marriages with so much
sadness, I can say that many of them are married to awful husbands.
The annoying thing is that these men don't see anything wrong in
treating their wives like animals. They claim that's how their fathers
treated their mothers and they were married for decades. They refuse
to be taught how to treat their wives better.

If all you do is criticize your wife, you are a bad husband. She can't
be that bad. If she were that terrible, you wouldn't have married her.
Mr. Man, watch yourself and don't get caught in the trap of
criticizing your wife. Choose to see the good in your wife. Compliment
her on all the things she is doing right.
You are not always right. And your beautiful wife is actually very
good at making her own decisions and she can make very good decisions
too. So stop feeling like you need to control where she's going, what
she's doing, how much she's spending and more. Instead of stressing
about that, work together as a team, encouraging and supporting each
other. Let your wife be her own person, and give her wings to fly.

Dear husband, your wife isn't an object. She is your wife, your best
friend and your queen. She deserves your utmost respect, especially
when it comes to s*xual intimacy. Always respect her and her body and
work on establishing emotional connection and trust before thinking
about sharing s*xual intimacy with your wife. s*x can be the most
unifying, fulfilling and beautiful thing in marriage when you both
treat each other respectfully.

Don't be too busy to call your wife, to text her or recognize her when
she walks in the room. The next time you see her, give her a big hug
and tell her you love her. Let her know she is your top priority by
putting her first – ahead of work, time with your buddies, or watching
football matches. Sit on the couch and talk to her. Tell her about
your day, your thoughts, your worries, and your funny experiences.

That a woman is your wife doesn't give you the right to use dirty
words on her. Watch your mouth. Cut the swearing habit, and remove
crude, rude and dirty language from your vocabulary. If you can't use
those words on strangers, don't use them on your wife. Your wife
deserves to hear words that a gentleman would speak, not that of a
street boy.
Comparing your wife to your friend's wife or the women you meet in the
course of doing your job or business is one sure way to ruin your
marriage, your life and your future. Simply put, don't start imagining
being the husband of these other women, you won't see anything good in
your wife when you do that. You can only see the things they present
to you, you don't know the real them.

Stop telling your wife that she should dress like your friend's wife
or make her hair the way your female colleague makes hers. That's
insulting and demeaning. The last thing your wife needs to hear is
that she doesn't measure up to your unrealistic expectations. Don't
compare your wife's body, budgeting skills, or parenting skills to
that of other women. Your comparisons will crush her self-esteem over

I laugh when some men claim that it is not our culture for them to
cook, clean and take care of their children. I don't know how keeping
your home clean is beneath you. You are not doing your wife a favour
by cooking for her and the kids and cleaning up after them. It's your
duty to take care of your family, don't leave it for your wife alone.
You will wear her out.
You may bring in half the income or all of it, but that doesn't mean
you can chill on the couch while your wife cleans, tidies and washes
dishes day-in and day-out. Kick it up a notch and offer to help out.
Clean the toilet, yes, the one you use every day, carry in the
groceries and wash your wife's clothes as well as that of your
children. They are your children, not your wife's alone. You and your
wife are a team and ought to work side by side creating the home of
your dreams.

If you lose your temper all the time, you are behaving like a child
throwing tantrums. You are a grown man, and yelling at your wife is
not appropriate, effective or helpful. Rage, lashing out, throwing
things and threatening are all forms of abuse. Beating her is a crime.
Learn to control your temper. You don't go about beating your fellow
men so why do you think it's right to beat your wife?

If you think you can sneak off with that babe from work and your wife
will never know, then you are kidding yourself and in for a very rude
awakening. And honestly, even if your wife never found out, it's still
wrong. Don't throw away everything that is truly meaningful for a
fleeting moment of pleasure. Choose to be honest. Choose to be loyal.
Live up to those promises you made to your bride. She deserves all
that, and more.

One man said on Facebook last week that it is the norm for men to
cheat but it should be done discreetly because they are men but women
can't try that because when the man paid her bride price, he paid for
her v**ina to be his forever. I truly do not understand this crap. If
you want a faithful wife, you have to be a faithful husband. Stop
expecting fidelity from the woman you cheat on.

If you are a bad husband, you should change. It doesn't make you a
woman wrapper to be a good husband. Decide to be better man and make
changes so that you can enjoy your wife for life.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Police arrest Akua Donkor and the charge is serious

The founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Akua Donkor,
has been arrested by the Ashanti regional police, and charged with
fraud. She is reported to have defrauded a trader to the tune of

Details available to us reveal that the complaint, Ama Yeboah, has
been constantly warned to stay off a piece of land, located in the
Ashanti region which she allegedly purchase in 2009 from the

According to reports, she (Yeboah) has constantly complained to the
accused person, but to no avail.
On 23rd October, 2017, Yeboah received information that Akua Donkor
was in Kumasi; she (Yeboah) therefore immediately caused her arrest.

Information available to Us reveal that Akua Donkor is currently
putting together a statement at the police station.

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

How much longer should kids tolerate the whip as a corrective measure?

To be on the receiving end of a cane, is the common nightmare of
nearly every kid who's strongly extroverted, consistent with poor
grades, reports late to school, fails to turn in assignments as and
when due, and likewise, other varieties of offenses that could warrant
being inflicted with a good measure of bodily pain.

Caning a child to enhance performance, or modify character, is a
disguised act of slavery! It's no different from beating a horse to
get the best out of it, or the consistent use of the whip by colonial
slave owners in ensuring compliance and control over the early black
slaves. With every stroke of the cane, the self-esteem of a child is
slowly demolished. How much longer should children tolerate the whip
as a corrective measure?

Corporal punishment has outlived its usefulness. Long lasting
discipline isn't enforced through beating a child with a stick. It is
rather enforced through love, patience, genuine concern, effective
counselling and tolerance. Violence against children in whatever form,
is a violation of the rights of the child. You cannot discipline a
child for wrongdoing, by wrongly violating his or her rights. Two
wrongs do not make a right. It is therefore the right of every child
to politely refuse physical maltreatment.

I'm often referred to the biblical instruction on the use of the 'rod'
in child-rearing. Well, God didn't issue any of such command. Solomon
did, and likewise, other opinionated authors of the Book of Proverbs.
It's about time Christians won the war on differentiating between
God's direct commands and the private opinions of biblical characters.

Corporal punishment is not a guarantee for modification of character,
neither has it eradicated indiscipline despite the reliance on its
use. It only guarantees fear, low self-esteem and eventual rebellion.
Parents and teachers should learn to think outside the box for
creative and effective ways of disciplining deviant children.
Violating the rights of the child isn't one of them!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Andre Ayew rocked by sex scandal; message leaked on Instagram

Vice-Captain of the Black Stars, Andre 'Dede' Ayew has been embroiled
in an alleged sex scandal involving French author and singer known as
Shay after a private conversation between the two ended up on social

According to French tabloid Melty.fr, the footballer is alleged to
have made statements which were considered enticing to suggest that he
was going to offer a car and cash in exchange for an intercourse with
the beautiful singer.
Reports indicate that the singer posted a private conversation she had
with the Ghanaian footballer on her Instagram page. The conversation
appeared to be a negotiation between the two where Shay was going to
let Andre Ayew 'get into her pants' in exchange for a car and some
The post, according to the French tabloid had been deleted after the
musician received backlash for making such confidential conversations

Even though the musician has taken down the post, it had already been
screenshot by others and may well still be in circulation. It is
purported that the musician made the post out of humor but her action
has reportedly forced her to be expelled from Paris group 92i under
the pretext of illicit sexual advances. The author and musician has
since rendered a public apology for her action but it seems the damage
has already been done. The musician is reported to have sang a song in
honor of Chelsea's safe pair of hands, Thibaut Courtois.

It has been reported that her music career has been threatened by her
exposé of the private chat she had with the West Ham footballer.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Thursday, October 19, 2017

" I'm ready to be Ghana's next president " - Asiedu Nketiah

The general secretary, known in political circles as General Mosquito says he has the needed
experience and exposure that can catapult the opposition party into
victory come the 2020 elections.

According to Asiedu Nketiah, he has remained the General Secretary of
the party for 12 years and that his contribution to the assembling of
the 1992 Constitution is enough proof that she stands a better chance of
 contesting for the presidential race.

There currently is a storm of competition within the opposition party
over who leads the party in the 2020 elections - a development which has
 seen even the former president John Dramani Mahama make the statement
that he may run for a second term.

But speaking in an interview with KSM on the “Bo Me Nkomo” show, Asiedu
Nketiah boasted that he remained the best choice for Ghana in 2020.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had recently held a
crucial National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which saw firebrands
of the party deliberate on the best ways to capture power in the 2020

This crucial meeting is reported to have been held under strict
surveillance against some faceless political spies who are feared to be
able to leak sensitive information into the public.

Meanwhile, the fate of John Dramani Mahama contesting the 2020 elections
 remains on the balance considering recent claimed reports from the
Kwesi Botchway report which is said to reveal that Mahama may have
flouted some key campaign strategies including the misuse of campaign
funds and the inability to relate to the economic woes of the

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MUSIC: CiC – Hello feat. Joey B [LISTEN & DOWNLOAD]

This Song is a liberian kolopop Music sang by a liberian Musician CIC
ft Joey B,This is He's first international collaboration after he was
choosen as MTN Liberia Brand Ambassador

Download HERE

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Monday, October 16, 2017


Saturday, 21st October, is going to be a great day in Kumasi. Guess
what. The #Tribeless train eventually docks at the CCB Auditorium on
KNUST campus! October couldn't get any better!
After an impressive run on University of Ghana campus, TRIBELESS
finally comes to Kumasi this October. The four cast, Kobina Ansah play
tells the story of how four Ghetto friends set out to achieve their
dreams despite all their setbacks. This amazing musical is highly
inspirational and humorous at the same time.

Set in a ghetto, it touches on everyday themes as well as other
humanitarian causes such as breast cancer and streetism. Tagged "No
Price. No Prize", TRIBELESS will unleash the "can-do" spirit of
audience. It is a must-see!

TRIBELESS is a usual story told in an usual way. Served as an upbeat
dish, many young people can relate particularly because it has been
laced with good music, energetic dance and even punchy rap. It has
been garnished with some good humor, too.

Watch excerpts of TRIBELESS here.

If you happen to be in Kumasi on Saturday, 21st October, 2017, the
place to be is the CCB Auditorium, KNUST. Time is 5pm and 8pm. Rate is
a cool GHC30 (single), GHC50 (double). Early bird tickets go for
GHC20. Ticket outlets include Ultimate FM, Aboude Fast Food, Indece
Supermarket and Poku Trading.

TRIBELESS is brought to you by Scribe Productions and Ultimate 106.9FM.

By Kobina Ansah
Facebook: Kobina Ansah
Linkedin: Kobina Ansah
Instagram: @ansahkobina
Twitter: @koby_ansah

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453


A gift in your hands is like owning a piece of jewelry. Being talented
is like having a gem. Many may get attracted to it though you may
mistakenly misinterpret as attraction to you. Many may flock after you
because of what is in your hands. If the jewelry changes hands, they
will change their following!
Sometimes, the most gifted people are exposed to the worst of dangers.
Many people walk into their lives chasing after what is in their
hands… not that which is in their hearts. Many a times, others cash in
on their influence. They hang around them because of their fame. They
feign smiles just to get what they want.

That gift that may make you wanted is the same gift that may leave you
shattered. The talent that makes you feel pampered is that same
possession that may always leave you lonely. When you tend to get all
the attention because of your amazing skills, don't get all excited.
The attention may only last as long as those skills last.

Gifts, like every possession, attract friends; both good and bad ones.
Your gifts will particularly attract sycophants. Our talents
oftentimes attract others who especially badly need us only as long as
we have those talents. Watch out!
Like a magnet, talent attracts all manner of people. It is at this
point that one should be utterly careful who they entrust what to. Not
everyone who walks into our lives should stay. Others should just pass
through. A fan should not necessarily be a friend!
Sometimes, though our gifts may seem to glow, we don't grow any much
because of the characters we have kept around us. We have given
permanent accommodation to people who should have stayed just
temporarily. Your talent will always attract all sorts of characters
but not all of them are meant to stay. Sieve them!
It is sometimes, if not oftentimes, a danger to be gifted. Gift zone
is danger zone. One has to be on the lookout when they get all the
attention shone on their gifts. You are not your gift and your gift is
not you. Who you are is you character. What you have is your gift!

When we have people praising our gifts to the heavens, we ought to
resist the urge of being swollen-headed. A man's weakest point is when
he measures his self-worth according to what others think about him.
Back in class three, I had a friend. He was the tallest in class;
somewhat the most famous, too. Guess what. He always had a dirty shirt
because he was almost always responsible for cleaning the blackboard.
His height which was supposed to be an advantage was now his
As if that was not enough, he was in charge of anything the short ones
were excused from. Though all the beautiful girls fawned over him, it
was just because he could use his height to protect them!
Sometimes, your advantage can be your biggest disadvantage. Your gift
can be your ugliest nightmare. Thing is, many people may fall in love
with your gifts… but not you. Many suitors may fall in love with what
you have… but not who you are. Little wonder many celebrity marriages
are as short lasting as Chinese products!

The danger of being gifted is that you will attract masses who may
only walk in to have a piece of your gift. They will want to reap from
your influence. They will make money off it. They will give you all
the attention because your gift is getting all the attention, too. As
soon as that gift ceases to shine like before, they disappear to chase
after their next victim.
You may be as strong as Samson but may only attract Delilahs who only
want you for what you have. You may be multi-gifted as David but your
friends around may only be who they are because of the privileges that
come with being associated with you.
Every gift can be a danger. Isn't it an irony that gifted people who
are supposed to find true love easily instead barely find it? Isn't it
ironical that those who are supposed to have the largest following
sometimes feel depressed and lonely? The supposed true love turns ugly
when all the public attention is gone.
Love others for their personality… not ability. Love them for who they
are… not what they have. Who they are, they will always be. What they
have, however, only time will tell. True love pays attention to
character. Pretense pays attention to gifts.

Are you gifted? Are you talented? May you never be like my tall friend
who was only needed when his gifts were needed— tall but always with a
dirty shirt— all famous but always all lonely.
May the Lord deliver you from evil; from people who badly need only
what you have… but not who you are. Flee from others who only accept
you because of your gifts. Your gifts you may not always have… but
you'll always be who you are.
Always know that what you have is not who you are. Cheers!

Kobina Ansah

Facebook: Kobina Ansah
Linkedin: Kobina Ansah
Instagram: @ansahkobina
Twitter: @koby_ansah

Friday, October 13, 2017

#No Bra Day: Why women should go bra-less today

Today is World No Bra Day, and everyone is expecting some good sights
of boobs freed or not. So why the wait and hesitation. Most of the men
cant just wait today, they wait in eagerness to see it for real.

But  ththatll about World #NoBraDay?

No Bra Day, from history was established to both raise awareness of
breast cancer and its prevalence in today's society, to harness
opportunities for fund-raising to help keep the research moving.

This was in 2011, and it started as a social media campaign.
Its a fact that, every woman is primarily identified with breasts,
unfortunately about some hundreds to thousand women in Ghana (and
elsewhere) have lost one or all of their breasts today due to Breast
Cancer. They battle in silence with shame and self guilt and
Some are forced to wear expensive prosthesis just to hide the fact
that they've had a breast or breasts removed, thus are unable to go
without a bra.

In Ghana breast cancers are the second most common of all among
women,accounting for over 15% of all cancers in the county. More than
half of all cases reported at the health facilities may have reached
the third or fourth stage of the disease this subsequently results in
very little intervention or death. Many attribute the late reporting
to fear of having breasts removed, financial constraint or difficulty
to access a breast cancer center.

The situation can be depressing but in solidarity we can always end
this. Today and in unison, go without a bra, wear a pink or simply
share so together we raise the awareness of this disease, to affirm
our support for every survivor and to #EndTheFear for Breast Cancer
while reaching for a cure.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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