Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man

It is no doubt that Nigerian men make wonderful lovers; they are
sweet, kind, thoughtful, maybe not very romantic but romantic still
and good in bed too. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare
to come by in Nigeria. Maybe by default or societal conditioning, most
Nigerian men are so not it; they are egoistic, chauvinistic and make
terrible husband materials. You wonder why I think Nigerian men; at
least most of them, won't make good husbands, read the reasons listed

-They Are Chauvinists: pardon the strong word "chauvinists" but
Nigerian men prefer to stick to their bias opinion about women and
their responsibilities in the home. They take the "head" duty way too
serious and often push the women aside expecting them to follow their
will and do as they say. If you marry a Nigerian man, you will
probably end up as the less important voice in the home rather than as
the partner you are to him.

– They Are Polygamous In Nature: In Nigeria, some men believe men are
entitled to as many women as they can handle and so, they are free to
marry more than one wife or have affairs with other women. With a
Nigerian man, it is never certain that you will be the only woman in
his life. To save yourself the heartbreak of discovering condoms and
hotel receipts in his pocket or worse, finding out he has secret
children, pleasRomantic marry a Nigerian man They Are Not Romantic: you want flowers, a guy to follow you to the
salon, exotic lunches, dinners, vacations, chocolates and breakfast in
bed? Then, a Nigerian man is not the man you should marry. They often
consider these things as cheesy and unnecessary. Maybe they will try
on your birthday and Valentine's Day (that's if they don't come up
with excuses to forget). The most romantic thing some Nigerian men
will ever get for you is packs of food from an eatery or drinks and
few back/foot rubs just right before sex.

– You Will Be A Nanny To A Grown Man: if God blesses you with a
Nigerian man and a somehow scattered one, you are in soup. You've just
graduated to being a nanny to a full grown man. You will pick his
socks, shirts and what not after him when he gets back from work, even
flush the toilet when he's done. Be ready to face a sulking man if the
food is not ready on time or you try to get him to do something for
you when his favourite game or TV show is on. You will have to pet and
stroke his ego almost all the time to make him happy.

– They Have The Wife Beating Syndrome: either by societal conditioning
or home training, some Nigerian men believe it is very normal to hit a
woman; that is the only way to put them back on track when they are
wrong. It is no secret that some Nigerian men will beat their wives
and feel no regret about it; it is somehow the woman's fault the man
is so angry to the extent he has to hit her. If you're not ready to
lose your fine skin to the itchy palms of a man, please steer clear of
Nigerian men.

They are also good liars. They smoke and drink heavily and blame it on
the society's deteriorating condition; they have to "keep body and
soul together". Many Nigerian men have money problem; it is either
they are misers or heavy spenders. Some prefer to show off the wealth
they do not possess by living way beyond their standards. And the most
annoying part is that many Nigerian men are Mr nice guy in public and
Mr stingy in their homes which you will agree is not a very attractive
trait especially in someone you want to spend the rest of your life

I know by now, some guys are already hissing and cursing me probably
but it is undeniable that many Nigerian guys have terrible attitudes
that make them really undesirable husband materials. I mean, it is
tough enough we have to cope with the many issues in the country, men
problems should not be added to our weighty wahala. We deserve men who
understand us (at least to a reasonable extent), shower us with the
affection we need, pamper us and make us feel very special and loved
but how many Nigerian men can beat their chests that they can be the
man of our dreams or at least, part of the dreams?!!

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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