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    Some body parts of Major Maxwell Mahama were Stolen - Pathologist

    Some body parts of the murdered military officer, Major Maxwell Adam
    Mahama, went missing while it was undergoing autopsy, AYOO GHANA can
    report. This was revealed by Dr Lawrence Adusei, the pathologist, who
    conducted the autopsy on the body of the late soldier. Late Major
    Mahama According to the doctor, things were taken out of the body
    without his knowledge and without him knowing who did it, directed it
    and for what purpose it was done.

    Dr Adusei also blamed the police for the delay in the conclusion of
    the autopsy. He told the Accra circuit court that the police had been
    uncooperative with him, as certain demands of his had not been met.
    Major Maxwell Mahama was with the 5 Battalion of Infantry at Burma
    Camp in Accra. He was the commander in charge of a detachment at Diaso
    in the Central Region. His untimely death happened in May when some
    youth of the area lynched him on suspicion that he was an armed
    robber. The late Major Mahama was buried at the Military Cemetery in
    Osu after a state funeral at the forecourt of the State House..

    The action by the residents were condemned by everyone.
    Meanwhile, government has initiated a process to create a Trust Fund
    that will cater for the welfare of the family of slain soldier, Major
    Maxwell Adams Mahama. The Major Mahama Trust Fund Bill, 2017 was
    introduced in Parliament Tuesday, after Cabinet sanctioned it. So far,
    25 people are currently facing trial on the charge of murder of the

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