President Nana Addo has left 230 Ghanaian students to die in Russia

About 230 students under a scholarship program in Russia say
government has failed to pay their allowances for over 10 months now.

Troubling pictures cited by show the thorny conditions
these young students have had to endure during their stay in the cold,
harsh weather of Russia. These stranded students all sleep in a
makeshift single room like prison inmates According to these stranded
students, they are unable to meet up with the standard of living in
Russia - a development which has seen most of them venture into
various strenuous jobs just so they could survive.

"The current government has tend a deaf ear to our cries and neglected
us totally. There's been so many calls and contacts with officials but
still to no avail. Technically we have been sent here on a "hunger
sentence," Everyone here has lost hope and frustrated," the frustrated
students revealed in a message to

We are also gathering that some female scholars who also got this
scholarship to Russia are now selling their bodies so as to make up
for the payment of rent and other school related bills.
We have been sentenced to die - Stranded students in Russia cry to gov't

With no monthly stipend, these young students from Ghana are currently
leaving the classrooms to engage in hard labour as construction
workers just so they can survive in Russia.
Government through the scholarship secretariat and foreign affairs
ministry is therefore urgently needed to save the lives and future of
these young scholars who say they are eager to complete their
education and return home to build Ghana.



  1. Stupid post... Is he the one who took them there?

  2. Was he the one who took them to Russia... NDC footsoldiers

  3. Bhimnation Over SmOctober 25, 2017 at 6:52 PM

    They are there to study & come here to help the nation ooo so if mahama took them there under Ghana scholarship shouldn't the new administration take care of them...?😡😡😡😬😬 Let's stop politics

  4. Mahama & family have enough money... Let them send some to them errr

  5. I will volunteer to buy them their Coffin wai..😂😂😂😂😂


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