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    Ladies, Tricks To Make Him Propose To You

    I know how many good ladies miss out in the area of finally nailing
    that confuse but wonderful guy to themselves. So, I thought about it
    with experiences through friends & co and came up with these ideas. I
    guarantee u that it works:

    Am not sure about the western world but am certain of these:

    • To get a guy to propose, the girl has to alws look presentable &
    decent enough with it
    • She has to be a working class women, whether her own business or she working
    • She has to have a matured behavior & be ready for marriage even in her mind
    • She doesn't have to be miss independent but she needs to stop
    depending on the guy financially most times
    She needs to knw wht the guy wants in a woman & also understand the
    guy's nature 95%
    • She should never apply pressure on the guy for marriage but rather
    support him in his future plans & career
    She has to be matured in sense to be able to give advice to the guy
    whn he's confuse & also must be a good listener
    • She should never bribe the guy with gifts or pays his bills alws but
    she should be capable to carry him whn he's financially down & she
    sees this. Offer to help even without the guy asking. Note that
    helping financially should never be alws cos a matured guy should be
    responsible enough to cater for himself.
    • She should show her love openly by cuddling publicly and also asking
    of the guys welfare the moment they hook up whether on phone or
    • She should be bold enough to tell the guy abt her past just to show
    loyalty & trust and also, be patient enough to allow the guy open up
    to her
    • She should allow the guy to be himself, make friends with who he
    wants or hang out with friends if he wants unless there's a red alert.
    Show ur man how much u trust him
    • Be kind enough to do his dishes, laundry & cook for him if he stays
    alone. If u ar not good in all these, u shud learn
    • Never have sex with him until u are married BUT.... always have
    matured conversation on this like - knowing wht he likes about sex,
    wht he hates abt sex, how he was dis-flowered, how he likes to be
    sexed, his past sex experiences with other women, his dick size etc.
    Don't be shy, tell him abt urs too.
    • Please ladies, control ur sex urge & don't put ursef in a corner by
    kissing deeply & smooching that might get out of control. I can assure
    you, if u have the above qualities & starve him of sex, he will still
    not let you go unless he only wants ur ass in the 1st place

    If a single lady can follow all these tough steps I mentioned, no man
    will waste time before proposing.
    ..Good luck to you all.

    Bigi Benson,
    Contact: +233579090453


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