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Thursday, November 30, 2017

STORY: A Few Shades Of Charles (18+)

The world stood still, at that point I realized that I could be as flexible as ever. It wasn't that he was very big, no; it was the mode each stroke could speak a thousand words. Every time he pulled back, he took me with him and every time he pulled in, it was as though his
dick pricked my heart and my breasts danced in all directions.

He is an artist, the sex Da Vinci I have waited for. His palms soft and moist, cold it made me warm. The 18 degree room couldn't stop the String of sweat caused by the burning sensation that exhumes me from the inside, the strings of pleasure he pulled that escaped sonorously from my mouth in mild tunes of sexual melancholia, the feel of his Warm skin and cold lips sent down a thousand lines of hormonal sensation. I wanted to scream to the heavens for mercy, a mercy I knew I didn't want..

My fingers gripped the desk edge even tighter, this was all the heaven I want to be, alone with My Da Vinci getting down on me. Let's try Something new he said earlier that evening, his eccentricity is the Very beauty that drives me even ravenous, I guess he read a 21st
century Kama Sutra Book or perhaps he is the book. He laid me on his table and placed the ice he had taken from the freezer perfectly aligned from between my beasts down atop my vagina, he placed them perfectly, that as the ice drips water gently down the top that slides down. The room became smaller at each drop. He kissed between my thighs, I tried to move but he held my waist steady, he was being patient, and tortuous, a painful pleasure. He kissed my thighs and fiddled atop my clits, as though using the water droplets to cleanse it, he massaged mildly and slowly.
I moaned harder, but couldn't loudly, although the door was acoustic and sealed shut, I was still scared someone might walk in on us, he looked carefree, he trusted the office door that has never failed him before, he observed and took another kiss at my vagina lips again. He didn't smile, he looked architectural, measuring and building up tension, analyzing every erogenous zone and exploiting them.

He took out another pair of ice and placed it atop my nipples; he rubbed it gently around the edges and smiled his first smile all afternoon. His jaw line stretched down perfectly and his dimples sunk in, I could dip in my pinky. After a few seconds he sunk his lips in to
mine, it was like biting in to chocolate wrapped in cotton candy, he kissed softly and confidently like the way he walked, he was never in too much of a hurry but he had just enough speed to get there in time. Then he stopped and took off his clothes first his tie, then his shirt then his pants, before moving up close.

He kissed my lips again and then my neck, his left palm found my right breast and fiddled my already icy hard nipple with his thumb. My heart pumped faster about five beats a second; I couldn't wait for him to take me. He pulled me down from the table still kissing my lips; his lips were soft and almost as cold as his magical palms. He had my legs
pulled from the table hanging my waist on the edge, he mildly made his way into me and I could feel my legs shudder as he pulled in, even at the sex he still acted a boss. He pulled in and out mildly lubricating each stroke with my wet pussy. He pushed and pulled ensuring that I felt every stroke as it hits, he moved in both sides, two strokes a second was his mark, he enjoyed the sonorous way I said his name during sex.

"Oh Josh," and he smiled.

He kept the strokes steady, slow but steamy. He kept at it for minutes he kept me wondering if he enjoyed it his face was emotionless he looked utterly serious, he didn't look much I had my hands supporting myself hanging on the table and He laid his
stomach on my back and stroked his waist, the table shook each time, I could feel the edge of my nipple scrapping the table, the table made banging noises as he stroked. He gripped my breast from behind and kissed the back of my neck. He packed my long braided hair to the side to expose it properly; he then kissed my ears, then moved his hands down my waist to slow the pace that had increased in lust.
He picked me up from the table still inside me in to a standing position. I held his waist, twisting and turning my waist, and then he groaned, it was the first sound he had made all day, he groaned again and I knew I had hit him. He didn't mind the pace any more, he had
gone wild. I fell back to the table supporting my weight with my hands and he went on, his hands on my waist, now he was fucking the pace of My heartbeat, faster and faster.
He pulled out and sat on his chair, he pulled the seat back and I climbed in, sliding my legs between the handle. My hands placed across his shoulders and had me bouncing, I could hear my breasts slap my chest and the chair rolled backwards until it hit the wall, now I
could see his face, his eyes closed and he was biting his lips.

"Fuck," he said silently and repeatedly and a fuck he was going to get. I increased the speed of the strokes and he bit his lips even tighter. He held me close and pulled his waist up, he had the odd face and then I felt him cum inside of me and then he took a deep breath and kissed lips, his index traced my spine and then my ribs, his Fingers from both sides ran my spine again and stopped again on my waist and I could feel him getting hard again inside of me, he smiled and I saw round two coming up again.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Marry A Kenyan And Get Visa On Arrival” — President Kenyatta Tells Africans

Kenya President, Uhuru Kenyatta said on Tuesday that any African can Get a visa on arrival in Kenya, and will be free to settle in the country if they marry a Kenyan. The president stated this during his inauguration address after being sworn-in for a second term in office, Saying the move was designed to cement African ties.
He said;
"If you wish and find a willing partner, you can marry and settle in Kenya," "This commitment we make again with no requirement for Reciprocity."

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is a Kenyan politician and the fourth president Of the Republic of Kenya. He served as the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South from 2002 to 2013.

Sex Positions and their Deeper Meanings

From missionary to doggy style and everything in between, there are Countless positions couples use to get down and dirty. A recent article from AskMen suggests that a man's preferred sex position may Indicate something about his deeper personality, and some guys may not Like the results.

Let's start with the missionary position, which many people believe to be the most common and easy form of sex. This position involves the woman lying on her back with the man in between her legs. What does This arrangement mean? It suggests that you are safe, but maybe a little boring. According to the news source, guys who opt for this Vanilla position may be less likely to take risks.

However, safety in the bedroom isn't always a bad idea. Men who use condoms as a form of STD prevention show that they care for their Partner's and their own sexual health. Safer sex doesn't have to be boring either – there are a number of fun condoms out there to make a session between the sheets a bit more interesting, such condoms, or flavored condoms.

Doggy style may be a little bit more adventurous, but it does have its drawbacks, according to the news outlet. Guys who enjoy this form of sex may be prone to degrading women, which suggests that they themselves have a bit of a confidence issue.

Guys who like the girl on top, a position known as the cowgirl, are likely to have been spoiled in childhood, and expect everything to "come" to them easily. However, Men's Health finds a benefit to this position, as it allows men to caress the woman's clitoris to bring her extra pleasure.

Ghanaian businessman to Marry Pastor Chris' daughter 'Carissa Sharon'

A daughter of Nigerian televangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's has Announced her engagement to a Ghanaian man based in the UK.

A very excited Carissa Sharon, daughter of Pastor Chris and his ex-wife, Anita broke the news on her Instagram page describing the man, Phillip Frimpong as her "very best friend".

"YES! I am engaged to my very best friend! The most amazing and my Absolute favourite person -@iampf! I am so, so blessed. I would say yes over and over I love you ❤️", she wrote. An equally elated Phillip also wrote:
"God loved me enough to give me @carissasharon ❤️ – She said yes!"

While is Carissa gospel musician, Phillip is co-founder of ONUA, a Shop which specialises in African Wax Prints. He is said to have been born to Ghanaian parents in the

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

HONEYMOON GOES WRONG: Banky W mistakenly posts a Nude video of his new wife Adesua Etomi & Here's the Video

Banky W committed a mistake of his lifetime by mistakenly posting a Video on Snapchat that exposes his wife Adesua's bum and Social media can't stop sharing it.

The couple who recently got married in South Africa seem to be Enjoying their honeymoon in the country and in an attempt to update His fans on what they've been up to, Adesua's bum is seen in the video Below:

A post shared by Ghbase.com (@officialghbase) on

Free SHS is Futile, would be vanquished when NDC comes back – John Mahama

Former president, John Dramani Mahama, has hinted that the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy would be reversed when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) assumes office.

He explained that the reversal is a possibility as the policy isn't
mandatory. According to him, the Nana Akufo-Addo – led government Failed to implement the necessary precautions before implementing the Programme. The ex-president made these comments as part of his address Delivered to members of the NDC at the Unity Walk held in Tarkwa in the Western region.

"Why should the government introduce free education now when the
Constitution says it should be done progressively? In fact, it is not
by force to introduce free SHS now," he stated.

He went ahead to say the challenges associated with the programme may not cease anytime soon. This, he explained, that there was the need For a comprehensive funding strategy. John Mahama further stated that the government should have organized a National stakeholders'conference on the policy. This he explained, would give Ghanaians the opportunity to provide suggestions with respect to the implementation of the policy.

"But there was no consultation prior to the implementation of the
policy. I want to advise the president that it is not too late" , he added.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Human rights activist tells African men to beat their wives into submission - That's the Best way to Tame them

Home Viral Human rights activist tells African men to beat their wives
into submission. A self-acclaimed human rights activist, has urged African men to put their stubborn wives in oppressive conditions and also to beat them into submission. Identified on Facebook as Solomon Ogbogboyibo, He took to the platform to advise men to ensure they Subdue their wives because if women are given freedom they will abuse it. He was of course called out for his post, and he stood his grounds….

He posted the below comment, defending his initial post;
"Wives should be beaten to submission if necessary. Overindulgence of
the womenfolk leads to wives slapping or stabbing husbands.
#Abomination," he wrote.

"Women need to be kept in oppressive conditions because when you give
them freedom they consistently abuse it. #Give them freedom and throw
away their submission," he wrote

Oh Yawa Ooo: Shatta Wale drops another 'Timaya', diss track (Prod by M.O.G Beatz)

Timaya has asked that, is Shatta Wale a singer, plumber or a
shoemaker? A reply to the African Dancehall King after he was labelled Timaya as 'good for nothing dancehall act'.

The Kakai hitmaker stated clearly that, he (Timaya) should rather take up selling plantain chips as that's who he deserves to be. Well, Wale has cooked another diss song directed at the Nigerian superstar.

Listen below:

[Download ]

Sunday, November 26, 2017

President Akufo Addo explains why homosexuality is still illegal in Ghana

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has given an explanation on why homosexuality is still illegal in Ghana. In his opinion, though the legalisation of homosexuality has gained currency for sometime Now, the coalition pushing the agenda has not been strong enough to Affect public opinion on changing such socio-cultural practice.

"I don't believe that in Ghana, so far, a sufficiently strong coalition has emerged which is having that impact on public opinion that will say change it. Let's have a new paradigm in Ghana".

According to him, Ghana, like many other countries will gradually get to the point of legalising homosexuality, the subject was not a matter of national priority as of now.
President Akufo-Addo cited his time in England as a student an example Saying though homosexuality was illegal, the laws were eventually Changed after the agenda for change was pushed more.

He said, "I think that it is something that is bound happen like Elsewhere in the world [but] at the moment, I don't feel, I don't see that in Ghana there is that strong current opinion that this is Something we need to deal with".

"It's not so far a national issue on the agenda" , he stressed.

President Akufo-Addo was speaking on a wide range of issues in an interview with Al-Jazeera including freedom of expression. But for it's laws against homosexuality, Ghana would have been considered one of the freest countries in the world. Even with such laws, the latest Freedom House report, a ranking of the Countries on civil and political rights, has Ghana as the second best in Africa with a score of 83/100 only behind Cape Verde which has 90/100.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Embarrassing Things Men With Extra Large Manhood Will Relate To

Having a large manhood is a major bonus when you're in a relationship, But when it is extra large, then there's a sinister situation at hand.

Why? Because most girls wouldn't want to be in an adult film kinda Relationship. They also don't want to be judged when you go on a beach
holiday with them. Unless your bae is too freaky for life, then you have the following embarrassing things you might have to deal with…

I am sure you'll relate;
1. Getting aroused in public is the worst disaster.
2. Your girlfriend might run away when you confess this.
3. Swimming in public is a no-no.
4. Watching a movie with your parents could go wrong…
5. You're scared to go the extra mile, not to kill somebody's daughter.
6. Sometimes you tend to think you're in the 'wrong career'.
7. You have become a habitual man-spreader.

SOURCE: omgvoice.com

Kalybos is not my Class, He's not even to my level to Date me – Ahuofe Patri

Patricia Opoku Agyemna, popularly known as Ahuofe Patri has ruled out
any possibility of dating Kalybos.

The fast-rising celebrity and actress rose to fame following the
popular 'Boys Kasa' comedy series by Kofas Media. She starred in 'Boys
Kasa' together with Kalybos as principal characters.

Speaking on the 'Late Night Celebrity' show on eTV, Ahoufe Patri stated plainly that she and Kalybos can remain just friends, according to an Etv Ghana report. She said there is no chance for her to date Kalybos even though he is funny and she finds him attractive. Since
the 'Boys Kasa' comedy series hit the screens a couple of years ago, the rumour mill has been spinning.

Many people have tipped the two, Ahoufe Patri and Kalybos to be a Perfect couple. Consequently, there are speculations that they two are Dating. However, Ahoufe Patri's response on the show indicates that nothing of that sort is going on. Describing Kalybos as a jovial Person, Ahoufe Patri said she is used to him as a friend and nothing else.

"He is very jovial and funny. Even when I try discussing something with him he only crack jokes, " she said. We can never date because there is no chance at all for us to date, Ahoufe Patri stressed.

Since starring in the 'Boys Kasa' comedy series, Ahoufe Patri has not Looked back on her acting career. She is now the lead character in Cocoa Brown series and she featured in Kame Eugene's 'Angela' official Video.

SOURCE: AyooGhana.com

Friday, November 24, 2017

Things Ladies Shouldn’t Do, When They Meet A New Guy


Relationship expert and blogger (AYOOGhana.com), Bigi Benson, shared on Facebook the 20 things he believes ladies should avoid in a relationship.

See full list of the 20 things he thinks ladies shouldn’t do when they meet a new guy, below;

1. Don’t take your friends along with you when he invites you on a date
2. Don’t go to his house unannounced
3. Don’t ask him for money
4. Don’t compare him to your ex or talk about your ex, only if he requests
5. Don’t get drunk on your first outing with him
6. Don’t wear see through or exposing outfits on your first outings
7. Don’t bore him with all your family or personal issues ( my house caught fire, my AC is not working, my rent is due )
8. Don’t talk about Marriage on a first date
9. Don’t pry about the size of his pocket, his earnings or the car he drives ( Do you drive a G wagon ? Are you a millionaire ? )

He Continued;
10. Don’t be too quick to post his picture on instagram, Facebook, (social media) etc
11. Don’t go out without “vex money” or a simple transport fare “bailout” money
12. Don’t lie you’re a virgin and don’t lie about your age ( Some ladies say they’re 22 when they’re 29)
13.Don’t order what you don’t know how to eat or you’re allergic to all because you’re forming sophisticated
14. Don’t ask to meet his Mother or Father. Only if he suggests
15. Don’t be rude or nasty to the waiter or waitress just because you want To impress or be a Diva
16. Don’t talk to him about your body count or guys you’ve slept with. YOUR STANDARD / DEFAULT body count is (2) guys
17. Don’t form British or American accent or any form of accent you can’t keep up with
18. Don’t think you’re an automatic girlfriend after the first Sexual Encounter
19. When your friends call you on a date don’t describe him in a derogatory manner eg I’m with that guy who has Bastard Money
20. Don’t start leaving clothes and tooth brush stylishly at his place

Nurse Leaves Her Own Wedding To Tend To Patient While Still Wearing Her Wedding Gown (Photos)

According to mirror.co.uk Mexican nurse, Yazmin Dominguez, had just said her vows when she was alerted to an urgent medical problem with one of her patients, Daily Mirror reports.
She made her excuses to her new husband and guests and rushed to the patient’s bedside. Mrs Dominguez was pictured still in her wedding dress, giving her patient an injection.

Unfazed by the medical emergency, she then returned to celebrate with friends and family on a ranch in the town of Paraiso, Tabasco.

25year Old Nigerian Man Nabbed With 7 Human Heads

A 25-year-old herbalist who was arrested along Ilorin-Ajase Ipo road with a sack containing the seven human heads, was paraded before newsmen by the Kwara State’s Commissioner of Police, Lawan Ado. Lawan disclosed that the suspect had allegedly exhumed the heads for ritual purpose, added that the police was on the trail of the second suspect who together with the suspect had committed the offense.

Confessing to the crime, the suspect said he exhumed the head-having a Muslim cemetery located at Igbo Owu community in the Ifelodun local government area of the state on Tuesday, for the money-making ritual. According to him, seven human skulls are needed for the ritual, as he further disclosed that the escaped suspect initiated him into the crime.

The Police Commissioner said that the suspect would soon be charged to court, as soon as the investigation was concluded on the matter.

Afriyie Acquah's side-chick gives birth for him, After snatching him from Amanda

The lady believed to have orchestrated the divorce between Black Stars midfielder, Ebenezer Afriyie Acquah and Amanda has given birth for him.
Sources indicate that the lady only identified as Jessica Lebene has delivered a bouncy baby boy for the player who prior to his divorce with Amanda was characterized by series of scandals.
It is gathered that the lady gave birth on Wednesday at a hospital in Hamburg, Germany.
According to close sources, she was the one who leaked a video where Amanda was heard bashing the Torino Star and describing him as a monkey and bragged of how she slept with colleagues of the player including Jordan Ayew.
Meanwhile, ex-wife of the Black Stars player has confessed that the scandal that the  rocked their marriage years ago  was not what tore them apart
Jessica Lebene

According to her, they are separated but not divorced as speculated by a section of the public.
She indicated that the sex scandal never affected their marriage adding that she loves her husband and he equally loves her but said Afriyie Acquah was naive about marriage, saying he didn’t understand the intricacies of marriage.
Amanda indicated that she was not perturbed about the scandal and that she concentrated on building their future.

Source: mynewsgh.com

Kofi Kinaata – Single and Free (Prod. By WillisBeatz)

Multiple award winning Artiste Kofi Kinaata, has advised that there is Life after every break up. "Your life will not come to an abrupt stop when you break up with someone. There is life after break up so stop holding on to people who don't even recognize your presence and value" Kofi Kinaata admonishes in a new song titled 'Single and free.'

Relationships in 21st century has myriads of manual; some people are still hooked on to some relationships that are causing them a lot of Emotional trauma with the perception that "the devil you know is
better than the angel you don't know." Amazing song for your listening Pleasure.

Download and Listen Up!
Kofi Kinaata – Single and Free (Prod. By WillisBeat) [DOWNLOAD]

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sex for Movie role: Proof that Regina Daniels was indeed impersonated

The whole Regina Daniels pimping teenagers for sex has been trending for a while on social media now.. and it all started from Amanda Chisom.
Regina Daniels
 Now, here’s the thing, Frances is a real victim, and she was deceived by the impersonator…and we can prove it to you all..
Amanda has also responded to claims by Regina Daniels that she’s wanted by the Nigerian Police.. According to Regina, Amanda is to report to a Police station in Asaba to prove her claims.
Amanda Chisom
Regina wrote on Her Instagram;

"1st of all, THANK YOU LORD for vindicating me. I also want to say a big thank you to all my fans who stood by me…”
“Back to the issue at hand …the said producer has been caught with his accomplice. He was tracked by one of his victims who came to my location because she was also duped.”
“In his laptop we found a lot of nude pictures of different girls I believe are his victims as well. We also found 5 registered SIM cards of which 4 are for nollywood actors and a book where he wrote the names of the people that registered with him. His victims are 73 in number and they paid 25k each.”
“2 of his victims were found in his house when he was caught at 5am this morning. meanwhile, Aunty Amanda (self acclaimed blogger) you are needed at the police station. “
Pls gently cat walk to the A Division in asaba to prove your accusations. I will leave this here for now. . . #HE WHO FIGHTS ME, FIGHTS GOD.”
…and Amanda responded thus;
“Like I said this case did not interest me beyond making sure anybody’s nude was uploaded, I still do not have an explanation to how a message I sent to a verified account made it to the hands of the so called blackmailers and how frances told the ” impersonator” that she made a post about her on her birthday on whatsapp and the verified account acknowledged and liked it.
I have handed all info to the lawyers and all included in the report dropped in the report to the commissioner of police. End of matter, I am not police, I have done my part, let the police do their part, as for police wanting me,they know where to find me..

Nonso Chukwudebe

Final word on this Regina Daniels/Frances Issue
When I was approached, the first thing we did was to verify these blackmailing numbers using the True caller App and they came back positive as
1. +234 907 499 3227 Regina Daniels
2. +234 802 209 4934 Casie Snow
3.+234 813 386 2327 Richy Adams
4. +234 705 748 9333 Sammy Daniels
But we were not satisfied, so Amanda sent the message below to Regina Daniel’s verified Instagram account..
“Madam celebrity, so you are threatening your fellow teenager with uploading her nudes if she does not sleep with a producer. Two offence, you are pimping a minor and threatening her with nude.
I know you are a child but not so young to not know how to read. I advice you acquaint yourself with the cyber crime laws.
I am taking up this case and will be suing you for blackmail and sex trafficking of a minor after which I will take your pathetic career to the cleaners. You silly child. Let me see just one picture of her anywhere that is nude, you , your mother, your brother, casie and the Richy Adams will spend new year in Jail.
Thank God you turned 18, that means you are now grown enough to go to jail. This chat serves as a warning..The laywers will contact you. And for your actions, I am opening a file about you, woe be tide you, I find out you are pimping more girls or blackmailing them……”
Knowing it was a verified account, the idea was to see if the numbers above would react to the message.
For us, if the numbers responded, it was proof that Regina Daniels was in the know…
Hours later, these numbers, screen grabbed the said message and sent threatening messages via WhatsApp to the victim Frances.
At this stage, we screen grabbed those WhatsApp messages and released them to the public in the hopes that Regina would respond to them.
We still felt something was not quite adding up which necessitated a post I made basically asking Regina how it was possible for those numbers to get a hold of messages sent to her verified Instagram account.
I am not aware that she has responded to this but many things have happened since I made that post.
Regina still insists she’s being impersonated and has come out to deny ever knowing the Richy Adams guy who claims to be a nollywood producer based in Asaba.
Last night, this number 081252742136 claiming to be Sammy Daniels, Regina’s elder brother called both Amanda and France the victim.
I am going to upload the voice recording of the conversation the alleged Sammy had with the victim here.
There is also a Facebook back and forth conversation this alleged Sammy Daniels had with the victim before the blackmailing thing started.
I’m also uploading it here…
It is important to note that neither I nor Amanda are police investigators and what we did by breaking the news when we did was to essentially stop the threat of releasing the victims nudes.
We wanted the world to know what was happening and to put the alleged blackmailers on the defensive.
I can confirm to you that the victim and her mother had fruitful talks with her lawyer yesterday and this morning, a petition would be presented to the police to do the needful.
We want to believe that the police will get to the very root of this matter and thankfully, her mum is championing this as you can see from the pictures uploaded here at there lawyers office.
They are probably the only authorities who can approach the networks to verify the names behind those blackmailing numbers.
At the end of the day, a case of cyber blackmail has been established and it is up to the police to do due diligence and unravel the real culprits.
I must particularly thank Amanda Chisom for her passion and courage in giving cover to this most naive young lady.
Anyone in her shoes with blood flowing through their veins would have done same and at the end of the day, she has helped bring to the fore this evil penchant of mindless individuals taking advantage of innocent girls using social media.
Parents are advised to really monitor how their kids use social media for they are exposed to a whole lot of crap by mindless individuals.
Like I said, the police are best equipped to unravel this sordid case.
They must find out how a message to a verified Instagram account found its way into the hands of some blackmailing numbers.
We have no doubts that justice would take its cause.
If indeed Regina Daniels is being impersonated, she has Amanda to thank for exposing this crime against her person by people who use other peoples name to scam others but if she is involved in this, let the law take its cause.
We have done our bit by breaking this story and now the law MUST unravel it.
God bless and may our children never be caught in webs spun by men without conscience who prowl social media seeking naive minds to infest and destroy!”
Amanda is still claiming the whole “pimping story” is true, and the only evidence she’s got, is an Instagram DM she sent to Regina Daniel’s Verified account.. She claims Regina Daniels screenshotted the below message and sent to her Victim Frances..
This is the DM she’s referring to…

Now, this is what we want to point out.. The above screenshot was taken by Amanda herself, or someone who actually sent the DM to Regina Daniels’ verified Instagram page… Here’s how we know..
If you apparently, send a DM to someone on Instagram, and you take a screenshot, your message will appear at the RIGHT.. While the person’s reply or message will APPEAR at the left.
So, If Regina Daniels actually took the above screenshot herself, then Amanda’s message to Regina is meant to be at the LEFT.
Another thing to note is the name.. (Pictured below) … If Regina actually took that screenshot herself, then Amanda’s Instagram username should be there..
If it was Amanda that took the screenshot, then Regina Daniels’ Instagram username, should appear, which of course did..

Let’s assume the above screenshot isn’t what she’s referring to…
Recall, Amanda says Regina Daniels screenshotted the message she sent to her Instagram account, and then sent it back to her victim, Frances.. It was also alleged that Regina’s Best friend, Casie Snow and brother, Sammy got hold of the screenshot, and then sent to her victim.
See them below…
The alleged screenshot Regina Daniels took, and sent to her victim, Frances..

Same screenshot used by “Sammy”, asking why is name was mentioned in the DM from Amanda.

Same screenshot used by Casie Snow to the victim..

Now here’s another thing, we found some discrepancies in the DM used by Regina, Sammy and Casie above.
A proper Instagram DM is picture right (below).. There’s also a jump in the real DM screenshotted by Amanda and sent to Regina (Right).. Which means, she sent the messages twice, the first one which ended in “the cleaners”, and continued with “Let me see..”.. There’s nothing like “You Silly Child”, in the original DM sent by Amanda to Regina.

Now, the DM used by the Fake Regina, Sammy and Casie (Pictured above, Left), has no jump, and has the “You silly Child”.. and Boy, that’s not an Instagram Interface.. It looks like a Whatsapp interface, as if it was typed…
Now, the only question is, how these folks actually laid their hands on the DM sent.. and our Conclusion is, Amanda probably sent the same DM to Regina Daniel’s Fanpage, probably owned by the impersonator.
Recall she also added a screenshot of the fanpage below, in her initial report.

British man loses £200,000 to Ghanaian gold scammers Online

A Nottinghamshire man who was conned out of £200,000 has told how he was left ‘in a very dark place’ after he lost his home, pension and savings, leaving him penniless and on the verge of a breakdown.

The man, who has asked not to be named but who we are calling Simon, was defrauded by convincing con artists who said that gold worth £5 million could be released in return for payment.

Now, he is sharing his story in the hope that it will encourage other people to be more aware of scams, and protect themselves online.

In 2014, while checking American hockey results online, he started talking to a woman online, who called herself Dora.

She said her father worked for a mining company, and that his firm had paid him in gold, which was looked after by the mine.

She said the company required payment for the security costs, and that it would keep the gold if the payment wasn't made by the end of 2016.

Simon didn’t send any money for a year but said that after 12 months, he became frustrated that the company was withholding the money from his Ghanaian friends, and decided to send some payment to help them.

Speaking to the Post, he said: “I just sent four grand at the start, and it just spiralled. They said the gold had been released, but then they said it needed shaping into bullion, and then they needed more money for it to be stamped, and it all just continued.

It all appeared to be above board, they sent copies of the gold ownership certificates, and I spoke on Skype to a man who said he was a Ghanaian police officer who said that everything was legitimate.

“I was just thinking if I spend a few more thousand I might get my money back.

“I didn’t just have the money lying about in a bank, I spent my pension and my mortgage. I just sent everything.

“I realised that something was very wrong after I’d sent about £180,000. The stories were so polished and so believable, they overload your mind and they get you into their way of thinking, the way that they want you to think.

“They absolutely destroy your mind. The first four months after I realised it had gone belly up, it was a dark depression. Every day was black. I was in a dark place.

“But time is a good healer, I just said to myself it’s time to dust yourself off and get on with life.

“But I can understand that some don’t have the character I have, and I can see why people would seriously think about ending their lives. But I wouldn’t let that happen.”

The final straw was when he was asked to pay £380,000 in tax to have the gold released. He went to his bank to complain, and it was then that it became clear that he had been scammed.

After several months, Simon decided to tell his brother, who he says hasn’t judged him, and two friends of his, but he has kept it from everyone else in his life.

Now, he says he wants to share his story in the hope that other people become more aware of the dangers of online fraud.

He said: “I went online and there were pages and pages of scams, you wouldn’t believe how many different ones there are running, and a good percentage of them are from Africa.”

It was in spring this year that the man decided to contact Nottinghamshire Police.

He said: “They were very sympathetic, and they are still looking into it, but other than raising awareness, there’s not a huge amount they can do.

“The Ghanaian police are aware of it as well, but it could be anyone from a phone anywhere, so what can they do. And also because I chose to give them the money; it wasn’t stolen from me, so that would be different.”

Detective Sergeant Simon Harrison works for Nottinghamshire Police's fraud team, a dedicated unit of around 20 detectives which works to combat fraud.

He said people spending more time online was making the crime more common, but that he was confident the force had the resources it needs to tackle the growing problem.

He said: “Because of the way online fraud works and the fact that criminals can operate from anywhere in the world, all cases go through the national body Action Fraud who then disseminate to individual forces if there are viable lines of inquiry in that area or if safeguarding measures are needed.

“With this victim's case, it was clear that the connections ran oversees mainly in Ghana.

“The investigation is ongoing, but cases like this are notoriously very hard to conclude.

They're most-likely operated by serious organised crime groups who know how to cover their tracks and use methods that they know are untraceable.

“That's why we're really concentrating on helping to educate and prevent people from falling victim because if people know what to look out for, they can shut it down and report it straight away.

“Together we can outsmart these criminals and put an end to these kind of crimes completely.

“Our message is clear if someone you've never met asks you for money, don't give it to them."

Monday, November 20, 2017

How To Live Like A Millionaire, Even If You Aren't One

You have a lot more in common with people who are millionaires than
you think. It's true that sometimes the rich have pricier homes, cars
and vacations. But when it comes down to the really important things -
like health, family, general level of happiness, and sense of
well-being, being mega-wealthy just doesn't matter. I know this
because I work with investors at many different levels of affluence.
There just isn't that much difference when you really boil it down.
I would even take this a step further: Many millionaires live like
paupers. They may surround themselves with opulence, but some fail to
cash in where it counts.

So if you want to live a millionaire, make sure you focus on those
things that will bring you and your family the greatest return on your
Here's how to do just that:

1. Time
More than money, time is your greatest asset. You and Bill Gates have
the same 24 hours in a day. Bill is able to leverage his time because
he has assistants, chefs, and handlers. You may not have the entourage
that Bill does, but you can still stretch your time simply by not
wasting it.
Tim Ferriss wrote a wildly popular book called " The Four Hour
Workweek ," and he talks a great deal about how anyone at any economic
level can outsource mundane tasks. There are tons of ways to "create"
time to focus more on the things you really want to do.

Here are a few:
1. Shut off the TV
2. Exercise at home (save the commute time)
3. Hire a personal assistant - don't laugh, but it's easy to outsource
a lot of what you do to someone on the other side of the world. It's
very inexpensive and can be very effective.
4. Put all your bills on auto pay
5. Delegate tasks to other family members (my kids hate it when I do
this, but it works out great for dad!)
6. Take advantage of online banking
7. Hire a maid once a week

There are unlimited possibilities. I suggest that you constantly be on
the lookout for ways to save time.
Exercise - The next time you are about to do something, ask yourself
the following questions:
How long will this task take me to do?
Is that the best use of my time?
Am I the best person to do this?
How much would it cost me to buy this rather than make it? How much
would it cost me to have someone else do this rather than do it

2. Family
Rich people, if they are smart, decide how they want to spend their
time. And more important, they choose who they want to spend their
time with. You can do that, too. When I talk to people who seem happy
and fulfilled, they tend to be those who surround themselves with
people they love, and that often ends up being family.You may think
you don't have the time to spend you'd like to with people you really
love, but I suggest that you question that. Is it really true?

This is something I have to do all the time. Because I am a
workaholic, my default activity is to work. While there is nothing
more rewarding then spending time with my family, there is a little
crazy voice in my head that often whispers, "Neal …you should be

Rather than succumb to that old speech, I consciously consider the
proposition and try to find a way to make the family time happen. I
usually succeed, and when I do, I never regret it. I suggest that you
consider doing the same thing.
When you have an opportunity to spend some quality time with someone
you really love, just say "yes" and make it happen. If you take some
of the steps I outlined in step one above, this step will be even
easier to capitalize on.

3. Vacations
My very favorite vacation of all time was the one our family took with
our dearest friends. We went on a Caribbean cruise, and to be honest,
it wasn't cheap. Looking back, I know that we could have had an
amazing time without spending all that bread. The moments etched in my
mind weren't a function of the places we saw. The most precious
memories were just having a boat load of fun every moment with our
family and our friends.

I don't believe that vacations have to be pricey to be fun. But they
do have to be meaningful. You can have great vacations as long as you
are with the people you want to be with and you enjoy yourselves.

4. Debt
Smart millionaires have almost no debt. That creates a wonderful sense
of security and well-being, which is priceless. If you are in debt, do
whatever possible to squash it. Your first target is to end your
credit card debt of course, but don't stop there.

Even though it may not be the smartest financial move in all cases, I
suggest that you pay off your home loan as quickly as you can.
Typically you can pay off your mortgage much faster than you think. If
you do so, you'll actually have a great feeling that many millionaires
only dream about having.

5. Career
The smart well-to-do realize that they must enjoy the way they spend
their day. That means they are very conscious of the work they take
on. If it's not satisfying, they make a change.
You have more power than you think to get a different job or even
change your career if your current situation leaves you less than
satisfied. Don't settle.

You can be just as happy (or happier) than people who are
millionaires. As you can see, the things that really matter don't have
a price tag associated with them.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Saturday, November 18, 2017

FRAUD ALERT: Shatta Wale to be sued for €50,000

It is emerging that a managers of Ghanaian Events Company in Norway
have threatened to sue Ghana's dancehall King, Shatta Wale for a
breach of contract.
According to a report put up by Ghanacreativearts.com, 5K Productions
is suing the dancehall artiste for causing financial loss to their
company. Reports say the company entered an agreement with the
musician to perform in Sweden as part of his Europe tour in October.
But for some strange reasons, Shatta Wale cancelled the show at the
eleventh hour without any proper explanations to organizers.

"As part of Shatta Wale's European tour, he was supposed to perform in
Sweden which we invested by paying him, booking the venue for the
show, publicity and other expenses in connection with the
performance", a source close to the company is quoted to have said.

The source added that after Shatta cancelled the show, he only
returned the fee paid him without compensating the production house
for the losses they incurred while preparing to host him.
However, the Chief Executive of 5K Productions, Daniel Ashitey Quaye
in an interview with Ghanacreativearts.com disclosed that all attempts
to retrieve the expenses from Shatta Wale have proved futile.

The CEO said he believes taking the matter to court is the only option
available to him. Daniel Ashitey Quaye in his interview stated that
other production houses and event organizers linked to the
organization of Shatta Wale's European tour project are all in support
of his court action.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Kumkum Bhagya's Abhi and Pragya thrill fans as they dance to Patapaa's 'One Corner'

The stars touched down at the Kotoka International Airport, and made their debut appearance at a meet and greet dinner at the Accra Sports Stadium.Kumkum Bhagya cast arrives in Ghana.

Abhi, Raj, Aaliya, and Pragya were the main cast members that were flown to Ghana, some weeks after Ghana’ second lady Samira Bawumia, visited the entire cast on their set in India. On Friday evening at the post-dinner meet and greet session with the fans, the cast of the series were introduced to Ghana’s most popular trend currently, which is the ‘One Corner’ dance challenge by musician Patapaa.

In a video sighted by us, the lead character Abhi is attempting to follow the ‘One Corner’ dance trend, which got the crowd cheering in excitement.

Among the Ghanaian stars present at the event to meet the Kumkum Bhagya cast, is Kumawood’s Kwadwo Nkansah popularly known as Lil Win, whose hilarious dance moves with the cast sent the crowd reeling with joy.The Kumkum Bhagya cast are scheduled to meet with fans at the Kumasi and Tamale stadia on Saturday and Sunday respectively, to complete their tour in Ghana.

Click Here to watch the Video.

Source:  YEN

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Chicken was on Heat: 14 year old boy arrested for raping his neighbor's Pet to death

A 14-year-old boy, Mansab Ali ,has been arrested after a neighbour
accused him of raping his pet chicken to death.
Ali told the police he stole the hen from his shop, in Jalalpur
Bhattian, Pakistan, before carrying out the sex attack that eventually
killed the chicken. The teenager allegedly confessed to cops he did it
because he was feeling "sexually frustrated."

A policeman confirmed the incident, saying: "The hen died while being
sexually assaulted. Two persons witnessed this act." The teen was
detained for an "unnatural offence" reports the Express Tribune.

Police chief Sarfraz Anjum added the suspect was arrested after a
medical examination of the hen confirmed the assault.
"He is a 14-year-old boy and did it out of sexual frustration," the
officer said.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

Thursday, November 16, 2017

18-year-old Lady Breaks World Record As She Sells Her Virginity To A Businessman For $3Million

This is “a dream come true”.
The girl, named only as Giselle, auctioned her innocence through the notorious website Cinderella Escorts.

An unnamed businessman apparently made the highest offer of $3million – outbidding a Hollywood celeb and a Russian politician, according to the site.
According to Daily Mirror, Giselle, a 18-year-old American, says she plans to use the money for tuitions fees and travelling.

“I would never have dreamed that the bid would rise so high and we would have reached 2.5 million euros,” she said.
“This is a dream come true.
“I think the trend to sell your virginity is a form of emancipation and I am shocked about people who are against allowing a woman to sell her virginity.”
“If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision.”
A hotel has already been booked in Germany for the encounter and Giselle will be accompanied by security and can cancel at any time, it is claimed.
Cinderella Escorts, described as “the world’s most famous escort agency”, has been accused of taking advantage of girls who say they want to auction their virginity.
They rose to worldwide fame earlier this year when Aleexandra Khefren, an 18-year-old Romanian model, sold her virginity for 2.3 million EUR (£2million) to an unnamed Hong Kong businessman.

Witches to hold National Conference in Ghana ahead of Christmas - It's Strictly by invitation

Pastor of the Apostolic Favour Cathedral in the Brong Ahafo region, Anthony Sampson Asamoah, is claiming that witches are planning a massive conference as the year inches to a close.

The pastor is predicting that witches and wizards across Africa are converging on Goaso and Kenyasi in the Brong Ahafo region between the 15th to 21st of December. According to the allegations of the pastor, "witches across Africa are supposed to provide 2,000 tankers of blood and saying any country that fails to provide it will have the conference held at his or her country".

"So far, the country has provided only 1,000 tankers of blood and if we don’t take care, the meeting will be held at Goaso and Kenyasi," the pastor alleged.

Meanwhile, Apostle Anthony Sampson Asamoah, is calling on all Christians to pray against the said conference of the witches. The belief in witchcraft remains a myth to most Ghanaians especially in the age of mass knowledge and technology which shows there is no evidence to prove that witches exist.

“Wizkid isn’t a superstar” — Dammy Krane agrees with Shatta Wale

It all started when Ghanaian Artiste, Shatta Wale said Wizkid isn’t a superstar and as such, he shouldn’t be regarded as one and will not see Wizkid and be stunned, I rather want him to see me and be amazed because I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste…”. He said, and also urged Ghanaians to start respecting themselves and stop rating Nigerian artistes high above them.

Shatta received a lot of bashing from Folks on Social Media, with many Nigerians coming for the singer, But one Nigerian, a singer, Dammy Krane, agreed with Shatta Wale.

Dammy Krane said: “I stand by you my g @shattawalegh Real things we deal with …. No Fake Hype!!!”

Dammy Krane agrees

This has caused a lot of Buzz on Twitter. A Ghainain replied Krane: “And now we have a Naija artist throwing weight behind a Ghanaian artist… You are blessed my guy… You just won million fans in Ghana..”

…and Nigerians all rejected Dammy Krane, labeling him as a traitor. “You’re a traitor, and can never be regarded as one of Nigeria’s Finest Artiste”

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Blue films and porn movies are fake/false. Nothing is true in them. It
is not sex at all. It is acting only with lots of technology effects.
Today so many technology is available like editing, good quality of
many cameras in different angles and at different distance, animation,
illusion technology which is generally used in fiction movies. Then
female expressions are totally fake. In movies it look like that they
are enjoying but actually they are in lots of pain. They are exploited
in movies.

They use plastic surgery, breast implant (upto 500 cc silicon implant per breast), other make up for female and Viagra, drugs, sometimes fat injection into penis for male. Lots of lubricating agents for both male and female. By editing, 30 second movie are made upto 10-15 minutes. Each clip/movie made after shootings for many months.
Performers are drug addicts, mentally unfit persons, very poor and many of them do not do it by their will, they do to get some money to survive. In these movies corn starch, pina colada mix, some protein mix used which looks like sperm/semen only. In movie many times they pour this mix organs and viewers are not able to recognise that is it from penis or not, because of editing. Female orgasm is totally fake. These movies are not sex at all. Whatever you are watching in these movies, hardly 10 % are true. These movies are addiction even more than alcohol, drugs. They are made like that only
so that they can make money only. They are not for sex education. Do Not fall down in trap of them. Better to watch romantic movies. These blue movies can destroy your mental, physical health, sometimes your life also. These are anti-social, anti-natural, anti-religion, anti-morality, anti-ethics and anti-humanity. 

Real life sex include hug and kiss at female forehead, lip, eye, chick, neck, and breast. You can use your hand gently not harshly on female body parts. Then ejaculation (intercourse) in vagina and this ejaculation takes 1-2 minutes only. Not like porn movie for 30 minutes. No man can last more than 1-5 minutes. Women breast do not have any special feeling and its main function is for feeding to child only. Many women do not feel anything many times during intercourse so they can use pillow below their hip. Do not copy different positions from any porn movie. They all are the effect of camera at various angles. Try whatever both partner feel comfortable. Try to make love with your partner. Female is not for sex only. Treat them as a human being and make more love then sex. Respect your female partner. Enjoy with her. You can use condom for intercourse. Do not do excessive sex also, not good for man physical health. Try lots of kissing and hug. Try to spend quality time with your partner. Rarely any girl watch blue/porn movies and it is their best quality. You can enjoy more, if do not watch these illogical, mis-guiding, mis-leading, fake, fiction
movies. These movies creat biasness. Use your brain. Do not follow anything blindly. Mainly sex is for making child, family and only sometimes with precaution to enjoy.

Porn is not a real sex. They are fake. Pornography is not made to educate, but to sell. It's a big business that makes a lot of money and doesn't care how. They'll show you whatever they think will make you come back and buy more. So, pornography will tell whatever lies
attract and hold the audience. Porn thrives on lies -- lies about sex, women, marriage and a lot of other things. It is misleading, unrealistic and more than 90 % of clips, shots, poses or expression are fake medically means scientifically men's penis tip has special nerve ending and inside of female vaginal opening has special nerve endings which causes sensation/pleasure/enjoyment while having Intercourse. This enjoyment can be feel by intercourse or penis in vagina only. Rest of the body parts of female for eg. Breast do not
have any special nerve ending/sensation and except genital part female will not feel anything special in other parts. You should not reenact/follow that which you see in porn! For health Reasons! For reasons of respect for your sex partner ! Make Love Not Porn". Female orgasm (moment of most intense pleasure) is totally fake it is not real. It is a money making shot for them." The moviemakers know their viewers want to see the moment of orgasm, and they usually want to see it all over the woman's body like back, butt, chest etc. and believe it is 100% fake/false/lie. It's fiction. Why is it that people lose their brains when the subject of pornography comes up?

She's faking it, dude. Well, first off, the woman you saw doing that thing is a professional. And she is an actress. She is paid to do those things/pretend to do those things/pretend to enjoy doing those Things. Because the folks who do that/pretend to do that/pretend to
enjoy doing that are actors. Beside this it is finally made after lots of editing, lots of camera shots in different angles, lots of use of computer software (technology) so that it looks true. Many things used are artificial which looks like real for eg. Men ejaculation sometimes not true instead of true they use some corn mix with some chemical which looks same as semen. Female breast are not natural. Most of them go for some artificial incorporation inside breast. Porn is known to often cause problems in relationships. Even apart from the issue of pornography addiction, which is a phenomenon that can absolutely destroy a relationship, heterosexual men who consume porn tend to report experiencing less satisfaction with the woman they have sex with. A problem without a purpose. So porn is a touchy subject. And we're not even talking about violent porn here. But even the more vanilla forms of it are based on fictions and falsehoods. But even though porn is fake, the problems it can cause are all too real. But you can tell someone something over and over and over again. Porn is not real. Porn is not real. Porn is not real. Porn pollute viewer's
mind. One of the most vital parts of mental environment is a healthy idea of who we are sexually. If these ideas are polluted, a critical part of who we are becomes twisted. The problem with porn's shallow perspective is that relationships are not built on sex, but on
commitment, caring and mutual trust. Being with someone who loves and accepts you, someone who is committed to you for your whole lives together, someone you can give yourself completely to, that is what makes sex really great.

Let's look at some of lies/fake/false of porn and see just how badly
they can mess up life and attitudes.
• Lie #1 - Women are less than human
Porn often refers to women as animals, playthings, toy, pets or body parts. Some pornography shows only the body or the genitals and Doesn't show the face at all. The idea that women are real human Beings with thoughts and emotions is played down.
• Lie #2 - Women are property
Porn displays women like merchandise in a catalog, exposing them as Openly as possible for the customer to look at. It's not surprising that many young men think that if they have spent some money taking a girl out, they have a right to have sex with her. Porn tells us that women can be bought.
• Lie #3 - A woman's value depends on the attractiveness of her body Less attractive women are ridiculed in porn. They are called dogs, whales, pigs or worse, simply because they don't fit into porn's criteria of the "perfect" woman. Porn doesn't care about a woman's mind or personality, only her body.
• Lie #4 - Women like rape
"When she says no, she means yes" is a typical porn scenario. Women are shown being raped, fighting and kicking at first, and then starting to like it. Porn teaches men to enjoying hurting and abusing women for entertainment.
• Lie #5 - Women should be degraded
Porn is often full of hate speech against women. Women are shown being Tortured and humiliated in hundreds of sick ways and begging for more. Does this kind of treatment show any respect for women? Any love? Or is it hatred and contempt that porn is promoting toward women?
• Lie #6 - Illegal sex is fun
Porn often has illegal or dangerous elements thrown in to make sex more "interesting." It suggests that you can't enjoy sex if it isn't Weird, illegal or dangerous.
• Lie #7 - Prostitution is glamorous
Porn paints an exciting picture of prostitution. In reality, many of the women portrayed in pornographic material are runaway girls trapped in a life of slavery. Many having been sexually abused. Some of them are infected with incurable sexually transmitted diseases that are highly contagious and often die very young. Many are addicted to drugs and alcohol just to cope.

Pornography makes a profit from the ruined lives of young women and Entraps men who will spend lots of time AND money succumbing to their product. We might think that the things we see and hear don't affect Us. Yet we all admit that good music, good movies and good books add a lot to our lives. They can relax us, educate us, move us or inspire us. Just as uplifting media can benefit us, pornographic images can negatively affect us. Images are not always neutral. They can persuade us. Businesses know that if they can get a persuasive image of their product in front of you during a highly emotional moment, it will sink into your subconscious mind. Pornography entraps you with lies..

What are the effects of pornography ?

 If the wrong kind of things keep getting dumped in, your mental environment can get so
polluted that your life is going to have problems. One of the most vital parts of mental environment is a healthy idea of who we are sexually. If these ideas are polluted, a critical part of who we are becomes twisted.

Porn Addiction: The Pull of Pornography

Not everyone who sees porn will become addicted. Some will just come away with toxic ideas about men, women, sex, marriage, and children. However, some will have some kind of emotional opening that allows the addiction to really grab hold. The porn companies don't mind at all if you become completely addicted to their product. It's great for
business. Dr. Victor Cline has divided the progress of addiction into several stages; addiction, escalation, desensitization, and acting

For porn addicts, I've found that there is another stage that comes
first -- early exposure. Let's look at these stages:

Most who get addicted to porn start early. They see porn when they are Very young and it gets its foot in the door.
You keep coming back to porn. It becomes a regular part of your life. You're hooked and can't quit.
You start to look for more graphic pornography. You start using porn That disgusted you earlier. Now, it excites you.
You start to become numb to the images you see. Even the most graphic porn doesn't excite you any more. You become desperate to feel the Same thrill again, but you can't find it.
This is the point where men make a crucial jump and start acting out the images they have seen. Some move from the paper and plastic images of porn into the real world, with real people, in destructive ways.

Blue films are not real. They are edited to show extraordinary sex. Ultimately, pornography is bad for sex. Offensive to women. But many Person don't understand that porn is fantasy. Demerits of watching it is to such an extent that, Overnight a Billionaire becomes pauper,
elite conservative studious boy lands in jail., teenagers become drug addicts, experiments to get AIDs too. Otherwise peaceful Society turns to be under siege of a terrorist group, and the list is much more to disclose in these columns.

To brief specifically, films are Only Stories. Films get produced after many takes, rehearsals etc., over many days, to months and gets be edited to portray the story and events of over many decades too, in less than a couple of hours Only. Same is applicable to Blue Films
too, misunderstood by over 80% of it's viewers. Trying to imitate those scenes by them leads to all problems, as mentioned in short already. In High school level, knowledge in sex education is a must, but shall not be thro Blue films, to bring up a healthy new generation.
Also the Blue films can destroy marital harmony.

As Addendum:
I would like to state that, films marked or advertised as X or XX or XXX shall be illegal, in our set up & cultural background for at least a Century more. There are no merits of watching blue films. In fact, there are many demerits of it.
(1) Weakening of body
Watching a blue film causes stimulations in the sexual organs of the body of the person. These stimulations weaken and loosen the muscles of these organs which adversely affects sexual capacity.
(2) Provocation of masturbation
Watching a blue film also provokes the person to masturbate. Masturbation is an activity very harmful to health because many hormones and fluids vital to the body are rapidly lost during Masturbation. These hormones and fluids are responsible for energy, tolerance, fearlessness, and self-confidence.
(3) Provocation of criminal activities
Watching blue films causes considerable changes in the attitude of the Person towards other people. He begins to fantasize people indecently. For example, he fantasizes their nude appearances and doing sex with them. This may provoke the person to indulge in criminal activities Like molestation, rapes, and gang-rapes

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

t enjoy sex if it isn

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