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    Embarrassing Things Men With Extra Large Manhood Will Relate To

    Having a large manhood is a major bonus when you're in a relationship, But when it is extra large, then there's a sinister situation at hand.

    Why? Because most girls wouldn't want to be in an adult film kinda Relationship. They also don't want to be judged when you go on a beach
    holiday with them. Unless your bae is too freaky for life, then you have the following embarrassing things you might have to deal with…

    I am sure you'll relate;
    1. Getting aroused in public is the worst disaster.
    2. Your girlfriend might run away when you confess this.
    3. Swimming in public is a no-no.
    4. Watching a movie with your parents could go wrong…
    5. You're scared to go the extra mile, not to kill somebody's daughter.
    6. Sometimes you tend to think you're in the 'wrong career'.
    7. You have become a habitual man-spreader.

    SOURCE: omgvoice.com

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