STORY: A Few Shades Of Charles (18+)

The world stood still, at that point I realized that I could be as flexible as ever. It wasn't that he was very big, no; it was the mode each stroke could speak a thousand words. Every time he pulled back, he took me with him and every time he pulled in, it was as though his
dick pricked my heart and my breasts danced in all directions.

He is an artist, the sex Da Vinci I have waited for. His palms soft and moist, cold it made me warm. The 18 degree room couldn't stop the String of sweat caused by the burning sensation that exhumes me from the inside, the strings of pleasure he pulled that escaped sonorously from my mouth in mild tunes of sexual melancholia, the feel of his Warm skin and cold lips sent down a thousand lines of hormonal sensation. I wanted to scream to the heavens for mercy, a mercy I knew I didn't want..

My fingers gripped the desk edge even tighter, this was all the heaven I want to be, alone with My Da Vinci getting down on me. Let's try Something new he said earlier that evening, his eccentricity is the Very beauty that drives me even ravenous, I guess he read a 21st
century Kama Sutra Book or perhaps he is the book. He laid me on his table and placed the ice he had taken from the freezer perfectly aligned from between my beasts down atop my vagina, he placed them perfectly, that as the ice drips water gently down the top that slides down. The room became smaller at each drop. He kissed between my thighs, I tried to move but he held my waist steady, he was being patient, and tortuous, a painful pleasure. He kissed my thighs and fiddled atop my clits, as though using the water droplets to cleanse it, he massaged mildly and slowly.
I moaned harder, but couldn't loudly, although the door was acoustic and sealed shut, I was still scared someone might walk in on us, he looked carefree, he trusted the office door that has never failed him before, he observed and took another kiss at my vagina lips again. He didn't smile, he looked architectural, measuring and building up tension, analyzing every erogenous zone and exploiting them.

He took out another pair of ice and placed it atop my nipples; he rubbed it gently around the edges and smiled his first smile all afternoon. His jaw line stretched down perfectly and his dimples sunk in, I could dip in my pinky. After a few seconds he sunk his lips in to
mine, it was like biting in to chocolate wrapped in cotton candy, he kissed softly and confidently like the way he walked, he was never in too much of a hurry but he had just enough speed to get there in time. Then he stopped and took off his clothes first his tie, then his shirt then his pants, before moving up close.

He kissed my lips again and then my neck, his left palm found my right breast and fiddled my already icy hard nipple with his thumb. My heart pumped faster about five beats a second; I couldn't wait for him to take me. He pulled me down from the table still kissing my lips; his lips were soft and almost as cold as his magical palms. He had my legs
pulled from the table hanging my waist on the edge, he mildly made his way into me and I could feel my legs shudder as he pulled in, even at the sex he still acted a boss. He pulled in and out mildly lubricating each stroke with my wet pussy. He pushed and pulled ensuring that I felt every stroke as it hits, he moved in both sides, two strokes a second was his mark, he enjoyed the sonorous way I said his name during sex.

"Oh Josh," and he smiled.

He kept the strokes steady, slow but steamy. He kept at it for minutes he kept me wondering if he enjoyed it his face was emotionless he looked utterly serious, he didn't look much I had my hands supporting myself hanging on the table and He laid his
stomach on my back and stroked his waist, the table shook each time, I could feel the edge of my nipple scrapping the table, the table made banging noises as he stroked. He gripped my breast from behind and kissed the back of my neck. He packed my long braided hair to the side to expose it properly; he then kissed my ears, then moved his hands down my waist to slow the pace that had increased in lust.
He picked me up from the table still inside me in to a standing position. I held his waist, twisting and turning my waist, and then he groaned, it was the first sound he had made all day, he groaned again and I knew I had hit him. He didn't mind the pace any more, he had
gone wild. I fell back to the table supporting my weight with my hands and he went on, his hands on my waist, now he was fucking the pace of My heartbeat, faster and faster.
He pulled out and sat on his chair, he pulled the seat back and I climbed in, sliding my legs between the handle. My hands placed across his shoulders and had me bouncing, I could hear my breasts slap my chest and the chair rolled backwards until it hit the wall, now I
could see his face, his eyes closed and he was biting his lips.

"Fuck," he said silently and repeatedly and a fuck he was going to get. I increased the speed of the strokes and he bit his lips even tighter. He held me close and pulled his waist up, he had the odd face and then I felt him cum inside of me and then he took a deep breath and kissed lips, his index traced my spine and then my ribs, his Fingers from both sides ran my spine again and stopped again on my waist and I could feel him getting hard again inside of me, he smiled and I saw round two coming up again.

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