Shalli Releases Debut Album “Then Now”


Shalli Releases Debut Album “Then Now”

Toronto's Pop songstress, Shalli, takes listeners on a musical journey with her debut album “Then Now”. The album features a perfect blend of past releases and new music, hand selected to showcase the artiste’s versatility fusing the sounds of reggae, pop and R&B.

Shalli calls the album “Nostalgic” and heavily influenced by her Jamaican roots with songs like “I Fly”, “Lil Bad Girl”, & “Down In Jamaica” featuring top reggae acts such a Tiwony, Turbulence and Rorystonelove. The album also features heavy-hitting pop infused tracks like “Never Again” and “Island Breeze” featuring Czech pop star Ben Cristovoa and The Glowsticks.

Released on label Planet Rock Records, the album is now available on all digital platforms.

Full albumThen Now Album (Dj Pack)

**Watch Lil Bad Girl Music Video**

1. I Fly ft. Tiwony 2. Your Love
3.Save My Love
4. Down In Jamaica (Remix) ft. RoryStoneLove
5. Island Breeze ft. Ben Cristovao & The Glowsticks
6. Island Girl
7. Fire ft. Orlando Octave
8. Ascend
9. Only You
10. Aura
11. Lil Bad Girl ft. Turbulence

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