DJ Frass chimed in on the topic via Twitter earlier this week and laughed at Kartel claiming the title, “King me Rass clath a Mussi , Peter king,” he wrote.
The “Road To Success” producer’s comment comes amidst the ongoing debate between Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man fans on who is the current King of Dancehall.
“How DJ Frass reach inna diss now? Alkaline better you try come control your boy before war start again,” one fan wrote. “Nobody cyaa tell mi seh ano Alkaline write this eno mi just have a strong feeling,” another added.
“Coming like Frass a par wid Alkaline too long because him delusional,” another wrote.
Last month Vybz Kartel was named the new King of the genre by Fox 5 New York news.
“He is one of the biggest names in Caribbean music despite being in prison for years, we are talking about the King of Dancehall, Vybz Kartel,” the anchors said.
Fox 5 NY’s general assignment reporter, Lisa Evers then shared an incredible story about Vybz Kartel’s rise to fame in the Dancehall industry and possible redemption as he awaits a verdict in his appeal trial.