LYRICS; Stonebwoy •||• *Watch Over Us


Stonebwoy •||• *Watch Over Us*

Frait not thyself because of evil doers neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity for they shall be cut down like the grass and wither as a green herb Selah

*HOOK* :

Eeeii Beat Dakay
We still ah pray
Father God cyaan lef we to go astray
Bhim nation
We give Jah praise
Kah the evil dema plan could never touch we no way


Jah Jah watch over us
Watch over us
In every move that we make as we pray
Jah Jah watch over us
Watch over us
Ah try dema try to see we down the drain
Them want fi see we inna devastation (no no)
End up inna frustration (no no)
We no fit reach our destination
Jah watch over us inna the solution //2×

*1st VERSE* :

Everyday me yah pray
Father God open another way
And put all me enemies to shame
Who them, nuh wan me see another day oh yeah
Wan take me likkle food outta me mouth ya
Them nuh know how me struggle outta road yeah
Fi juggle heavy load pon me shoulder
I them nuh know man ah soldier

*2nd VERSE* :

Patiently one by one
Me work in silence hope and strong
True me link with the father
That's why me links them over inna harder
Straight bullet
Shot fi the enemy them
Cyan cool it
Road out me ah giddem
Only Jah alone can stop me shine
And him me never stop it yet.

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