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10 Interesting Facts About Bananas (We Were Surprised By No.6)!

Thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals they contain, bananas are one of the most beneficial and most popular fruit in the world.
Native to tropical Australia and Indomalaya, bananas are consumed all over the world. Besides the great taste, they offer a variety of medicinal benefits and are considered one of the best fruits in the world.Bananas contain magnesium, potassium and fiber as well as other essential nutrients which our body needs on a regular basis.

Here’s why bananas should be a part of your diet:

  1. The high amount of fiber bananas contain makes them an ideal food for your digestion. Eat a few bananas to regulate your bowel movements and fight problems such as indigestion.
  2. Bananas are rich in tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin which can improve your mood. In this way, consuming bananas often will make you happier and prevent depression.
  3. Eat a few bananas before and after your workout to boost your energy levels and provide your muscles with essential nutrients.
  4. Thanks to the rich amount of potassium and low sodium content, consuming bananas regularly will reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  5. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that can relieve pain and inflammation in the joints. The same vitamin can also improve the function of your nervous system.
  6. Bananas are full of iron or the mineral our body needs to produce new red blood cells. This makes the fruit a perfect addition to the diet of people fighting with anemia.
  7. Bananas have the ability to prevent blood sugar spikes after a meal, making them a great choice of food if you’re a diabetic.
  8. According to one study, bananas can actually make you smarter. They are rich in minerals such as potassium which the brain needs to function properly. Due to the mineral, bananas can make your brain sharper and help you feel better as well.
  9. Bananas can improve the absorption of calcium in the body, which will keep your bones strong and less prone to fractures.
  10. Finally, a few recent studies have shown that the tropical fruit may be a base for a potential cure for kidney cancer. Thanks to their ability to improve calcium absorption in the human body, bananas can help in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones..

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