Chief Justice sets up courts to prosecute TV licence defaulters. Do you think this is necessary? - Bigi Benson

Bigi Benson
We asked Bigi Benson [ C.E.O of AYOO GHANA] tosharehis reactions to Chief Justice decision to courts to set up a special Court to  prosecute TV license defaulters . Here's what he said;

"I am ready to be called an ex-convict. I won't pay a dime. After
paying tax on the TV I bought, I should pay license to watch it?"

It has become lucid that Ghanaian policy makers just act on impulse in implementing policies. Kindly educate me on this TV LICENSE THING.

What is TV license?

What is the scope of Television being reffered to?(I could watch TV
without the box we call TV set.)
What is the money going to be used for?
Has the other policy makers provided an environment for us to work and
pay this TV license?
Do i go and steal to pay TV license?
What is all these?

Do you think a threat of imprisonment would scare an unemployed person? ( Even unemployment is a higher prison than Nsawam.)

We are quick to establish courts to prosecute TV licence fee defaulters but we cannot make sure the Right To Information(RTI) bill is passed. When it has to do with the "ordinary" citizen, they know what to do. Once it may go against them, they drag their feet.

I wonder if the CJ and all the people involved in this barbaric act have finished paying their property tax. Who arrests them? If they like, they should take the GBC stations out of our channels. We don't even watch those archaic things they do there.

This country will witness something it has not seen before should this nonsense be forced on us.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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