Meet the South-African based Ghanaian pastor who "heals" women by kissing and fondling them

A man of God, identified as Prophet Nana Poku is causing some stir on social media with his unusual methods of healing.

In a video, has stumbled upon, the Prophet is seen, in a bid to get some of his followers "healed" from their ailments, resorting to kissing them.

And it is not just a peck on their cheeks but deep kisses which take more than 20 seconds. Apart from that, he sometimes, as another video shows, touches the breasts of the people he is supposedly healing. Curiously, though, when the sick is quite old, he only sits on them for healing to take place.

The back story is that, Prophet Nana Poku, as the name suggests is Ghanaian based in South Africa. He is the head of the Kingdom Prayer Ministry International based in Rustenburg.


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