I Don't Use Juju - Killbeats

Killbeats left, ODG right...

So after the "ANGRY FUSE ODG THROWS KILLBEATS OUT OF HIS HOUSE" headlines run around during the course of the week, Killbeats comes out to refute all allegations...

It was said earlier on that KillBeats was thrown out due to flouting the rules of the house; smoking , drinking and "chopping different girls in the house.
According to pmolley.com, Fuse also found a pot which contained blood in one of the rooms durimg one his recent visits to Ghana.

But Killbeats (real name Joseph Addison) has come out to rubbish these allegations.
First off, Killbeats left the mansion due to some issues they (He and Fuse) had business-wise.
Second, Killbeats emphatically stands strong as a christian and doesn't have anything to do with juju.

Killbeats and fuse during one of their studio sessions...

Though they have their differences, they 'd still work together since He has to honor his part as a professional.
Killbeats also promises to continue feeding Ghanaians with good music.

Tap this link to watch a video from Fuse ODG which features Killbeats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr_ArwH4N2w 

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