5 Sad Reasons Most Ghanaian Men are Breaking Up With Their Ladies

Day in and day out, men walk out of relationships for reason best known to them. Relationships in the world today comes with so many responsibilities and understanding.

But what are the true reasons why a man could end his relationship
with his partner? This article by YEN seeks to explore.

1. Infidelity
One thing that Ghanaian men hate to find out is that their woman is cheating on them with another man. Cheating on your partner is one of thehe main reasons why many walk away. This is because they get to find  out that you are not into them or that they are not satisfying their woman enough.

2. Disrespect
Mutual respect is one of the headers in any kind of relationship. It isto this fact that most men will walk away after realising their  woman is just not interested in respecting their feelings.

3. Hurting emotions
Harsh words, demeaning language, insults among other things are the main reasons why most Ghanaian men walk away in relationships. Mutual respect is very crucial in any form of relationship and women would need to know that especially when most of these men grew up in families that believe in patriarchy.

4. Being too busy
Yes, we know that the working environment in Ghana can sometimes be very tight. But this does not mean your relationship can't go on.  Giving excuses for not being able to meet up or always been distant When in fact you live close by is a signal to a guy proving you are
just not interested.

5. Excessive demands
Let's face the truth, not all Ghanaian men have the capacity to fend for the needs of their women. If you ask too much of your man, you must not be shocked to realize he is away.

SOURCE: Yen.com.gh

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