5 incidents that can Break the Heart of any Ghanaian during Christmas

Among the many seasonal holidays that are celebrated by many people around the world, Christmas is one very important one and celebrants including Ghanaians have their highs and lows during the period.

Prototypically, Christmas is characterized by the spirit of giving and sharing of love with family and friends. The season is also noted for Travelling around the world and vacationing. For many Ghanaians, Christmas is characterized by sending and Receiving gifts, meeting new people and just going out to have fun with family and friends. The yuletide is mostly packed with a lot of Activities and leaves one spoilt for choice as to which event to attend and which event not to. Christmas also comes with a lot of goodies that would leave one feeling loved all season long.

Today, we brings you 5 things that when happens during Christmas can
break any Ghanaian's heart.
1. Ban on fire crackers
Christmas in Ghana is characterized by the use of fire crackers popularly known as "Knock out". It is the only time of the year that people are allowed to use them and the joy that comes with it is often priceless. However, there are times that the government would ban the use of knock out for obvious security reasons. When this happens, the joy one feels during Christmas is not complete. A Christmas without knock out is not a holiday well spent and it can plummet the mood of any Ghanaian.

2. No Christmas dress
Christmas is one time of the year where new things are 'released'. Parents take it upon themselves to go out to town to get new clothing for their children to wear to church on 25th December which marks Christmas day. One's heart can be torn into tiny pieces if there is a disappointment in this regard. In this case, you would be the only one wearing 'old' clothes during Christmas while all your friends 'flaunt' their new clothes. The heartbreak in that is second to none.

3. Lights out on Christmas day
The holiday which is celebrated around the world cannot be celebrated in darkness. To this effect, any Ghanaian would feel heartbroken. Whilst others watch TV and enjoy the internet, you would be roaming in search of power bank just to charge your phone to be able to catch in on some fun. Not having power or light on the day of Christmas is tantamount to not having 'life' since most of the activities related to the Christmas require the use of light or power.

4. Sad memories during Christmas
Christmas, like many other celebrations is a time of remembrance and Reflections about the birth of Jesus Christ and its significance in the life of a Christian. However, if you happen to have lost a loved one during that period, subsequent years would only bring you such memories and only make you sad. Instead of marking the birth of Christ, you would rather commemorate the loss of your loved one and be filled with sadness. This can mar the entire Christmas celebration for you and leave you heartbroken.

5. When you are broke
Christmas in Ghana is noted as a time of spending. People save throughout the year just to spend all of it during Christmas on shopping, partying and generally attending events and shows with family and friends.

All these cannot be achieved if your bank account is in the red or virtually empty. It can severely damage the ego and reputation of someone who is noted to having fun. You would have to lock yourself up indoors or depend on the benevolence of family and friends. This is not so cool and can leave you heartbroken throughout the season.

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