University of Ghana programmes that only the ‘fine girls’ read

A lot of things make university life in Ghana different from any other
level of education.

Never mind that the main aim is to acquire a degree, but the fact is
also that there are certain "extra curriculum" activities that every
university student engages in. One these activities is targeting
the freshest girls on campus. But have you wondered why there are
certain course departments that boys usually associate with beautiful

Just like some courses are considered as not worth reading at the
university by many students, there are also some departments that
house the most beautiful girls you would ever come across on campus.

1. Nursing
Most nursing students might be tagged as arrogant and insubordinate,
but the fact is also that they generally are beautiful girls.
Sometimes, it makes one wonder if the basis for one becoming a nurse
is beauty.

2. Theatre Arts
Students who study Theatre Arts are very cautious of their dressing
and looks in public. Maybe that is why their girls always look so good
when you spot them around campus. Except a blind man, everybody knows
how Theatre Arts students are very, very beautiful.

3. Business Administration
Usually very serious and academically very good too. But Business
Administration students are also very beautiful when it comes to
looks. You would hardly find girls who look better than them in their
suits and mini ties.

4. Social Sciences
Forget the academic aspect of university life. Many university
students 'detest' reading and so usually turn down the social
sciences. However, when it comes to beauty, their girls are up there
on campus.

5. Linguistics
If you haven't met any girl offering linguistics then just try meeting
one soon and you will come back and testify. They are usually much
comported and carry themselves very well when on campus.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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