The Triple C: Launch of Charisma, Character and Creativity


Meet Derrick Korletey a fifth year medical student who is doing a little more than just medicine. He is a renowned poet, writer, screenwriter, playwright, artistic director, entrepreneur, speaker, etc. In November, he seeks to add another feat to his list as he launches his much anticipated maiden book titled, "Charisma, Character  and Creativity." This is a resource that he feels is the key to unlocking   in people and setting them on a sure and certain course to greatness. By way of demystifying the title, Charisma is a greek word that talks about giftings, talents, special abilities etc. Derrick, popularly known as Bluebird, seeks to show everyone how to discover gifts they didn't know existed in themselves, he shows through a very easy to understand manner how you can join the company of gifted people. And also how the already gifted man can make the most of what he/she has to qualify for more and attain greater laurels and impact.

Character, the second topic he treats in his book throws light on how gifted people often fall into nets and snares that come with the fame, name and popularity. He shows you the character traits you need as an individual to get to the top. It's rather unfortunate people with good character are fast becoming an endangered species. Our generation need this book.About Creativity, the multi-talented author, said that this subject is what he feels can sound the bells of hope for people in this country. It is a secret tool used by most excelling people. He lays a solid foundation on how you can also use this secret tool in your everyday life, love life, business, ministry, marriage, career, professiona, etc in order to get miraculous and multiplied results each time. The secret to Apple remaining untoppled as the most valuable company in the world is their excelling Creativity.It's quite remarkable how Derrick brings the subject home in his 133 paged book. It's a must read for everyone who feels he's called to do something great in this life.

This book has a cross cultural appeal, full of humour, practical insight, and clear for all to understand and learn life changing pearls from. The launch of Charisma, Character and Creativity would be done in two cities. The maiden one would be done in Tamale on the 5th of November, 2017 in UDS Dungu Campus at the library Block LRM 2. The Accra edition however comes on on the 12th of November, 2017 at NOKEA opposite St. Theresa's school in North Kaneshie. Make it a point to be there. You may send a Whatsapp message to this number for your copy of the book  0261077845 or get further directions to the launch. This book is a must-read masterpiece proudly published by Buabeng Communications one of the formidable publishing firms in the country.

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