Reality: " Ghanaian Babes truly love Money than they love Men "

It's sad, pitiable but appears true that far too many women are still into relationships for just cash-purchased happiness.

For as long as one can remember, loving the average Ghanaian woman has, for the most part, been transactional in nature .

"It is an unwritten rule in Nigeria that a man must spend money before a woman can be with him," explains Nana Baffour, Youth President for Bethel Baptist Church.

One would think that time, alongside the wave of female enlightenment flowing especially from Twitter-based feminists would have changed this but it seems it has not. It's sad and pitiable but it appears that far too many babes are still into relationships for just the
happy times

 Twitter user recently narrated how he lost his job and the love of his life swiftly followed;

" When I lost my job in April, my babe's attitude just changed. As I'm
talking to you right now, she's engaged with her ex," he tweeted.

In response to that tweet, other users dropped similar stories to further buttress, in a way, that love is still very much for sale with Ghanaian babes. We wouldn't know for sure what those guys' attitudes Were when they lost those jobs and for all we know, the ladies may
have had totally different, legit and reasonable reasons for leaving them.
While we can't deny that there are still real, beautiful queen amongst the Ghanaian women we come across daily, the tweets above serve to remind those who seem to have forgotten, that loads of Ghanaian babes are still out here digging gold.

A worrisome number of love-professing Ghanaian babes are only doing so to their boyfriends because they have jobs, steady income and because everything looks nice and OK with them. It'd be unwise to live in denial of this fact.

Having said that, I am of the opinion that guys who fall prey to this type of women shouldn't be freed of blame, either. Using the most relatable instance; how do you get into a relationship with a woman who says she can't date a guy who has no job or car, but actually has none of these for herself? She also lacks the ambition, never speaks
and never acts like someone who intends to get one with her own legitimately-gotten money but you go on, date her, fund her bad habits and then cry foul when she dumps you after the money dries up.

I have written once that it's an inflexible rule for men to be
financially responsible before thinking of getting into relationships.

But with the same energy that Ghanaian women apply this rule, it's about time Ghanaian guys applied it to them, too! Far too many Ghanaian women want to be in relationships but all they have to give is a pretty face and a vagina. In return they demand that you cater
for their absurd demands, high-brow needs and unsustainable Lifestyles. Once it looks as if you can no longer do that, they are quickly out of the door.

Undeniably and thankfully, the number of young women who are matching their desire for financial independence with entrepreneurial skills and hard work is increasing and it is these ones, not the slay queens, who most deserve good loving and all the great things you might hope to love a woman with.

Don't be fooled by makeup and sweet words of endearment said with an Akan accents, many of these girls still peddle love only to the highest bidder, the richest guy who can dance to their selfish tunes. They really do not love you, your ambition, dreams and the future you passionately project to them.

Stay woke, kings, many of these women are just here for the money and
the fast, good life.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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