Every moment we spent together Has touched our lives, our souls
forever. The things that we shared and learned is permanent growth
that we've earned. The person that I have grown into today did not get
there by chance, no way.

I am who I am partly because of you. And you are YOU because of me,
too. The changes I see and what I have learned about me are a response
to how we affected our lives and what we discover in each others eyes.
It is uncertain if we have to part or one day live together Either
way, we have touched our lives forever!

No matter what the future will show. No matter what we are told. We
are connected on such a deep levels, That no one can remove that, not
even the devil. Our feelings might be different a year from now, But
you are part of me forever somehow. A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me. no matter what happens ,that much
is certain our souls are one until life closes the curtain.

I will love your forever.
For worse or for better.

You are tattooed in my heart And nothing can tear our souls apart. I
will never forget you. For my love is honest and true.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453


  1. Another Great piece from ayoo Ghana...

  2. Lemme still some point from it... It's deep

  3. Who's the lady in the pic? Who did the photoshoot?

  4. Briena, She's Barbara... A student of GIJ... But for the photoshoot I have no idea.. Thank You

  5. I thought u said story . it's more like a poem to me


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