My wife denied me sex for 6 years - Husband cries

Marriage is always the dream of many would-be couples considering the
sense of stability and unity that comes with it. But this holy union
can also sometimes be a thorny. This can be said of a couple somewhere
in the outskirts of Accra who are currently suffering all because one
person has decided not to give in to making love and having babies.

Just call them the Simpsons as man of the house, Kojo Simpon has
revealed to us how he continues to pray for that very day when his
wife would fall in for the urge to have babies. The Simpsons have been
married for 6 years now without even touching themselves intimately.
Why? Because one of them - the wife - has decided not to give in to
making babies.

"I have tried on countless occasions to making her understand that we
need children to start a happy family but she just won't listen to me.
She tells me she just does not feel like having babies and it's been
six solid years since we married. What is she waiting for?," Kojo
Simpson lamented.

When asked if they had ever engaged in any intimate relations before
marriage, the disgruntled husband replied in the negative revealing
that they both decided to remain chaste before their wedding ceremony.

"We are Christians and we don't fall for this thing of knowing each
other before marriage so we kept ourselves pure," he revealed.

We tried to connect to Mrs Simpson to get her reaction to these
concerns by her husband but all efforts proved futile. But digging
deep into the careers of both couples, it turned out that to be that
Mrs Simpson is a midwife while Mr Simpson is a photographer.

With both careers coming with various pressures and appeals, one may
deduce that while Mrs Simpson is scared to have kids considering the
pain of labor that women at her hospital go through, Mr Simpson's
career also gives him a wet appeal for human appeal – hence his
vicious crave of making love to the woman he so loves.


  1. Some people are really weird. Maybe they deserve not having kids?

  2. True ooo Alex... If I were the man.. I would divorce here

  3. How come Some ladies are malice like that...

  4. Such a Vitrol lady... Man... Get yourself a new wife..

  5. Some people don’t want kids, because they just don’t want kids. Did she ever say she wanted them? Did they talk about it? You can’t force someone to have a child. If it’s such a hardship for the man and he can’t accept her decision, then maybe one of them should file for a divorce


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