My son looks just like my ex-boyfriend I feel like making love to him - Confused mother

We told the story of a confused mother who has this strange intimate attraction for
her only son all because he looks just like her ex-boyfriend. Ms Tamakloe has been to various psychologists over her situation but it seems they are not helping her enough.

The topic of interbreeding has always generated controversial and heated debates among Ghanaians as one can just not fathom how one could decide on making love with his or her child. Such a controversial topic has got us coming to close contact with a well-respected lady who works at one of the banks in Ghana as a chartered accountant.

The 40-year-old woman, called Ms Tamakloe is not just divorced but also  struggling to come to terms with her feelings for her 21-year-old son whom she birthed at the age of 19. It all happened when a guy she was dating at SHS impregnated her - a  harsh experience which got Ms Tamakloe becoming a teenage mother to a young and handsome boy who later grew up to become a 21-year-old man. But there is a problem. Ms Tamakloe says she strangely has been attracted to her only son to the extent that she severely feels jealous whenever he brings ladies home.

" My lovely boy is all I have but he took on looks of my ex and this has
 affected me so badly. Sometimes I feel it is my ex that I gave birth to
 because I feel I'm in love with my son," she revealed to Us.

According to her, she has tried on countless occasions to get her son in bed with her so he could satisfy her pleasure and that: "he is just not getting this vibe of how I am attracted to him intimately". When asked if she had visited a psychologist over this issue, Ms Tamakloe revealed that all the counselling granted her has never worked and that she is running out of patience. So far, interbreeding remains against the law in Ghana with culprits liable to between 5 to 15 year jail sentences as per the burden of the

If you were a close friend of Ms Tamakloe, what advise would you love to
 give her?


  1. This is really Bad... LORD have mercy

  2. whats happening is this world kraa... EEEEIII falling for a son.. how come?

  3. Ms Tamakloe u need deliverance.. its pure lust from the devil


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