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    Let go of your Worries - An encouraging piece that will make your day.

    Worry as used in this context means, 'to be concerned much with, a
    strong feeling of anxiety, afflict with mental agitation or distress."
    W sometimes fail to progress in life because we worry too much about
    our problems, which as a result put us into the custody of fear in
    pursuing new adventure. The problems of today strengthen us to be
    better people tomorrow. And, as mortals, in as much as we have life,
    we can never skip problems and challenges in our daily lives. When we
    are engulfed with problems, and challenges, we need to tackle them
    with all seriousness by praying in faith to our maker and putting up
    sound measures in place to curb the situation, but not to sit down,
    worry and ponder over it.

    Worrying about your problems won't bring any resolute changes, rather
    it will worsen the situation, bring about setbacks, and oftentimes put
    our health at risk. Worrying weighs a person down and makes life

    Ask yourself this question, ever since you started crying, weeping and
    worrying about your problems, have there been any positive changes
    yet? The answer is obviously 'No!'
    You are still at where you started from: no improvement yet. So, what
    significance does worrying bring? Absolutely nothing! Luke 12:26 says
    "And if worry can't accomplish a little thing like that, what's the
    use of worrying over bigger things?" All your worries cannot add a
    single moment to your life.

    All the problems we are facing in life are temporary - they will pass
    with time. Everything that happens in this world has it season. So
    what need is it to worry about something which will pass? We shouldn't
    worry about everyday life (Luke 12:24).

    You have to let go of whatever you are going through in life; be it
    broken relationships, financial problems, failure in examination, and
    unemployment or job loss. It may even be fear. Letting go means,
    forget about it and have a clear conscience, because the memories of
    your problems or your past mistakes infuse your life with fear which
    always holds you back in life. Forget about your problems, forget
    about the challenges in life, forget about the forces in your
    environment, put away fear and anxiety and focus on the future, and
    also pray with faith to your maker. Until you do these, you will
    always be at a stationary point: no progress will be achieved.

    My brethren, life is a war, we may fail along the line, but in all our
    failures we need to get over it, and focus on our target. Our target
    is achieving success in all our endeavours.
    We can't totally focus on our target while thinking about our failures
    and having fear in us. We need to get rid of them, we need to forget
    about them and keep moving, keep persevering and have a resolute
    determination, and surely, success will be ours! We may not always
    have life comfortable, but never should we look down on ourselves.

    Let go of the problems of yesterday and learn from them; live a godly
    life; pray with faith, and make preparations towards the future, and
    you will be successful in all your endeavours. PEACE!!

    Bigi Benson,
    Contact: +233579090453


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