How Atomic Junction gas explosion saved my marriage - Cheating husband confesses

This is the chilling story of how a cheating husband was saved from
being disgraced by his wife in the wake of the gas explosion as he was
stopped from sending his girlfriend home following the disaster.

The Atomic Junction gas explosion continues to bring shock and anguish
to the very victims who suffered from its devastating nature. The
disaster, which is feared it have killed close to 7 persons and
injured over 100 victims, has seen government express a major resolve
to ensure that such a disaster never resurfaces again.

The disaster has seen victims narrate various sides of their
experiences but these experiences have as well attracted some weird
revelations especially this one about a young married man who was on
his way of breaking his marriage with a "side-chick".

Kwabena Asiedu reveals to Us that he had picked up a lady at the mall
for fun. But just some few meters away from the Atomic Junction fire,
the lady out of fear and anguish begged him to return her to the mall
where they had earlier met and that she was no longer interested in
their engagement.
"She begged me to let her return. She was scared when she saw the
flames in the sky. It was like God was angry at us. We saw death in
the face," he narrated in a shrill voice.

When asked the reason behind him cheating on his wife, Kwabena Asiedu
confessed that his wife was on the night shift and that he thought he
could spend the night with a different woman but as it turned out, she
was home just when he arrived.

"I think God saved me from disgrace because our marriage could have
ended right there and then as I was taking this lady along," he

Many statesmen and celebrities including past president John Mahama,
Captain of the Black Stars Asamoah Gyan and Rapper M.anifest have all
expressed their condolence to the bereaved families and sent their
warm wishes to the burn victims.

Vice president Mahamudu Bawumia has paid a crucial visit to all
victims of the tragedy as he has pledged of government's resolve to
fully tackle the issues about the establishment of gas and filling
stations at residential areas.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453


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