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    Ghanaian Senior High Schools that produce all the bad boys

    It has never been unusual to hear of students from some Senior High
    Schools (SHS's) engaged in one form of truancy or the other. Most
    people in society often reminisce about some of the days of truancy at
    the SHS.List of SHS schools, whose students are branded as the most
    mischievous one could come across in Ghana.

    1.Adisadel College

    Founded in 1910, it is an Anglican educational institution located in
    Cape Coast, Ghana. They won the 2016 Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz,
    after fighting off challenges from Opoku Ware Senior High School and
    Mfanstipim Senior High School.Their affiliation with Mfanstiman Girls
    Senior High School is reffered to as SANTAMOGA; and rumour has it that
    they are very jealous partners.You go near their ladies at your own
    risk. One of their most popular old students is Honourable Kennedy
    Ohene Agyapong, entrepreneur and Member of Parliament for Assin

    2.St. Augustine's College

    St Augutines College was established in 1930, by the Roman Catholic
    Church. The motto of the college is Omnia Vincit Labor, which means
    "Perseverance conquers All". Does their motto influence them? One
    might certainly think so. Their alliance with Holy ChildSenior High
    School is well – known. Are tfhey "angels"? Well, that is a matter of
    personal judgement,as their spirit of perseverance is rumoured to go
    both ways – for good causes and for the not so good ones.

    3.Mfantsipim College

    Established in the year 1876 by the Methodist Church,and located in
    Cape Coast, this educational institutionis hard to miss when the focus
    is on Senior High Schools in Ghana. Also referred to as "Kwabotwe,
    hascarved a niche for itself in a myriad of areas. They were adjudged
    winners of the 1999 and 2014 editionsof the National Science and Maths
    quiz. According to popular perception, its students are the "ladies
    men". They certainly know how to sweet-talk any daughter of Eve who
    comes their way.

    4.Pope John Senior High School

    Pope John Senior High School, established in 1958, islocated in
    Effiduase, Koforidua. A Catholic school, they are often seen and heard
    at public places, singing hymns and anthems. Indeed their school choir
    is a cynosure of all eyes. They are also known for their love for
    basketball, a sport which they wish to "flex" with anytime they get
    the opportunity to do so. Students are known to have been caught in a
    myriad of avoidable situations. Clashes with fellow schools are not
    unusual. Their reputation for notoriety is not so much in doubt.

    5.Presbyterian Boys Senior High School

    Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, popularly referred to as Presec,
    was founded in 1938. It enjoys a close bond with its "partner", Aburi
    Girls Senior HighSchool. PRESEC won the Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz
    on five occasions. Indeed they pride themselves for being brainy.
    Notorious? One can easily spot students in town, in school uniforms,
    and consequently have lots of questions. The tendency torespect rules
    and regulations is often a matter of personal judgement, depending on
    one's perspective


    Bigi Benson,
    Contact: +233579090453


    1. Masa.. The Baddest be Adonten Boys...😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Adisco.. All the way

    3. I was always in love wit Ghana National Boys... Dem bi romantic rough

    4. I was a Student Of Edinaman ooo... We be snakes under grass


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