The Story of Gordon: How He Found Love.


She said it was a nice kiss, but I knew it was terrible (my first
kiss). I don't believe she spent minutes biting on my lips; my lips
were large and I think that was the big problem; and then it seemed
like a second how long our tongues intertwined. How I wish I had a
large tongue also!
But we are Christians (at least we think we are), so we went back to
keeping our lower arms at rest just above each other's buttocks. It
was a warm embrace. Our public display of affection( Lord knows we did
it under the dark of the broken street lights, thank God for black
invisibility!) We held each other even so our shadows looked brighter
as we took our steps.

Boy! How lively our spirits were when we came out of the dark, you
won't believe. But we put on some childish innocence and thought we
were fooling the world, that we're brother and sister in the Lord.
Seventy five years is a short time to spend together​, to live
together. Fuck that pretence! We reach home and settle our lusts over
a comfortable bed.
Hitting from the back while she was yelling out "deeper". Riding on
my d... while I was humming 'yeah' (a musician was a novice in
comparison). Owh, that's​ nice!

.....Why am I writing about sex when I'm supposed to write about romance?.....
That was how I woke up from my dreams. I played 'feel it still' by
Portugal. The Man just so I could still feel it still and ignore all
the girls that will 'probably' come to me.
It was a lecture room(small enough to be called a classroom) when she
sat beside me. And the feeling was wireless, I felt her warmth and
perceptive comfort from what felt like a mile away. I could not
imagine me ever sitting this close to someone this good looking, so I
felt the feelings and made them distant. And boy, for the rest of the
lecture (after I felt this wireless connection), I'll be honest, the
lecturer's sonic vibrations never seemed to beat against my eardrums.
It was only the wireless connection that got to me and began to
overheat my system. I started sweating (like an ant's ocean could have
been collected from what run down my skin). But she was comfortable
enough to start giggling and, like some wild goat being captured, I
believe I heard her squeeze out some "berher, mberher" around some
high pitched giggles.

Finally, I squeezed out(in my sweetest husky tone) a 'Hi, hello, good
afternoon, have a nice day, thanchew, you're welcome'. I believe all
she heard was the sound of me 'clearing my throat' cause all she did,
in response, was roll her eyes. Lord knows the lecturer felt that
there was a (wireless) connection somewhere. Like he felt it! I mean
it hit him the same way that tsunami hit Japan (I don't mean this as
an insult, I'm only using it as a comparison).
He went silent, long enough for me to realise what effect my 'clearing
my throat' had on him and the rest of the class.
I started my prayers; ladies first, ladies first, Lord all this while
she was giggling and just this one time I "cleared my throat" and he
has heard it. Lord ladies first, let him ask her why all the noise.

All the while I was praying, I heard her silence for the first time.
And honestly, I don't know how much she prayed, but after all that she
did, she opened her eyes and looked the lecturer​ in the eye. She held
on to that eye contact, then the entire class felt her innocence. It
felt like God was touched. We felt it. Then that 'evil' lecturer
turned and asked me(meeeeee! Above all people, me), "What is this
topic about?".
I thought God had answered my prayers also when he gave me this, your
topic is about programing. There it was, I was able to coin something;
Sir, this topic is about what programing is and why recent languages
take up a lot of memory and how modern languages have managed to tone
down the pressure on the processing unit.
"Great, Gordon, you know your computers well. Good, good. Well, you
should not find it difficult to tell me what I was lecturing about
before I called you?"
God did me a favour by helping me maintain a long discomforting
silence that only meant I wasn't paying attention.

Then he said in a know-it-all tone, "I knew it, you're just after this
my little girl." He calmed his emotions and pushed the question to the
girl sitting beside me, saying "My little daughter, my sweet child,
prove to this idiot that you know what you're about and to us that you
were paying attention."
And thank God, not a single word popped out of her mouth. Her silence
was a bit too long and a bit too disturbing. But as the lecturer was
about to break that very silence, I said to myself with a smile and
all the pride I had, I said ' I'm not alone in this, she is also
hooked on our wireless connection and the network speed at her end
forced all those giggles out of her system, all that while. I am
happy(smiling, letting out a few laughs) you're mine, at least forever
and seventy five years is a short time to spend with you.

Meek Mill's 1942 Flowers played in my head and I danced in my head to
the groove of his words. Trump is feeling us, the cops ain't killing
Dreams came true. The lecturer sealed it by asking us to leave, that
his lecture is not fit for couples. When we've filled our desires and
can pay attention we should return. We left and are trying to decide
on returning.

That dream I wrote down about us kissing and embracing each other in
the dark. Oh yes! That one. Yeah, I said I like her and I want her,
then I asked if she wants me. I was like fuck it! Seventy five years
is enough to fall in and out love and enough to do it over again. Then
she said yes just to make me happy.
Okay, I'll just end that dream now that I'm living it. We go site
seeing together and I love doing what she does. She does what I like
doing also. Sex isn't a part of our romance, seventy five years will
give us more than enough if each other.

Written by N.A. Wilfred......

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