He promised you the world
The world is ours,he said
In the beginning,this could be us
In the end,this was us
Who could have separated us
I stared at her face
She said hi
I reluctantly replied hello
Who invited you?

She had two options
To leave or to stay
No other option than to leave
A million reasons to stay
Uninvited she came
She came for my happiness
In exchange,left behind sorrow
Accompanied by tears
Permit me to introduce myself

My name is BREAK UP
I am here to invade your beautiful relationship
Where's your happiness?
If I may ask
He took your pride?
No,you can't go back for it
Hello,once again
I didn't mean to visit you
I had no other option

You've always wanted me to leave you since I visited
Uninvited I came, uninvited I shall come again
I hope you find someone better than him
I pray he finds someone better than you
I might visit you again
Bye for now
Till we meet again

Your friend you never loved,
Break up💔

By AYOOGHANA.COM writer; Stefan 🤘🏾🇬🇭

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