Controversial PASTOR releases customized ATM cards for members to use in paying tithe (photo)

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is arguably one of the richest pastors in Africa, has released customised ATM cards for his members to use in paying tithes. 

Days after reported that Prophet Bushiri surprised his wife with an expensive G-wagon, the preacher has made headlines again. Bushiri who happens to be one of Africa's richest and most controversial pastors, launched customised ATM cards which are designed to allow members of his church pay their tithes 'with ease'. 

The light blue 'anointed money' cards bear the prophet's name and a picture of him. See a picture of the card below: The cards bear Prophet Bushiri's picture and name. 

Sharing the post on Facebook, Zambian Accurates wrote: "Prophet Bushiri rolls out new ATM cards to make it easy for church followers to pay for tithes automatically every Sunday. What would Jesus say?"


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