A Letter to Her: Ghanaian Ladies and the wearing of Make-up

Your nicely worded text message was read with much joy and enthusiasm.
I least expected that you will reply my numerous letters since I have
never introduced myself to you officially. I only introduced myself to
you as your secret admirer.

In your text message, not only did you express your eagerness to have
a meeting with me but you raised a crucial issue concerning women
wearing make-up. You asked of my opinion about the wearing of make-up
by our ladies on the streets of Ghana and those in the tertiary
institutions. I was carried away into the realms of ecstasy by your
level of maturity.
Without temporizing, I would hit the nail right on the head. I promise
to be very brief and precise in this letter.

Obaa, I once heard a story about two young lovers who were madly in
love. They were in this relationship for four years. It is said that
the Gentleman was extremely mesmerised by the beauty of this damsel.
The amorous grandeur with which they expressed their love towards each
other really called for the total admiration of all and sundry. One
sunny afternoon, these "love birds" decided to take some time off
their busy schedules and relax in a swimming pool. This was surely the
first time these "love birds" were going to swim in a pool together.
This was a strategy to spice up their relationship but little did they
know that this will soon lead to their break- up. After a thorough and
a rigorous swim in the pool, the man surprisingly jumped out of the
pool and immediately asked for a break- up in their relationship.

Dear, the man asked for them to peacefully break-up their relationship
because that was the first time he had seen his wife-to-be without
wearing make-up. All efforts to settle this issue amicably proved
futile. You know why? The water washed away all her make-up and all
her fake eye lashes were also eroded. The man was shocked upon seeing
the real face that was hiding behind the iron-curtains of make-up. The
length and breadth of the whole story is that the man hardly
recognized the lady he had dated for four years.

I will not take delight in poking my nose in how you should appear
because you have your own life to live. For once, permit me to have a
say in how you should look.
Your natural beauty is what I really admire. Your natural dark hair,
eye-lashes and natural succulent body is really admired by me.

It is quite pathetic how some ladies apply make-up in our modern era.
Common on our streets and campuses are these artificially branded
femme fatales flaunting their beauty right under our noses.
I wish to state emphatically that I am not against the idea of you
wearing make-up. If it were so, then I would have told you never to
even smear pomade on your body. But I want you to be very moderate in
the way you wear make-up. Be real and be yourself. It should not seem
that your whole beauty depends on the make-up you wear. You should
know when, where and how to apply make-up.

A normal day lecture on campus shouldn't call for a heavy make-up
since you aren't going to a friend's party or a night club. Some
ladies even take the pleasure in plucking their eyebrows. Afterwards,
they apply some black pencil in that area. You can shape your eyebrows
neatly and nicely but not to the extent of eroding all the hairs
around that area.

Wearing make-up is something many girls of your age love to do and I
can't take that away from you. Ladies fritter so much money away on
expensive make-up. Fascinatingly, ten-year-olds have started wearing
lip-stick and make-up in imitation of the older girls. Hardly will you
see a girl crying in a funeral because she can't afford to lose her
expensive make-up. Admittedly, make-up can change the whole
personality of a person if worn correctly but the situation where some
ladies have different body colours after wearing make-up is quite
nauseating. Some dark girls end up possessing a brownish face and a
dark neck. This makes people to always wonder whether these ladies are
Korean, Japanese or Chinese dolls who are posing for a "selfie".

My dear, too much of make-up doesn't make u glamorous but rather a
clown and an object of ridicule. The truth of the matter is that no
one will love to buy a "V8" only to realize that it is "corolla X".
Never be deceived that your natural eye-lashes aren't good enough.
They are good looking and very natural. You don't need too much of
eyelashes in order to prove your beauty and value. I was riding in the
clouds of joy when some boys openly admired how natural you look
during a lecture.

Girl, how are witches and wizards presented in our local Ghanaian
movies? Your guess is as good as mine. Please don't take offence at
what I am about to say. They are being presented as people with long
nails. I would be much grateful if you could keep short nails. Simple
manicure and pedicure will be enough to reveal your already dazzling
and glowing natural beauty.

Some ladies wear lip-stick in such a way that you cannot recognize
them. It could be as red as a wizard who has just dipped his lips in a
pool of blood. I do not hate the wearing of lipstick but just know the
appropriate colour that suits the colour of your lips. Please don't
overdo it. It should be less thick and very light which will
complement and reflect your natural beauty.

Obaa, I want you to know that every man and woman would admire your
natural beauty. Be real and stay genuine. You are very beautiful for
who you are and not for the amount of makeup you wear.

Bigi Benson,
Contact: +233579090453

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