STORY: Job’s first day in Heaven (Comedy)

"Very well," the LORD told Satan, "everything he owns is in your
power. However, you must not lay a hand on Job himself." So Satan left
the LORD's presence.
Holman Christian Standard Bible, Jobs 1:12
We all Some of us know about the story of Jobs in the old testament
about his tribulations on earth which was approved by God, it was a
wager between God and Satan about the devout nature of Jobs in service
to God.
Long story short, God gave Satan the approval to torment him and test
him if he will still be faithful despite all his travails. This post
will focus on Job's comedic entrance into Heaven after he died.
Job arrived at the gates of Heaven, everywhere was shining, almost
blinding with the streets paved in Gold, the beautiful pearly gate was
opened to Jobs.
As he walked into paradise, he heard a voice from a distant
"Job, my son! Is that you?" The voice was clear as day and very
soothing, he could the power and love in the voice. The voice became
clearer as he moved closer to him.
There was no need for introductions, it is God!
The elderly but very agile man walked towards him in anticipation,
with arms open.

"Bring it in!"
Jobs rushed into the arms of God, it all made sense. He could hear the
music, the sweet music in the ears. The Harp was so melodic and
"Welcome home, Job" God continued. I thank you for all the good work
you've done on earth.
Tears strolled down Job's eyes as he slowly disengaged from the hug he
would have loved to last forever.
"Walk with me, son" He told Job.
As the walked the beautiful heavenly streets with towers and mansions
with foundations in the cloud, the scenery was breathtakingly
beautiful, more beautiful that whatever had been described in any
"Your story, the story of your travails will live on forever, much
more than you can imagine."
"Your story is that or courage and resilience and absolute faith in my
will for your life".
Along the street in different houses, he could see people taking harp
lessons, David was coordinating the choir, the Halleluyah been sang
was legendary, no other people could sing with so much accord, seemed
like the choir of hundreds of thousands of people were singing with
one voice.
On the other aisle was Abraham coordinating for the big feast later
today in honor of Job, the newly arrived son of God.
As they moved along the streets of heaven, Job was overwhelmed with
the beautiful city of God. Jesus, the son of God playing with
"Hey Jesus, come meet Job. You remember him right?"
Jesus came to join them, also smiling, he gave Job a big hug, and remarked

"We are all proud of what your life signified".
Job looked at God wondering who Jesus was, God quickly clarified,
"Jesus is my son. He shows up later in the timespace but he was here
while we all witnessed your story
"Your son?" Job inquired
"Don't worry yourself, It'll all be understandable to you later on" God told him
"Job, I would like to say once more, great work, the heavens and the
earth will never forget the path your life has played" Jesus said,
feeling proud of Job.
"Its all so beautiful and heart wrenching to find out that all that
happened to you was all known to the Almighty God" Jesus said
At this point, Job needed more clarification on Jesus' last statement.
"God, what does Jesus mean by you knew about all of this" Job asked.
"Take it easy, Job. There is a very small explanation for this. Trust
me" God said.
"God allowed Satan to test your faith" Jesus said
"J-E-S-U-S!" God called out his name.
"Dad, no use ripping the bandage slowly. The wound has healed" Jesus
defended himself
"It's not in your place to say, son!" God said
"What is Bandage" Job asked.
"Its something that was invented, thousands of years later to prevent
infections. You'll understand that later, it's a future innovation"
God said
"From what Jesus is saying, you knew Satan was gonna destroy my life
and you allowed me."
"Hang on, Job! Don't be like this. I allowed him touch everything you
own asides your life. Technically, your life was secure throughout"
God said
"You gambled with my life?" Job asked.
"It was a calculated bet, you would win anyways" God said
"You knew I would win" Job inquired, with a look of absolute befuddlement.

"Yes, I knew. You know, with me being ALPHA & OMEGA, The beginning and
the end, OMNIPRESENT and OMNIPOTENT, those abilities come in highly
needed." God said
"Like how I know, there will be Youtube, and you'll see a lot of funny
cat videos. When you settle in, I will show you a couple of cat
videos, and this funny black lady that I saved from a fire, then goes
aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-that. You'll love Youtube, Job… You'll crack
"Youtube, videos, aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-dat. What are those?" Job asked
"They're all future things, thousands of years before they come to
pass. You should try to keep up better next time because
aint-nobody-gat-time-fo-dat" God said cracking up.
Jesus joined in, those videos are really hilarious dad, can't get
enough of them. Its what we've been watching, after the morning praise
"Can we come back to me right now? My travails and the fact that you
allowed it" Job spoke as it seems, God and Jesus were having laughs
about something he had no idea about.
"Okay Job, Come'on, don't be such a killjoy. I know the plans I had
for you even before you were born from your mother's womb" God said
Jesus nodded in approval to God's last sentence.
"What is a killjoy?" Job asked a rhetorical question
"Don't tell me! Someone who tries to bring down the mood" Job said

God and Jesus nodded in agreement as angels flew down and handed out
smoothies to all 3 having the conversation.
God and Jesus sucked the straw a decent amount of the juice. Job
observed both father and son enjoy whatever it is the angels just
"Job, you gotta try this drink out. It will B-L-O-W Y-O-U-R M-I-N-D. A
thousand percent guaranteed! " Jesus said
"Another product from the future right" Jesus replied nodding
consecutively not willing to stop sipping the smoothie just to answer
Job's rhetorical question.
"He's catching up so fast, dad" Jesus said to God
"Job, ever since me and Jesus started drinking these smoothies, it has
changed our lives forever. No one knows more about forever and
eternity than me." God said
Job gave a strong stare, they both removed the straw from their mouth.
"God, why are you speaking like this?"
"That's the accent of black people from the future. Everything is
funny how they say it. absolutely delightful bunch." God replied.
"I did everything you wanted me to do, I dedicated my life and family
to your will." Job said
"And I know, and everyone appreciates your sacrifice. Look all around
you, you're in heaven now" God said, massaging Job's shoulders.
"It all happened back there Job, its in the past now" Jesus said.
"How about my family, they are dead" Job said
"Yea, they died back there on earth, pay close attention Job, but
they're here, waiting for you."
God said, "Please can the Jobs come out, Papa Job is here"
What God said reverberated around the heavens, everyone gathered
around the scene now. Abraham, David, the angels and the council of
From a distance, the door of a mansion opened, and Job's family came
out running down the street to meet Job where he stood.
Tears streamed down Job's eyes, as he once again was reunited with his
family, God then whispered into his ears the following.
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
The heavens were in jubilation as Job once again reunited with his
family, the festivities of Job's arrival was close, the time for feast
was near.
God and Jesus watched Job and his family share 1001 kisses, the
laughter in the face of the children was un-measurable.
God faced Jesus and told him "The end of a matter is better than its
beginning; a patient spirit is better than a proud spirit."
"You're right, Dad!" Jesus said.
"You must start preparing Jesus, your part in this will begin soon." God said
They both continued watching and sipping their smoothie.
Far away from where everyone could see, the devil watched the happy
reunion and thought to himself.
"But I asked God's permission before doing it, how am I the bad guy?".
He looked away as he sipped from his strawberry smoothie.

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